How to Get Free Government Phones in Las Vegas?

We all know Las Vegas as an accommodating site for tourism, and it is also known for the robust achievement of revenue in the economy. However, there is a part of the population who are living in poverty and worse cases, lack access to basic needs. To solve such a crisis, the Federal Government came up with lifeline programs that helped people in such situations. This also led to the inception of issuance of free Government phones for Las Vegas citizens and it has been a very successful project.

The Government has done a tremendous job to ensure that such people do not only get access to free basic need services but also to be able to communicate for free. The phones offered are of high quality and are also diverse. All phones have access to the internet so they can be used as educational devices, for watching videos, gaming and many more. Las Vegas also offers a pleasant environment when it comes to checking on eligibility for people.

The process is speedy and accurate plus you do not have to worry about being bound to any contracts, credit checks and any other thing that standard service providers mostly do to many of their clients. There are many free Government phone providers in Las Vegas which you can choose from. You should always consider things like the application process, how reliable are the customer care services and most of all, read reviews from people to learn their take on the company.

Who qualifies for a free Phone in Las Vegas?


The eligibility requirements are quite similar in most States. For California Lifeline providers and several other States, they always consider two things;

  • Whether you have participated in the Federal Lifeline programs
  • Whether your income is below the percentage of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The rate varies with your State and as of 2019, for you to get a free phone; your poverty level should be 135% below the Government’s percentage.

These same requirements apply to Las Vegas and even several other States. So, if you think you qualify, you can start to apply for a free phone and plan.

What are free phones available to Las Vegas citizens?

The free phones offered varies from the service providers you have chosen. However, when it comes to the issuance of devices, it is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, you cannot go and order for a phone expecting it to be delivered on your doorstep.

Also, the phones offered may work with CDMA or GSM network technology. The lifeline carriers lease network from the standard service providers so the phone may vary in the network technology used. Some may work in both GSM and CDMA because the Lifeline provider has leased networks from two standard service providers. The phones you are likely to find come from these brands;

  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Kyocera
  • LG
  • ZTE and many more.

Can you bring your device for free Government phone service?

Yes, you can. If your phone is compatible with their network and you have proved that, then you will have an easy process to bring it to your new carrier. There are no payments likely to be made. However, for you to bring your own device you should consider the following;

  • The phone should be unlocked
  • You should not be in contract with your previous carrier

Also, you can port your old phone number to the new network. Just make sure not to deactivate your account with your old carrier before the porting process because your number will also be deactivated, and it cannot be retrieved.

Which free phone providers are the best in Las Vegas?

1. Access wireless

Access wireless is an ideal option especially if you are looking for the best customer care support. The company offers a good deal with free phone, 1000 minutes, unlimited text and data ranging from 100MB to 2GB. The Access wireless has a simple application process which you can do straight from their website.

2. American Assistance

American assistance is a reliable service provider that offers convenient plan when it comes to connectivity. They offer new and existing customers an American assistance free government phone, 1GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. The company has stores which you can visit to make inquiries and collect your device once you have qualified for a plan. The application process is straightforward and if you have any issues, makes sure to contact customer support.

3. EnTouch wireless

This company has been in the lifeline service since 2012, and they are known to offer exemplary services. Once you qualify for an EnTouch wireless free government phone and plan, you get 750 minutes, unlimited texting plus 100GB of data. They provide nationwide coverage, and you can also buy international plans for affordable prices.

4. Life wireless

Life wireless is an upcoming and very vibrant service provider, especially when it comes to reliability. For Oklahoma citizens, then can get a lifeline unlimited plan inclusive of up to 5GB of data. If you live in Las Vegas, you can get 500 Minutes, 1 GB of data and unlimited texting. The Life wireless also has a dedicated customer care service and a simple application process that can be done straight from their website.

Qlink wireless is a vibrant lifeline provider and is in fact among the oldest founding organizations to this free phone industry. It works in many States, and they offer very convenient services. The company gives Las Vegas residence 1000 minutes, 1GB of data and unlimited texting. The application process is quite swift and straightforward.

Bottom Line

You should always have a convenient service provider to use. This can be done by doing proper research and reading reviews on what people think of the service provider. If you like your old phone so much and you do not wish to get a new free touchscreen phone, then you can always bring it to your service provider absolutely for free.

When you opt for a free Government phone, you never have to worry about being bound into a contract, credit checks or paying termination fees or extra costs. In most cases, you may pay for services like Qlink phone replacement and when paying for add-ons. So, choose a carrier and start to enjoy these services today!

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