Boost Mobile LG Stylo 4 Reviews and Buying Guide

Boost mobile is ranked as one of the best MVNOs in the country. This is because of several good offers like the Boost mobile family plan and many more. Also what most people like about it is that it uses Sprint mobile’s transmitters that offer nationwide coverage to their consumers. Sprint is one of the major big four carriers, and you will never be disappointed with their services if you are using the boost mobile LG Stylo 4. 

The LG Stylo 4 is part of the phones offered as a free government phone to many individuals across the State.  Sadly you cannot get the LG Stylo as a free phone from Boost mobile since the Government has not given authorization for Boost mobile to offer such services.

However, if you wish for the best boost upgrade phone, they got you covered. You can get an upgrade to the LG Stylo 4 from your previous device if you meet the requirements. Once you read this article, you will get to know the features that Boost Mobile LG Stylo 4 has and the plans which can be used. The phone is available on Amazon at a fair price, and I have attached the link to it. 

Features of the LG Stylo 4

LG Stylo 4

Being among the tech giants in the world, LG is a company known to invent a mind-blowing gadget. LG Stylo 4 is among the latest brand and is of high quality. With a rating of 3.4 out of five stars and with 176 customer reviews in the Boost Mobile store, you should get the device.

With a magnificent full display of 6.2,” you can stream your favorite shows smoothly. What is more mind-blowing is that it comes with a 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. With that in place, you can capture the great moments of your life.

With an internal storage of 32GB and 2GB RAM, you can store lots of information on the device. It has excellent security measures in place with a rear fingerprint sensor mounted. It has a proficient processor; thus, if a gamer, you will have an enjoyable experience with lagging.

The smartphone comes with an embedded stylus. The current price tag at Amazon is $92.92. Feel free to check out the link below. 

  • Ample storage of 32GB
  • It has an extensive display thus good for streaming videos
  • A powerful processor thus runs smoothly
  • Excellent camera features, thus capturing high-quality photos
  • With an embedded stylus, you can navigate easily
  • Low battery life

Best discount mobile plans on Boost mobile?

Currently, there are several plans one can opt for from the service provider. Boost Mobile offer prepaid phone plan with low monthly bills and data. What makes the plans more enticing is that it comes with unlimited music streaming. 

The Boost’s mobile plans are divided into four, namely:

  • 3GB LTE plan
  • Unlimited GB
  • Boost Unlimited plus
  • Ultimate Unlimited plan

1. 3GB LTE plan

In this plan, one gets 3GB of data, unlimited text, talk, and music streaming. Also, one gets HD video streaming. The 3GB LTE plan goes for $35 per month. Worried about automatic charges when you surpass the data limit?

Don’t be worried as the charges won’t be accounted for since your 3GB data will be consumed slowly. Are you an all-time YouTube streamer? Well, you can pay an extra amount as follows;

  • 1GB LTE data for $5 per month
  • 2GB LTE data for $10 per month

2. Unlimited data plan

In this plan, you get 12GB of hotspot data, unlimited data, texts, talks, and music streaming. Also, you get up to 480ps of video resolution. This plan goes for $50 per month.

3. Boost Unlimited plus

With this plan in place, one gets 30GB of hotspot data, unlimited data texts, talks and music streaming. Also, one gets HD video streaming. This plan goes for $60 per month.

4. Ultimate Unlimited plan

Just as the name of the plan suggests, it has ultimate features in store. The Ultimate Unlimited plans offer 50GB of hotspot data. It also offers unlimited data, texts, talk time and music streaming. Also, one gets exclusive customer care services as you are prioritized. Finally, it offers international connect plus thus can contact his loved ones even while away. This plan goes for $80 per month.

Are you an all-time traveler and in need of data to hotspot while at the waiting room? Then Boost is the best option. It offers more hotspot data, unlike other prepaid service providers.

What makes Boost mobile more unique from other carriers?

The plans offered by this service provider are pocket-friendly. The Boost Mobile Plans with Free Phones for the existing members are something other carriers do not offer.  You also do not go through credit checks, and there are no hidden fees.

The customer care service is also very convenient to many people, and there are no reports of reluctance or rudeness when rendering their services.

Why opt for the LG Stylo 4 Boost Mobile?

LG Stylo 4 is locked to Boost Mobile even when purchased from other third parties like Amazon. Thus, it means that you will get the services of Boost Mobile only. Since Boost Mobile is under Sprint network coverage, then this is the device to opt for if your area has good coverage of the service. I highly recommend this smartphone for seniors as it is much more efficient. 

Bottom Line

LG Stylo 4 is a convenient smartphone and can fit in one’s lifestyle. With its exotic features, you will go around your business without any problems. Though being dependable to Sprint for the network coverage, Boost Mobile has great offers in-store. The carrier gives affordable and pocket-friendly plans.

If you are on a tight budget, then definitely Boost Mobile is the best option. What makes it more outstanding is that the service providers give its customers unlimited music streaming. With the best mobile hotspot plans, you will be up to date with the world.

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