How To Get A Free iPhone Without Offers in 2022

The iPhone is one the greatest phones out there, that’s a given. With it’s known tech superiority, it continues to grow in popularity. You know one thing that’s not great about the iPhone? It’s price.

With the iPhone 13 base version costing $799 at launch (iPhone Pro at $999 and Pro Max at $1099), there are many people who want but simply can’t afford the premium iPhone. 

The iPhone is one the greatest phones out there.

This is why people look out for various carrier or 3rd party offers to get an iPhone for free or almost free. 

What if you don’t want to (or can’t) pay for one? Turns out, there are a few ways to get a free iPhone without any offers or commitments.

6 Ways You Can Get A Free iPhone

So you’ve always wanted an iPhone but weren’t thinking of doling out the premium prices to have one of the world’s most demanded phones.

Here’s how you can have one now, for free

Enter A Giveaway Contest By Republic Lab (RE+Public)

Republic Lab holds monthly contests and awards winners with various giveaways, including a free iPhone. This is one of the more realistic chances to win an iPhone for anyone wishing to get a free iPhone. Since these contests are held each month, you can enter every contest.

Republic Lab lists are number of conditions which must be fulfilled to earn the contest and stand a chance of winning a brand new iPhone in the free iPhone giveaway.

These Terms and Conditions (also available on Republic Lab’s website) are:

1) Fill in the form with your correct details and also fill in the optional section to qualify for multiple entries in the contest.

2) Incorrect or incomplete details will lead to a disqualification of the entry.

3) Their product is shipped globally; however if they cannot ship to your location due to some reason, then you’ll be paid an equivalent amount.

4) Accept all of their terms and conditions to make your entry valid.

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How would you know that you’ve won?

It’s quite simple: the winners are announced after the contest ends on Republic Lab’s contest page, their social media handles, and an email is also sent to the winner.

There are a few ways to get a free iPhone without any offers or commitments.


Win An iPhone With Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an invite-only review service by Amazon where reviewers are given free products in exchange for honest and helpful reviews. If you’re a regular Amazon shopper AND reviewer, chances are you could qualify for it’s Vine Voices program.

If you already are part of the program, then it’s a matter of luck IF Amazon now chooses you to review a newly released iPhone. If it does, it’ll send you the mobile phone for review.

If your review fulfills their posting requirements, then you stand a chance of actually keeping the mobile phone with you.

Get A Free iPhone From Product Testing AU (For Best Reviewer)

To participate and win a free phone:

1) Register and fill in your correct and complete details. if you’re selected as a reviewer, you’ll get a confirmation email.

2) You’ll be required/instructed to write an honest and comprehensive 500-word review of the product and submit it with photos and videos.

3) Following submission, if your review is chosen as the best pick, you’ll be notified through email.

4) A brand new iPhone will be sent to you as well to keep.

Draws Held By Influencers

From time to time, social media influencers hold an iPhone giveaway contest; one recent contest was held by the Youtuber ‘Unbox Therapy’ and the winners were given an iPhone 13.

Please note that Apple does not give any written approval for any giveaways that any influencers undertake – so there is never any official approval from Apple for giveaways. For more, please refer to Apple Products For Promotion

Getting A Free iPhone From An Influencer

Although this method of ‘winning’ a free iPhone is pretty rare (and random), it is still mentioned here because a few lucky followers do get iPhones from famous social media influencers.

The Youtuber ‘BigDaws Tv’ gave away free iPhone 12s’ to a few select members of the public back in July 2021. Another influencer, ‘FaZe Rug’ gave away free iPhones as a ‘tip’ to restaurant waiters (in 2019).

‘Base1’ had a similar promotional giveaway in 2021, giving people the choice between an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy 21.

These aren’t the only free iPhone giveaways by influencers though, there are at least a hundred plus Youtubers who’ve done the same giveaways (just) in the U.S in recent years.

Influencer Marketing

If you have a large following on popular social media platforms (like Instagram or Tiktok) chances are Apple can contact you (itself) to market it’s phones before the actual launch.

Companies are looking for marketing agents all the time – agents who will bring positive coverage and sales for the brand; one such example is when Apple marketed its product through Youtube influencers in 2019.

It remains to be seen whether such influencers get to keep the ‘free’ phone or otherwise. Apple has a ‘no confirmation in writing rule for giveaways (i.e whether they do or don’t).

Can You Be An Apple Product Tester?

No, all Apple product hardware is done in-house, so there’s no chance a non-Apple employee will ‘win’ an Apple iPhone by being one of their testers.

Can I Win Free iPhones From Apple itself?

Apple isn’t known to hold any giveaways directly/officially.

Can I Win A Free iPhone From A Website?

You can search for ‘Free iPhone giveaways real’ or variations to see dozens of results for giveaways. Whenever you do see a free iPhone giveaway/contest online, please make sure to do your adequate research, and do not input any payment details, you are after all looking for a free iPhone. If it seems too good to be true, often it is. 

All online methods for a free iPhone listed in this article are legitimate.

Which Company Gives You An iPhone For Free?

The only mainstream way to get an iPhone for ‘almost’ free is a trade-in. Carriers come up with trade-in deals all the time and if you have a specified model in good condition, you may be able to trade it in for a new iPhone – either completely free or paying a minimal sum on top.

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