Should A 13 Year Old Have A Cell Phone?

The advance of technology has given various individuals a platform to showcase their ideas and bring them to reality. Not long ago, where a mobile phone was considered a luxurious item to possess, and no one bothered to get one. Currently, almost everyone has a mobile not only for communication purposes but also for investment. Many individuals can conduct their business through their smartphones at the comfort of their sofa. Though it is efficient in terms of communication purposes, the central question for today’s topic is, should a 13-year-old have a phone?

At first, it might look intimidating, but also it’s a tough call for many parents. The cell phones are a more natural way to stay in contact with the child if he/she goes for a walk or play. Also, it is an excellent gadget to help your child do their research for school work instead of nagging you for your laptop. Currently, there are various prepaid phones for kids offered by multiple mobile carriers so that you don’t have to worry much about buying the latest smartphones in the stores. The phones come with various features that can help you monitor your child as they use their phones, and you can restrict the content they watch.

Some of the cell phones operate without internet capability; this can help to prevent them from getting distracted by the various websites. Though the phone has numerous features, it can also lead to the destruction of ethical, moral values and character traits in your innocent child. To the rise of technology, for parents, it has become a tough decision on whether to buy their children’s phones, especially their 13-year-olds. At this age, it’s when the children are yearning to learn new things and what is around and can be a challenge for a parent if you don’t monitor them. In this article, I’ll guide you on the benefits of your child having a phone. Also, if you consider buying them, I’ll take you through the best mobile plans for your kids that you will enjoy and be at an affordable price. Read ahead.

Does the age of the child matter?

should a 13 year old have a phone

The age of the child doesn’t alter anything in terms of phone possession. According to various researchers and psychologist, the kid’s age it doesn’t matter much the age of the child, but it’s about the kid’s social awareness and understanding of the technology.

The kid’s assertiveness determines how he/she will handle the cellphone provided. As a parent, there are factors you consider if your child is responsible and can take good care of the expensive phone. Also, find how your child picks on social cues as it can determine how effective they communicate with their peers.

It is critical as it can alter the self-esteem of the child, and it isn’t healthy. You need to consider the amount your kid is spending on the screen like while gaming, and if he is glued to the screen, also he will be glued to the phone.

 What are the benefits of buying your child a mobile phone?

The mobile phone has made the world a global village in that you can communicate with anyone no matter where they are. The mobile phone is convenient if you are a parent and most of the time busy. If your child has a mobile phone, you can quickly call or text them asking their whereabouts, and you can track them through your phone courtesy of the integrated GPS.

The tracking system is efficient as you can know where child id if they aren’t picking up the call and replying to your text. Also, through the phone, you can inform your child of your plans such as traveling, arrival time, and many others so that your child can be assured and stays calm while at home.

Also, in case of an emergency, your child can contact you immediately or the authorities to attend to the situation at hand. The mobile phone can aid in their studies and research in case the teachers give some assignments.

What are the best phones for kids?

If you decide to buy your child the phone, then no need for various options to avoid confusion. You can opt for the Verizon kids phones that are offered at affordable prices. Some of the cell phones work without a camera or internet, so your child may not be able to post on her social page explicit content or videos of themselves.

No need to worry about the mobile plans been similar to your line as some of the mobile carriers offer affordable and convenient cell phone plans for kids. These plans provide suitable packages that you can choose for your child and can limit the child’s usage of the phone.

The mobile carrier put many considerations on the phone to prevent it from it been hacked if your child becomes mischievous at times. Also, if the phone has to access the internet, then it can prevent the sites you recommend as a parent for the child not to open.

Another pocket-friendly option is the Jitterbug phone plans Verizon as you know, Jitterbug is among the ideal phone for seniors as it accommodates what is required only.

Tips on how to manage the phone that you’ve bought

As a parent, you have taken the initiative to give your child the phone, so you need to keep in mind a few tips while managing the phone. First, you need to have full access to the phone, and you know the password of the phone.

You can set the limits on both screen and phone time so that your child doesn’t get hooked to the phone. Let your child know the consequences if they lose the phone and who will be responsible for the replacement. Lastly, monitor your child’s profile on the social media platform to avoid exposure to explicit content.

Bottom Line

You have known the importance and the consequences of buying your child a mobile phone. The age doesn’t matter as psychologists have proven that it is how your child social awareness and understanding of the technology. Many mobile carriers offer phones for 10 years-olds all at an affordable.

I recommend you get them a cell phone without internet capability to prevent exposure to specific sites and can cause decay to the child’s good morals and traits. Feel free to leave a comment below to know if you agree on the topic.

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