The 10 Best Cheapest Phone Plans For One Person

Hello there! Have you been looking for the cheapest phone plans for one person and you do not know where to start? You may have a flagship smartphone like the Note 10 or the recently launched iPhone 11 and you do not wish to spend much on cell phone plans. Also, you may have had the worst experience on your last cell phone plan and seeking for a cheaper plan. Not to worry this article got you covered. 

There are tons of carriers in the U.S. claiming to offer cheap phone plans only to find out that you are being charged with extra taxes and fees on your credit card. However, despite the presence of these masqueraders, there are some excellent carriers which offer very cheap phone plans for one person that I am sure you will not be disappointed with. These carriers are known for giving the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything regarding talk, text and data units. 

So if you seek to start a new era of affordable plans with no long term or zero contracts, then I suggest you continue reading the article. Here you will discover the 10 best cheapest phone plans for one person and also some frequently asked questions relating to these cheapest cell phone plans. 

What are the criteria for the cheapest phone plans for one person?

Cheapest Phone Plans for One Person

Before we discuss the 10 best carriers that offer the cheapest phone plan. You need to know about things to consider before you jump into a plan. However, for this case, our main goal is budget and cutting the cost of cell phone plans for one person. Below are other factors you should put into consideration;

i) Carriers network coverage

This is a factor you should consider significantly. You need to choose a plan which will be able to offer stable connectivity at the place you are in. Also, if you travel a lot, you can choose a carrier that offers nationwide coverage. Due to the advancement of technology, you can now check on the carrier’s website whether they offer connectivity in your area. All you have to do is insert your zip code and get the details on connectivity

ii) What you want more between the talk, text and data units

There are carriers which focus more on talk, text than giving you data units. For example, Republic wireless offers a special plan for talk and text unit, which is very affordable. This will benefit people who have full-time access to WiFi or use mobile hotspot devices. However, you can still get unlimited everything, but the cost incurred will be higher. You can choose the best option from the carriers I have talked about later on in the article

iii) Special deals or discounts

These special discounts will make plans even cheaper, and you will trust on the carrier to offer amazing features. Currently, Consumer cellular offers a 5% discount on all AARP members. This one applies to seniors. Other carriers may offer a discount when using AutoPay option or get discounts during festive seasons. Al you have to do is check more on the policy

iv) The carriers contract options

If you are using an unlocked phone, no contracts are binding you to the carrier. However, if you will be in a contract, it may not go for more than two years. Many people do not like contracts and to avoid them, the best option is to use an unlocked phone.

v) Customer care services

How a carrier helps you in a crisis determines how long you will last in that carrier. You need to read some reviews and determine whether they are helpful or not. You should also read on whether there are no extra taxes or fees charged at the end of your monthly period

Do you get unlimited everything with a cheap cell phone plan?

Several carriers are willing to offer unlimited plans on talk, text and data units. However, you will realize that with unlimited everything, the cost may be higher. People who take the unlimited everything option do it for several reasons like;

  • They are business people, and they need to communicate all the time
  • They lack a full-time connection to WiFi
  • They travel a lot etc.

So if you are among such people, then it is best to go for a carrier that offers unlimited options. 

How to switch plans from your previous carrier

You may have found the best carrier that offers quite an affordable cell phone plans for one person. If that is the case, the switching process is very simple. However, you may have problems if you want to use the BYOP program and your phone is locked to your old carrier. If your phone is locked, below are some tips on how it can be unlocked;

1. Buy an unlock code

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of visiting carriers for them to unlock your phone, then the best option is to buy an unlock code. The code can be purchased from sites like Doctor Sim, unlock radar and many more. The cost is cheap, and you will not be prosecuted for using such a program

2. Contact your carrier for unlocking

This process may be hectic, but it is more convenient than purchasing a code. Once you contact them to provide them with necessary info like your name, the phones IMEI number, telephone account management password and any other relevant papers. Once you submit the necessities, take time to read the carriers’ cell phone unlocking policies, and you will be able to know. However, the underlying conditions which you must meet involve the following;

  • Your phone should never have been stolen
  • The phone should not be blocked
  • The phone should never have been associated with fraud

If you meet these essential criteria, then they are willing to unlock the phone for you, and you can switch to a carrier that offers the cheapest phone plans for one person. 

The 10 best cheapest phone plans for one person

1) Ting Mobile

From offering the best cell phone family plans to the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything, this company will surely save you some bucks. It is known to offer the best customizable plans in the market with regards to the cheapest phone plans for one person.

