5 Best Free Cell Phone Service No Money Down No Credit Check

It is a program offered by phone companies to sell phones at affordable prices to low income users. Just like the name implies, the phones are available at discounted prices so that buyers can access them at no down payment or credit check because the price is too low to an extent where they can easily buy the phones out of money in their pockets.

There are different companies which offer the arrangements hence one has to compare different packages before going for a given deal. In some of the cases, the phones are of low quality but they support basic uses such as internet connectivity, calling and receiving text messages.

Even those who operate on shoe string budgets but they will like to buy the cell phones, they can easily access them. Some of the scenarios which lead to the companies offering them at low prices include efforts to popularise them, trying to sell off all their stocks among other reasons. Although the phones are believed to be of low quality, there are some deals which involve phones of great quality if you can shop around before buying a given cell phone.

What is free Cell phone no money down no credit check

free Cell phone no money down no credit check

What Does Free Phone Really Mean?

The free phone does not literally mean accessing the phones for free. You will pay a very small amount when compared to buying phones out of the plans. They are arrangements offered by different cell phone companies to avail the phones to users who face economic challenges. In some cases, the phones may be restricted to certain mobile service providers.

You will get them at a very small fee which is subsidized by the mobile phone service providers like Verizon wireless free government phone but you will stick to the services offered by the mobile service providers. The amount you will pay for the phones is very small to an extent you will not need to pay in instalments or have your credit card checked before you can access them. They are always available at affordable prices to meet the needs of low income people.

What is free Cell phone no money down no credit check?

The free Cell phone no money down no credit check refers to an arrangement where low income people can buy phone sat extremely low prices. You do not mind your down payment no credit check no deposit before you can buy the phones. They are available at low prices which anybody can afford. In some cases, they are offered by mobile service providers who offer them alongside affordable mobile phone service packages.

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The packages offered by the companies involve affordable call rates and affordable data services. Some products under the plan are not very popular hence the manufacturing companies try to offer them at highly discounted rates so that people will get to know more about them. There are also some phones with great features under the plan hence you need to compare the different packages available from where you can make an informed decision in your phone buying process. In some cases they are referred to as 0$ phones due to the extremely low prices at which they are offered.

How to get free cell phone no money down no credit Check

It is very easy to get the free phone. You need to visit the free government Smartphones website from where you can access a list of companies which offer the free phones. The companies operate in different states hence you need to scroll down the list till you reach your respective state. There are different eligibility requirements alongside each state.

In order to know the requirements you need to fulfil, it is advisable to check on the guidelines provided. You should as well compare the different companies in terms of the quality of the phones before you proceed to buy one. In most cases, you will find several free phone companies operating in a given state. Take your time and compare the different companies so that you can buy the best phone to serve your given needs.

Top 5 free cell phone no money down no credit check providers

Communication play a great role in today’s life, you need a cell phone so that you can move on with your daily life. For instance, you will need internet access, communication with family and friends as well as seeking employment online. Remember most jobs are advertised online hence you need a phone to access the adverts. Cell phones are also crucial in seeking emergency services. You will need a cell phone to call the police or the fire department in case of an emergency.

The different free cell phone providers aims at equipping people with the communication devices so that they can access the crucial services even if they have been faced with emergency issues which need quick attention of first aid providers. Some of the best free mobile service providers include the following:

1. Assurance Wireless

It is among the best companies where you can access a free Assurance Wireless cell phone under the plan if you are a resident in California. There are different eligibility requirements you need to pass before you can be offered a free cell phone. They offer free android cell phone which comes with several features such as unlimited voice as well as text messages. The free minutes are up to 350 per month. If you reach the 350 minutes within a month, you are free to add more minutes to your plan at a reasonable cost. The cost is usually low. They also allow you to top up using virgin mobile cards which are readily available all over the country. Each month 500 MB of data is added to the plan.

If you meet the guidelines set by the government on those who can access free phones, you can apply and the company will process your application so that you can access a free government phone with lots of features to allow you enjoy cheap communication services. The company offers unlimited call and text fort eh state of California but they have services which cover other states as well. There are several subsidiaries of the company which operate in different states hence making it among the top mobile service providers in the United States. To get the offer and free cell phones from Assurance Wireless follow their official website.

