The Best 5 Phones For Hearing Impaired Seniors

Purchasing a phone for your elderly parents or family is not a walk in the park. There are countless features that you should look out for in these phones, considering that an advanced age comes with health problems. Some of the health problems include; impaired vision, hearing loss, and even necessary cognitive abilities.

So before you hit the shelves in your nearest store, you should make sure that the phone you select for them meets these conditions. They need a user-friendly telephone to communicate with their family relations.

Also, some of the companies in the US have played a considerable role in helping the hearing impaired phones. For example, Verizon phones for hearing impaired have done a great help for many seniors across the US. However, this article will give you more details on some of the five best phones for hearing impaired and tips on getting them.

Critical features hearing impaired phone for seniors

Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

Sound adjustment

A good phone for hearing-impaired seniors needs to have adjustable volumes so that they can better hear as they communicate. The decibel range should be louder than in standard phones.

Light notification

The phones should be equipped with flashing lights that turn on and off during an incoming call. If they miss the ringtone, they cannot miss the light notification.

Emergency button

These phones should also feature an emergency button on the interface for emergency support services. The buttons should be large and lit for easy dialing by the seniors.

Speed dial memory

The phone should have a speed dial memory for programming, as the elderly cannot cram all their loved one contacts. This feature increases the user-friendliness of the phone. Below are five of the best telephones for hearing impaired seniors that I have compiled.

The 5 Best Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

1. PANASONIC Amplified Cordless Phone with Digital Answering Machine


The PANASONIC Amplified Cordless Phone with Digital Answering Machine is arguably one of the clarity phones for hearing impaired in the market. The volume is impressive for the hearing impaired seniors, as they can easily adjust the ring volume controls. In addition to that, you have the option of using the flash notification, in case their hearing loss is at an advanced stage.

It requires minimal installation as it is mounted on the wall, and the buttons are large for ease of dialing. One advantage is that the phone comes with a long cord, that even an elderly on a wheelchair can access it. You can also save numbers in the speed dial setting, which supports up to 10 phone contacts.

The speed dial numbers are adequate during emergencies. The phone can function even during a power outage. The Emerson phone has a few setbacks worth mentioning. If unplugged from the socket, then it loses the speed dial memory saved.

The memory is only intact when the phone is plugged in. Another issue concerns the speaker. You cannot toggle between the receiver and the hands’ free speaker during a call, so you either choose between one and the other before picking up the call.


  • Long cord for convenience
  • Ease of installation
  • The speaker is loud enough for the hearing impaired to hear
  • It comes with a flash notification function
  • You can save up to 10-speed dial contacts


  • The speed dial memory is lost when the phone is unplugged
Yealink W60P Cordless IP

One of the notable features of the W60P phone is the screen. The screen is bright and decent in size and displays incoming and outgoing calls. The sound is excellent, even when the phone is far away from the base. There are no sound distortions with when you walk away from the base.

The elderly will find the belt clip attached at the back of the phone conveniently, as they won’t miss out on any incoming calls. Registering the W60P handset to its base is a breeze, it only takes a few seconds and you are good to go.

You have the option of connecting your W60P handset base to the Yealink T46G, which can support up to 8 handsets upon configuration.This configuration allows the elderly persons to transfer calls and talk to multiple persons at the same time.

One setback that we noted is that you will have a hard time toggling between the handset and hands-free speaker during a call. The W60P phone is available on AARP cell phone plans for seniors. Overall, we recommend the W60P phone as it has excellent voice quality and range.


  • Ability to speak to multiple people simultaneously once the devices are connected
  • It comes with a convenient belt clip
  • The W60p has a good range away from the base
  • The sound clarity is good
  • Bright and easy to read display


  • No flash notification

3. Home Intuition Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Phone

Home Intuition Amplified

The phone comes with a 9-foot cord, which allows the elderly to talk to their loved ones while moving on the wheelchair or doing other tasks on their desks. The bell ringer is a great addition, as the hearing impaired seniors cannot miss out on any call.

They can adjust the ring volume via a switch at the bottom of the phone. In addition to that, you can program two phone numbers that the older person frequently uses to ease communication during emergencies. You will also find 911 pre-programmed in the phone’s memory for emergency purposes.

The elderly will have no problems punching in the numbers, as the phone comes with large buttons. Furthermore, there is an incoming call notification. The incoming call indicator will flash red, signaling an incoming call. The only setback is the mute button on the handle of the phone; they may press that button by mistake while taking the receiver during a call.


  • Large buttons on the display
  • You can program two numbers on speed dial
  • It comes with a light notification
  • Loud bell ringer
  • 9-foot cord for easier maneuverability


  • It is lightweight, and can easily get knocked off the desk accidentally
  • The speed dial memory is small

4. HePesTer P-02 Amplified Large Button Corded Phone For Seniors

HePesTer P-02

The P-02 phone can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk. The cord is long for ease of maneuverability. The elderly seniors have two choices when answering a call. They can either pick up the receiver directly or opt for the speakerphone.

They can do so by pressing the SP-PHONE button on the interface. The buttons are big and widely spaced so that they cannot accidentally punch wrong buttons while dialing. The audio quality is excellent; they can hear the caller loud and clear. If the receiver volume is too low, they can change the volume with the volume control switch on the side of the phone.

It comes with a speed dial memory where you can program frequently called numbers for them to communicate with their loved ones. Another great addition is the LED Flashlight, which functions as a light notification to signal an incoming call. It increases the phone’s user-friendliness.


  • The speakers are loud and clear
  • Large buttons for ease of dialing
  • 10 number Speed dial memory
  • Incoming call notification light indicator
  • It can be wall-mounted


  • The phone is lightweight and needs to be secured well on the base to prevent incidences of knocking it over accidentally

5. JekaVis JF11W Big Button Corded Phone

JekaVis JF11W

One feature that we liked the most on the JF11W model is the volume amplification. The volume is loud and clear that the hearing impaired senior will communicate easily. This lively volume is attributed to the built-in IC in the speaker system, which can be controlled via a control switch on the side of the phone.

Furthermore, they cannot miss out on any call as the phone comes with an incoming call indicator to notify them about an appeal. It also has an in-use indicator which indicates to them if the phone did not hang up completely. We also noted that the automatic dialing process is easy to program.

In case of an emergency, they can only press a number instead of memorizing the whole phone number. The buttons are big, which makes dialing for them easy if they have vision problems in addition to hearing issues. We recommend this phone for the elderly.


  • Big buttons for ease of dialing
  • The volume is good for the hearing impaired seniors
  • You can also program up to 10-speed dial numbers
  • It comes with an easy to read and understand instruction material
  • In-coming and in-use call indicators


  • It cannot function during power outages, a sharp contrast with similar phones like Emerson

Bottom Line

Most of these phones are compatible while using them with hearing aids devices. They have ratings of 4 stars and above. The most important features to consider are volume control, sound clarity, range from the base, and light notification during an incoming call.

As with other phones for hearing impaired seniors, the emergency buttons are always a press away for ease of dialing in case of an emergency. In general, if you get a hearing impaired senior one of the devices mentioned above, it will be quite easy to communicate without any issue.

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