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How to Get T-Mobile Government Phones

Hello there! You may have heard of the free government phones offered by T-Mobile, but you do not know how to get them. Several carriers offer free government phones across the US, and some of them include, Assurance wireless, Verizon wireless, Qlink wireless, SafeLink, and many more. Our focus today will lie on T-Mobile Government phones.

T-Mobile is ranked as one of the best five carriers across the US. Recently on 27 July, they announced a merger with Sprint, also one of the big four carriers in the US. However, this will not make many changes with regards to the federal government phone program. For almost two decades they have been offering free government phones for free and at very flexible plans. Currently, the lifeline assistance program runs in around 26 States across the US, and the lifeline discounts offered saves eligible Americans around $13.50 per month.

This article will guide you on some of the devices and in general, everything concerning T-Mobile free government phone program. Once you have the knowledge, you will be able to choose a plan efficiently, and T-Mobile will be the carrier of your choice. The T-Mobile WiFi hotspot plans are also some of the products many people enjoy under this carrier.

How do you get a T-Mobile Government phone?

T-mobile Government Phones

Getting a free phone is always not that easy. You can inherit a device from your friends, family members, and anybody in general. However, what if you wish to get your own phone and you don’t have the finances? Well, that should not worry you. T-Mobile, in association with the Federal Government, offers discount ted phones to people of low income.

There are strict procedures for getting a phone and plans for free every month or at a discounted price. First, your poverty level should be below 135% of the federal guidelines. Also, you must have participated in at least one of the federal lifeline assistance programs like food stamps, the federal shelter program, and many more.

What Are Some of the T-Mobile Government Phone Plans?

T-Mobile does not give everything for free. Besides being part of the federal lifeline assistance program, they offer normal monthly plans and prepaid plans for other people who are not beneficiaries of the federal lifeline assistance program.

The free government phone plans vary with the location you are in. The standard lifeline plans cost $19 per month. However, this excludes the monthly discount, which is around $10 per month. So if there are discounts, you may end up paying only $10 or $9 per month.

The T-Mobile Government plan comes with the following package:

  • 500 night minutes, 145 monthly minutes and 500 weekend minutes
  • They offer Unlimited texts across the 26 States they cover
  • Data varies with the location you are in. However, they will not provide more than 2GB every month.

Currently, they offer the $10 discounts to 25 States. The State, which receives the highest discount, is Puerto Rico who get to save $12.75 per month. However, the discount is not constant with the location that you are in. You can check the T-Mobile website always to stay informed on some of the deals they have to offer.

The Best Phones Offered by T-Mobile Under the Federal Assistance Program?

The federal lifeline assistance is a national program, so you will not expect flagship devices like iPhone XR and others. However, the phones given have the following specifications in general:

  • All of them are smartphones
  • They have a good quality camera
  • They have been checked and approved by T-Mobile mobile specialists

T-Mobile partners with several phone brands like Apple, Samsung, Jitterbug, Google, and One Plus to offer smartphones. People who get free government phones have never complained about their performance.

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What to do in Case Your Government Phone Malfunctions?

There are instances where your phone may just shut down and not reboot. You may think of taking it to the government offices or call T-Mobile customer care. However, the best option is to visit a T-Mobile store where they will help you with either repairing the phone or getting a new one.

However, if you damaged the phone by yourself, the only option is to go and purchase a new at a T-Mobile retail store. The price will always be constant as long as you are in the lifeline assistance program.

Is T-Mobile Network Coverage Good in Rural Areas?

T-Mobile is ranked as the fifth-best in terms of network connectivity. However, if you live in remote places like Utah, it may not be the carrier may not be efficient for you. Many people have aroused complaints with regards to connectivity in rural areas.

However, T-Mobile announced a merger with Sprint mobile. This will enable them to use Sprint transmitters so that they can deliver reliable network connectivity.

How reliable is the customer care service in T-Mobile?

The customer service offered for government phone users and other people is quite the same. Also, to contact customer care, you can use the chat with us option on their website where you will get assisted.

The other option is to call customer care, and the contacts can be found. So far, people have brought positive comments with regards to customer care services. If you do not feel satisfied with the assistance given, T-Mobile has retail stores across the country, and you can go and visit them.

Bottom line

Free government phones are owned by millions of people across the US. If you feel that you need a smartphone and don’t have enough money, visit the nearest T-Mobile store for assistance. Once you qualify for a free phone, the device will be shipped straight to your mail at a zero cost. Lastly, when you go to apply for a free government phone, ensure to carry documentation of proof to show that you are eligible for it. If you fail to do so, you will be denied from the service.

Also, people have been involved in forging statements so that they can get a free phone. T-Mobile will check your details through the government website, and you can be in some trouble if the information is forged.

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