Best Cell Phone Shops Near Me (California)

You can agree with me that getting the right mobile phones can be a strenuous job and you might end up getting a good or bad. There are various mobile manufacturers in the world and there a variety of cell phones in the market that operate under different technologies giving you exceptional performance. Due to the advancement of technologies the mobile phones have a lot of features to offer to its customers. You are now probably wondering which is the ideal mobile phone store you can get? Today I’ll show you the best cell phone shops near you in California.

Various cell phone shops in California offer different mobile phones produced by the various mobile manufactures and it can be challenging knowing which phone is genuine. You need to be keen on which mobile store you got to as some may offer counterfeit products and some have false advertisements for which you can fall easily. You can get the best cell phones with the best camera so that you can capture every moment of your adventure.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the ideal cell phone shops near you that you can get the ideal smartphone that will meet your needs and offer proficient performance. Also, I’ll give you various tips that you can follow so that you get the best smartphone. Read ahead to find out.

How do you choose the ideal smartphone for you?

cell phone shops near your

Currently, a mobile phone has become part of our daily lives as you can perform various tasks. Not only is it for communication but also you can use it for web browsing, watching TV films, listen to your favorite music, social media accounts and many others. Due to the plethora of smartphones in the market, it can be a hard decision on choosing the ideal smartphone.

Before you go get your smartphone from the ideal store that I’ll recommend to you later in the article you need to consider a few factors and extensive research about the mobile phone.  Below are a few tips you can take to consider while you go on smartphone shopping.

1) Price and Budget

This is an important factor you need to consider. At the moment, numerous alternatives can suit your budget. You can opt for the Chinese smartphones under $100 that operate under superior technologies giving you excellent performance.

2) Storage capacity

You need to consider what you are going to store on your cell phones such as photos, files, music, videos, and documents. Though most of the modern-day smartphones come with a dedicated microSD slot some of them lack expandability via the MicroSD card.

3) Display

Large or small screen? The screen size is a key factor to check on and many individuals single it out most. You need to get one that has an excellent quality display and you can use it even in sunlight. Check out the display’s resolution and pixel density for clear and crisp images.

4) Camera

If you a photographer or a traveler then having a good cell phone with the best camera is the big deal. You need to go for superior optics rather than high resolution. Get one with efficient features such as LED flash, HDR which are quite handy while capturing your special moments in the adventure.

6) Battery life

You can all agree with me that a phone with a poor battery doesn’t have much difference with scrap metal. The battery of your phone is vital and you need one that can keep you connected at all times and you have to charge it less in a day. You need to get one with a non-removable battery as it opting for replaceable batteries isn’t an ideal option.

Operating system

Most of the phones in the market run on iOS, Android and Windows. You can opt for cheap Android phones unlocked so that you can operate with your favorite mobile carrier. The iOS-only works on Apple devices which gives them an added advantage over other phones.

Top 7 cell phone shops near your

Below are the best cell phone shops near you in which you can get the ideal smartphone that can sustain your needs efficiently.

Safelink Wireless is an ideal mobile store that offers various mobile phones from different mobile manufactures and you can get the cell phone you might be looking for that can be missing in other mobile stores. The mobile store offers excellent customer service that you will love and will help you if you have any issues.

2. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a well-established company that offers pocket-friendly mobile plans and cell phones to its existing customers. You can get the best cheap Android phones unlocked at an affordable price.

3) TruConnect

The mobile service providers offer a variety of affordable mobile plans and cell phones to their customers. On their website, they offer various phones from different manufacturers and you can get the best smartphones under $100 such as Blu, Xiaomi, and others.

Qlink Wireless is a well-established company that has various branches across various states in the country. The mobile service provider ships in smartphones of various brands so you can get a good one that suits your needs.

5) Life Wireless

The mobile service providers offer smartphones at an affordable price of $45. You can check out their website for more information.

6) Assist Wireless

The Assist wireless offers smartphones at cheap prices and you can get a good smartphone with incredible features that you will love. You can also upgrade your lifeline cell phones.

7. EnTouch Wireless

 If you are a resident of California you are guaranteed to get a good smartphone at affordable services. Also, EnTouch is a well-established company so you can get an ideal smartphone and cell phone with the best cameras.


As you have seen we have singled out the best cell phone shops near you and you can get the latest smartphones in the are. You can get the best Verizon Android phones so that you can enjoy flexible and affordable mobile plans for smooth web browsing at 4G and 5G internet speeds.

I hope we have answered your burning questions and hope you will get your desired cell phone from the recommended mobile phone shops above. Feel free to tell us other mobile phone shops near that offer excellent services in the comment section below.

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