How to Get Free Food Stamp Phone

Food is one of the essential things that human beings require to survive. Having enough good quality food means low death rates and a healthy nation that can be productive to the economy. The US government is helping people to get such food with the food stamp aid program. Citizens who qualify get free access to premium food stuffs until they have to re-certify again.

The food stamp program may also be a good platform for you to get a free government smartphone. Food stamps are among the eligibility requirements which most service providers look in to in order to give you a free phone. Most people tend to think that the agencies which issue food stamps are also the same agencies that provide the free government phone but this is quite different. Luckily, once you qualify for the food stamp, you are assured of getting a free phone very easily.

Food stamps have helped more than 44.2 million people who are below the poverty level or have disabilities. The free food stamp phone can easily be obtained through very simple steps and this article is going to explain on the whole process. So, you can read ahead to learn more!

How to qualify for food stamps

free food stamp phone

Qualifying for food stamps comes in several categories. The Government and State requires you to be at par with the set requirements and you will be good to go. Eligibility may range between income levels, family resources and employment.

For you to qualify through income levels, your income levels should be below or at par with your State guidelines. The percentage level of income should be below 135% of the Federal Poverty guidelines in most States.

Qualification through family resources vary with regards to the number of people enrolled in your household. Some States allow up to 4 people to enroll for food stamps while others only allow one

Another simple way to qualify is if you to work in order to be eligible. If you work for more than or at least 20 hours per week, then you will easily get food stamps.

If you think you qualify, you can make the application process in the food stamp offices within your location. One should also show documented proof by providing the following;

  • Work information
  • Level of income
  • ID
  • Citizenship status.

Once you qualify, getting the food stamps vary with the type of qualification choice you used. You can use the online calculator or an eligibility chart which can be accessed online.

Which lifeline providers allow food stamps for eligibility

Most service provider will offer you a free food stamp phone with the food stamp as a proof of eligibility. Also, food stamp is regarded as one of the key eligibility requirements by these service providers and if you find one that will not approve it, then it may not be a lifeline provider.

There is no lifeline provider with full nationwide coverage. They all either cover a single State or specific states within a certain landmark. Below is a list of the service providers you can consider;

  • Qlink wireless
  • Assurance wireless
  • Safelink wireless
  • enTouch wireless
  • US mobile
  • Infinity wireless (Only Oklahoma residents)
  • American Assistance wireless etc.

There are other tons of service providers which you can choose depending on your location. Make sure to choose the best service provider and use reviews from people to evaluate on the best option.

What free food stamps phones are available?

Free food stamps phone varies with the lifeline provider you have chosen. For example, California lifeline cell phone providers may offer phones that vary from those in Ohio.

However, all the lifeline providers have a common standard with regards to the quality of phones being offered. The free touchscreen Government phones have been tested and proven to be of high quality. If the device is defective, you can always return it to the nearest store of your service provider and they will do a phone replacement for you.

The devices offered come from brands you are familiar with and you may have used one of their phones. Here are the brands your free food stamp phone is likely to come from; Nokia, Samsung, ZTE, Motorola, LG, HTC and many more.

The issuance of free phones is done at random so you may not get a device of your choice. However, in some cases, you are given an option of the devices available and told to select one.

What free phone plans do you get on Food stamps?

The free phone plans also vary with the State and also the lifeline provider. States with high revenue generation have tendencies to issue out more talk, text and data units through the lifeline providers. The Oklahoma lifeline unlimited plan is a good example of high yield of revenue State that favors issuance of more talk, text and data units.

In most cases, the plans may be in the following range;

  • 100-1000 minutes or talk time
  • 250 minutes to unlimited texting
  • 100-1GB of data.

If you think the plans are not enough, you can consider to purchase add-ons. The add-ons are very affordable and start for as low as $1.

Steps to apply for a free food stamp phone

Below is a summary of steps you can take to get the free food stamp phone very easily.

1st Step:  Apply for food stamps

Food stamp application is done at the food stamp offices in your State. Check out this directory that has a list of offices that offer Stamp across all States.

2nd Step: Choose a lifeline provider

If you have qualified for food stamps, then you can choose the best lifeline provider within your area.

3rd Step: Collect your phone

Once you have the service provider of your choice and you have done the application, then you can collect your device if everything is set or the phone can be shipped to your address.

Bottom Line

In the current regime, getting a free phone is very simple if you follow the instructions. You also never have to worry about long queues and slow response in case you want to contact customer care. The free food stamp phones are of high quality and if you happen to lose the phone, the replacement process is very simple too.

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