The starting price is $6 for a basic cheap plan with Ting Mobile. This price is very cheap compared to several companies whose plans start at $30 and above. The $6 is the monthly billing applied to each line you have under Ting. If you wish to get more talk, text and data units, you have to pay the following under their add-ons services;

  • $3 for 100MB data
  • $3 for 100 minutes
  • $3 for 100 texts

So if you wish for a full package of talk, text and data units, you will only pay $15 per month, and no additional fees or taxes are included. This is an ideal plan if you have connectivity to WiFi 24/7 or you are not much of a data user. To enroll, you can bring your own phone to Ting, or go and make an application on their website.

2) Mint Mobile

Since its inception to the market, Mint has been offering very affordable plans. It is best known in the prepaid plans sector, and if you are looking for a cheap prepaid plan, then Mint is the place to be. The plans start off as low as $15 per month, and you get very good features. Below are the basic features of the cheapest plans you can get under Mint mobile;

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 4G LTE data and network coverage
  • 3GB mobile hotspot 

You can upgrade up to 12 G.B. of mobile hotspot if you do not use or have access to WiFi. Also, the add-ons in terms of getting extra data, international minutes and texts are very affordable. With Mint mobile, you get a very reliable customer care service that is always available for 24 hours and its toll-free meaning it does not eat up your minutes.

To enroll, you can visit a retail store near you or go to their website at mint.com for the application process. It is very simple, and since you are using a prepaid plan, they will not look into your credit score.

3) Sprint mobile

Sprint Mobile has been in the network industry for ages, and they offer the best individual, family and other plans. They will give you the best rates in the market, and you will get a wide array of features to your plan. They have two options regarding their individual plan;

  • $60 plan- Here you get unlimited talk, text and data. It also includes unlimited international messaging. The streaming quality is basic despite being offered Hulu commercial plan.
  • $70 plan – This plan has more vibrant features compared to the $60 plan. You get unlimited talk, text and data. The video streaming is at 1080p plus you get Hulu commercial plan that comes with lots of movies.

The other good benefit with Sprint is that there are no hidden cost and charges. I would recommend this plan to someone who does not have full-time access to WiFi. To enroll, you can visit a Sprint mobile retail store and the good part is that they have offices countrywide. You can also make an application online, which is quite easy.

4) Republic wireless plan

If you do not wish to spend money on data Republic wireless got you covered. It relates to the AARP cell phone plans for seniors whereby you can choose not to use data at all for the monthly plans you have enrolled.  At only $15 per month, you get unlimited talk and text, and there are no data units.

However, this does not mean that Republic wireless does not offer data units. In fact, they offer reliable 4G LTE networks across the country by using AT&T transmitters. So if you are in a place like Utah, you are sure of getting connectivity. Also, people have placed a good rating on their customer service experience, meaning if you have any issues, they will be able to help.

In terms of payment, there are no extra fees or taxes which will be added to the billing. You will also get a discount if you use AutoPay at the end of your billing period, making it very reliable.

5) Project Fi Plan

Currently known as Google Fi, this carrier Is a good MVNO to save on money. It uses Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular networks to connect its consumers. This means that you get nationwide coverage. Previously, the company was only open to only Google-related devices, you can get it in any unlocked cell phone deals. The plans are as follows;

  • Unlimited talk and text at only $20 per month
  • $10 on any extra G.B. of data used
  • If you exceed the 15GB data limit, you will be throttled
  • $0.20 per minute for international calls
  • Free international texting

These plans are very affordable, and you are also sure of reliable network connectivity. The devices to be used by this company should be compatible with T-Mobile’s network, and if that’s the case, you can apply for a line. The other benefit is that if you are a traveller, Google Fi has the ability to switch networks to give you the best connectivity.

You also get secured data encryption when it connects to an open WiFi. This means if you are in a place like an airport where you are not advised to use public networks, you can use them if you have the Google Fi line. To apply for this amazing plan.

6) Boost Mobile

Boost mobile is a carrier that runs on Sprint’s network, and Sprint offers nationwide coverage. The plans are very affordable, and it is ranked the best in pricing for unlimited data. This company is ranked best when it comes to offering cheap data plans.

