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Best 5 Clarity Phones for hearing impaired

In the current times, many phone manufacturing platforms are seeking new ways to earn s market shares by developing smartphones. Sadly, the companies forget that there is a need in the market for proving telephones for hearing impaired.  Currently, we have seen companies like Samsung developing the jitterbug and also several flip phones in the market.

However, that is not what most people look for. Around 5 million people globally suffer from hearing loss, and they wish to access communication ton their friends and families but may not know which ways to do so. This is where Clarity phones for hearing impaired come about.

Clarity is a provider of basic classic phones which are designated to serve people with problems related to hearing loss.  The phone has been designed with specific specs which aim at boosting the hearing performance of people who suffer from hearing loss. Also, the phone plans based on Clarity are very different in that you will not expect to be enrolled in any data plans.  Below is a detailed phone plan based on Clarity phones

Clarity Phone plans for hearing impaired in 2020

Clarity Phones for hearing impaired

The phone plans based on Clarity are divided into two categories, which are:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Essentials

For the Business basics, the user is eligible to pay $19.99 per month while the Business Essentials one is expected to pay $28.50 per month. To ensure that one can save a lot of costs, you can opt for automatic payments or even e-paper billing. This is what many carriers offer to people who wish to spend less money when it comes to network services.

Ways on how to choose the best Clarity phone for hearing impaired

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a telephone for hearing impaired. Many people buy these phones without considering the extent of hearing loss affecting them or a person related to them. This section will entail on factors to take an in-depth look at how to choose clarity phones for hearing impaired.

1. Amplification level

This is the core of what you should consider when getting a clarity phone for hearing impaired. This is where the decibels part comes about. You must buy a phone which the decibels match with you, or they are a bit higher. If it is low, then the phone is of no value to you.

2. The availability of Cordless and Spiral Cord phones

Nobody would wish to get a phone with spiral cords due to the current digital world. The best option is to go for is the Cordless phone because with it, the user can move freely and the phone can be easily held as compared using the Spiral cord version.

3. Presence of Large dialing pads

Most seniors tend to use the hearing impaired phones, and they may have a sight problem too. The best option is to get a Clarity phone which has larger keypads, and also they must have a backlight to be used during the dark. Apparently, all the clarity phones have a good keypad making the User never to be disappointed.

4. The Auto-dial feature

Before you get a clarity phone, check out the number of phone numbers that the phone can store easily. Some phones can store around 120 numbers to the maximum, making them very efficient.

The 5 Clarity Phones for hearing impaired

1) Clarity XCL3


When a manufacturer creates a device with a very friendly user interface, many people will definitely go for it, and as for the Clarity XCL3, it is no exception. The device has 4 tone settings for the enhanced customized listening experience. The ringer comes 95 dB adjustable tones to help those with severe hearing loss.  The phone includes a dual battery which when power is out, you can make calls for almost four hours after which it will go off.

It also amplifies the coming sound up to 50dB, and you can increase it in the settings option. The caller ID option is also very helpful, and you can never be disappointed when it comes to it. For those with memory loss problems, Clarity XCL3 stores number for a long time, unlike other devices which may only store for a week.

  • Long-lasting battery for usage in case of a blackout
  • The LCD screen is very bright and easy to interpret
  • XCL3 has customizable ringer tones
  • Noise has the ability to be amplified
  • It has a 4 tone setting to adjust audio feedback and enhance communication
  • Heavyweight design

2) Clarity 53703

Clarity Dect 6.0 Amplified

This device has a similar appearance like a walkie talkie, but it fully stands out when it comes to the display and the buttons.  Also, it can allow 10-speed dial buttons for storage of numbers hence creating a friendly user interface for seniors.  Also, with its high-quality display, the user will never be disappointed or anxious when it comes to the keypad.

The keypad is very large, and the backlit is also bright. As of amplki8cations, they can reach up to 40 dB SPL without a hustle. Also, this device has the ability to convert voicemails into caption; hence if you cannot hear clearly; you can be able to read the voicemail efficiently. The font size of the screen is also very adjustable for the reading of messages.

  • Caller ID is very reliable
  • The phone book can store multiple numbers
  • The display is fully customizable
  • It is a cordless device hence mobility is very reliable
  • The captioning of voicemails is not that efficient

3) Clarity XCL3.4+

 Clarity XCL3.4+

If you wish to get the best cordless device in the market, then this is the best option to go for.  As for the design, it is quite simple, but the features inside it can be equivalent to a high-end smartphone. First, one can be able to fully customize the fonts making the display to be easy to read and interpret. Also, it has hearing aid capabilities.

The user interface is very friendly; hence, you can never be disappointed in terms of graphics and the processing speed. The user can also program several numbers into the system to enable people with memory loss to call the numbers without any issues.

  • Amplified voice calls are very reliable
  • The ringer tone can be fully customized to increase the dB
  • Long-lasting battery to be used in case of a blackout
  • It is very compatible with telecoil which is a hearing aid
  • The belt clip is not included

4) Clarity E814

Clarity E814

This phone has the best value in the market as of 2019. The phone is very light hence easy to carry around when making conversations. Also, it is a cordless phone meaning the user can move with the device from one room to another. It also has a dual combo which allows you to set multiple phones across your house; hence, you don’t have to move at one point in order to make a call.

The main purpose of this device is for hearing aid, and due to this, the sound amplification has been enhanced by 40 dB. There is also the caption option for voicemail, and if your hearing loss is very severe, then you can check the messages using it.

  • It has four different tone settings
  • The caption for voicemails is very reliable
  • The dual combo for setting up of phones in different rooms is very reliable
  • Answering machine is also quite efficient
  • The display has customizable fonts for creating a friendly user interface
  • The tone settings are difficult to interpret

5) Clarity D712 Moderate

Clarity D712

The D712 is quite a very efficient device for people with hearing loss. Clarity has made it a cordless phone as compared to similar devices creating efficiency for one to move around while making a phone call. Besides this, it is able to boost sound up to 50 decibels, making it efficient for seniors who have hearing problems.

Currently, many seniors are the ones affected by hearing loss and with Clarity D712; you can adjust the phone to 6 voice tone levels so as to enhance Clarity. However, if your hearing ranges between 70-90 decibels, then you can check out other devices for hearing aid. Other key features for the phone include a bright LCD display; it also has a noise reduction feature to clear the nose on someone else’s phone in case they call you. The buttons are quite large, and it comes with a transmitter for effective usage of the device.

  • It has a bright Led visual ringer
  • Keypads are well laid out
  • The memory buttons are also enlarged
  • It has a large backlit LCD display
  • The noise cancellation feature is not very reliable

Bottom line

As we have seen from this review, many factors come about when choosing a hearing compatible phone based on Clarity. Before you get the phone, ensure to check your hearing loss level to a doctor, and after that, you can get the phone.  They come at a pocket-friendly price in Amazon, and the quality is superb too. To know more about the phone plans, have a look at the Clarity phones website, and you can even have a conversation through the live chat option.

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