How to Replace Assist Wireless Lost Phone

Phones have become part of us in our day to day activities. Not only have phones been widely used for communication but also to access financial services, e-commerce, entertainment and so much more. Losing a phone makes you miss out on essential services and it can be quite frustrating and if you can’t afford a new phone, it will take time to adapt to living without such an important device. If you are on Assist wireless and have lost an Assist wireless phone, there is a way in which you can replace it.

The FCC came up with new regulations when it comes to phone replacement services by most federal authorized lifeline service providers. People can now replace their lost phone at zero charges or at simply affordable phone plans. Assist wireless has a simple replacement process compared to most service providers and takes a very short time.

This article will help you demystify on whether you qualify for Assist wireless services, how to apply for phone replacement, whether you can bring your own phone, and the type of network that Assists wireless use. Read ahead to learn more!

Who qualifies for Assist wireless free phones?


Qualifying for a free touch screen government phone from Assist wireless is based on two factors:

i) Income

If the income is below 135% of the Federal household income threshold, then you can get access to a free phone. However, the income threshold may vary in different States, so make sure to check the Assist wireless eligibility requirement for your State.

ii) Lifeline assistance programs

If the applicant has participated in the following lifeline assistance programs, getting a free phone and plan will be easy:

  • Medicaid
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for the needy
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Veterans Pension and survivor’s benefit
  • Food distribution program on Indian reservations

How can one get an Assist wireless free phone?

If you wish to join Assist wireless and get a free government smartphone, below is a simple application process to follow:

Step 1: Check their coverage

Access wireless covers more than 40 States in the US. To check if your area is covered, go to Access wireless website and you will see a prompt to key in your Zip code. If they offer services in your area, you will be steered to a new page to begin the application process.

Step 2: Check if you qualify

Here all you necessitate is to submit the eligibility requirements documented proof. You can submit your document on participation in federal Assistance program or a tax form to proof eligible

Step 3: Fill in the application form

The application form can be filled on the service provider’s website or you can make an email application.

Step 4: Approval and Activation of the device

If everything is in order the applicant will be approved in the next 5 days. The phone will then be mailed to your address and you can contact customer care for the activation process.

Can you bring your phone to assist wireless?

Despite the chance to get a free government phone for low-income persons, many people prefer to bring their own devices. For you to bring your own device, it should be compatible with the Sprint network. Sprint Mobile offers its services under CDMA and in late 2020, they plan to shut down and switch to GSM.

Also, if your phone can work under the 4G network, then you can bring your device to Access wireless. An applicant can also check your phone is compatible Access wireless and you also check using an IMEI checker found in both Sprints and Access wireless’ website.

How to replace your Assist wireless lost phone-complete guide

Access wireless phone replacement process is very simple and takes a very short time. There are two ways in which Access wireless can use to replace your device:

1) Damaged phone

If the phone was shipped when it was already damaged, you should call Access wireless as soon as possible. They will request you to ship the phone back to them for inspection and if your claims are legit, you will get a replacement at zero costs. However, if you caused the damage, you will be required to pay some fees for the device to be fixed.

2) Lost phones

Lost phones are a bit complicated when it comes to replacing them. If the phone is lost, below are some steps to follow for a simple replacement process.

3) Report to Access wireless

You should report to Access wireless as soon as possible to avoid charges on your account.

4) Suspension of the account

Once you have filed a report, your Access wireless account will be suspended. This suspension will last for 60 days after which your account will be fully deactivated. Within those 60 days, the person should ensure they have a new phone or their account will be permanently deleted.

Access wireless does not offer free phone replacement at the moment, so you will be required to buy a new device from Kroger wireless. If you can’t afford a phone based on its retail price, Access wireless offers refurbished phones at only $30 inclusive of tax and fees.

The refurbished phones are of high quality and if there are any glitches with them, you can call customer care and they will organize another replacement for free. If your account is permanently deleted, the applicant will:

  • Loose access wireless phone number
  • Your account termination charges will equate the balance in your account and there will be no refunds even if you reactivate the account

So, to avoid going through this hustle, replace your phone as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

FCC has simplified the way service providers offer phone replacement services. If your Assist wireless free government phone is lost, make sure you report to Assist wireless as soon as possible.

Integrity is key when replacing the device so do not fake that the device is lost since they may trace it. With that in mind, I hope this article will smoothen your process in replacing Assist wireless lost phone.

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