2. Infiniti Mobile

The company offers Infiniti free cell phones. With just $1 each month, subscribers can access free cell phone and unlimited text and talk time. They also provide connectivity data so that users can access the internet services. The company offers attractive services but it is only available in Oklahoma. All the beneficiaries of the services should be residents of Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma requires service providers to add fees to the services such as government phone programs.

Due to the state of Oklahoma regulations, the company adds some fees to their services so that they can meet the set minimum requirements. For example, they provide different plans at different fees. Under the Oklahoma lifeline 1000 plus plan, you will access 1,500 minutes of talk time and 1700 texts. You will as well access 500 MB of data. The package goes at $1. To access the services of the company, users can visit the company website and fill details after which the company will process them and avail free cell phones.

3. Assist Wireless

The company began its operations in the state of Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Oklahoma. The lifeline phones are totally free and they are available only in the states of Maryland and Arkansas. The state of Oklahoma offers a monthly subscription fee of $1. Different states under which the company operates come with different requirements hence those applying for the services should adhere to the regulations.

There are different plans and features. Those who fall under the tribal lands have access to more features. If you reside in the state of Oklahoma and you would like to access the free phones, then you will have to assess the different plans available and go for one which can suit you well. The plans vary on features such as the subscription data, talk time and the text messages available.

The basic plan consists of 500 minutes of call time and 500 texts. The subscription runs on a monthly basis. Those living on tribal lands can access the services at low subscription fees. The basic plan does not come with data but as you go up the plans you will access the data packages. In the case of tribal lands you tend to access more talk time and data bundles, Assist Wireless lifeline programs.

4. Easy wireless

The company offers free government phone in the states of Kentucky and Oklahoma. The company has different plans to suit the need of different subscribers. Just like the requirements of many lifeline service providers in different states, you need to check on your eligibility states before applying. They always assess your eligibility status before you can access the free phone services.

There are also additional fees which can be applicable in different states. You need to check on the applicable fees before you can proceed to buy the free phone no credit check no down payment from the company. There are different plans and features for different states. For the case of Oklahoma, they have a plan referred to as Oklahoma tribal plan which has features such as unlimited text and 2250 minutes each month. The plan also consists of 50 MB of data.

Additional fees sums up to $1 each month. There are different plans at the company hence you need to compare them before you can locate the best deal. They offer different free mobile phones hence you will have to choose after which you will proceed to choose a mobile service plan which will include different amounts of talk time, text message and data.

If you are more interested in internet connectivity, then you need to go for a phone which has features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and a plan with more data package. Their plans go to as up as 2GB data and several talk time. Assess your phone needs before you settle on a given plan offered by the company. The company offers mobile phones to different users and the mobile service packages they offer to the different states vary. Easy Wireless official website.

5. American wireless

It is a company operating in more than 40 states in the United States of America. Assurance also operates in the District of Columbia. Apart from offering free mobile plans, they also offer lifeline plans which are packed with several features.

For example, in the state of California they offer unlimited call and text. Their requirements are simple, provided you can fulfil the basic requirements under the lifeline act; you can easily qualify for a free phone. Apart from offering the phones, they also offer subscription services aimed at availing the data and phone services at reasonable rates to you. The company is open to views where it accommodates people with different needs. If you can compare the different plans available in the company, you will find those with a lot of data, there are others which focus on call and other on text.

If you would like to enjoy affordable internet access, then you can choose a plan which can work well when it comes to data connection. The mobile phones offered under the free mobile no credit no down payment come with several features. You need to assess the different features available on the phones before you decide to go for one. When it comes to basic communication, the free cellphones offered by the company can serve you very well.

They try their level best to avail quality products to low income people. The American wireless free Cell phone no money down no credit check is a service which aims at helping you access a cell phone at reasonable rates. If you are operating on a shoe string budget and you fall under the category of citizens whom the federal government is trying to subsidise their mobile phone communication, then you need to take advantage of the services offered by the companies and you will land yourself a phone.

With the free phones, there is a lot you can do. For instance, you can call for help if you have been faced with an emergency situation. The program has been running for quite some time and it has helped many low income citizens.

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