You also get extra features like T.V. channels, H.D. streaming and many more depending on the type of plan you have chosen. However, we are looking for the cheapest plan, and this is what Boost Mobile has to offer; 

  • $35 you get unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data
  • $60 you get unlimited talk, text and data plus 30GB of mobile hotspot
  • $80 you get 50GB mobile hotspot with unlimited talk and text

If you are also looking for the best cell phone family plans, Boost mobile got you covered. You will also get a discount on the number of lines you have purchased. Visit Boostmobile.com to apply now.

7) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is ranked as the best in terms of offering the cheapest pay as you go plans. Prepaid plans at very affordable prices are very rare to find, and T-Mobile is one of the few companies offering this feature. The network coverage is nationwide; hence you can never be disappointed. Below are some of the basic features you get in T-Mobile cheapest phone plans for one person;

  • Unlimited talk, text and data units
  • Video Streaming- The quality depends on the sector of plan you have to opt for
  • 4G connectivity
  • Mobile hotspot 

The pricing starts at only $40 per month. Also, data caps are only issued when there is network congestion, unlike other companies who limit your data when you exceed a certain limit. The other benefit all the fees and taxes are included to your bills; hence, no surprise charges.

Customer care is always available 24/7, and they will be able to help you in case you have any issues. To apply, visit a T-Mobile store or go to t-mobile.com.

8) Visible

Visible offers the best services in terms of cell phone plans for one person. First, it uses Verizon wireless to offer connectivity, meaning you get nationwide coverage. This company also offers features like T.V. channels.

In terms of modernization, the Visible offers a very user-friend app whereby you can make payments and check statistics on how you have used your talk, text and data units. Currently, the cost of plans is at $40 per month, and there are no hidden costs and extra taxes, just a flat rate. Here is what you get under visible mobile; 

  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • S.D. video streaming
  • 5mbps data speeds
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot

If you have or wish to get a cheap iPhone without a contract, Visible mobile got you covered. It is compatible with most iPhones and Samsung devices (up to the latest models). They also offer a wide variety of compatible phones which you can choose from. If you have a locked phone under Verizon wireless, you can benefit from visible plans.

However, if your phone is locked to a different carrier, then the best option is to complete the payment of the phone to the carrier you have been using. Once that is done, you can visit visible’s website or download their app and start the application process.

9) Cricket wireless

For budget-minded customers, Cricket wireless is here for you. Being a subsidiary of AT&T, you may expect the cost of plans to be high. At Cricket wireless, the plan that costs $180 at AT&T only costs $100 per month. This means you save around $960 per year when using Cricket wireless. Below is detailed info of their plans; 

  •  Unlimited talk, text and data units
  • S.D. video streaming
  • Unlimited text across 38 countries
  • Unlimited calls between Mexico and Canada

They also offer reliable 24/7 customer care services, so if you have any issues, you can contact them. Remember that if you exceed the data limits, you will be throttled. The best option is to use WiFi when it is available to avoid such inconveniences. 

The good thing that most people like is there are no extra fees and taxes to your billing. If you use the AutoPay option, you will discount on your monthly billing. Feel free to check out their website at cricketwireless.com and apply for the cheap cell phone plan.

10) Consumer cellular

Consumer cellular is a very good carrier, especially for seniors. It offers a wide range of options like Free Cell Phones Service for Life Unlimited Everything, which is mostly senior targeted. The cell phone plan tends to focus less on data units since it is senior-oriented.

Most seniors prefer using flip phones like the jitterbug phone Verizon or other related flip phones. So you cannot expect a lot of data units. At a flat rate of $20 per month this is what you get;

  • 250 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 250MB data

This is the basic plans, but you can go to get up to unlimited talk and text plus more allocated data at $75 per month. Also if you are an AARP member, there is a discount offered by consumer cellular. So once you read the AARP cell phone plans reviews, you can enroll to become a member and enjoy the benefits of this discount. 

You are also allowed to bring your own device as long as it is compatible with Consumer cellular networks. Also, if your device works under AT&T and T-Mobile, it can be compatible with Consumer cellular. Lastly, the application procedure is very simple. You can visit their retail store or go to their website at consumercellular.com.

Bottom line

If you have the right motive, finding a cheap cell phone plan for one person is very easy. However, you have to read the companies cell phone policies carefully to know what you are getting yourself into. These carriers have been well sought out, and once you choose and join the carrier of your choice, you will never be disappointed.

Also, if you think you are not satisfied with the customer care services, you can always leave a review on their website. This will help in improving the carrier’s services; hence, you will be satisfied using their products.

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