The Best Kept Secrets About Free Touch Screen Government Phones

The world is evolving, and the ancient days of using landline phones have come to pass. People are transitioning from old telephones and implementing new ways for communication. Due to this, the Government introduced the free touchscreen government phones with the aim of helping people who can’t afford phones to get them. The Government named it the Lifeline Assistance programs. Presidents like Barrack Obama introduced the Obama phone which you could get for free government phone.

For one to get a free government phone, he or she needs to reach out to a carrier. Due to this, the Federal Government offers full sponsorship to these brands to get them to issue out phones for free. As of 2021, there are AT&T free government phones, Verizon wireless free government phones, and other free phones. However, getting something for free comes with stringent measures. One needs to provide some documents to show that you are in dire need of that device.

An eligibility criterion is essential, and if you do not have proper approval, you may end up missing out on these phones. This article will give you insight on the best California lifeline cell phone providers and also some of the best devices which can be provided by the Government. To know more read ahead.

Who Qualifies For a Free Government Phone?


Free phones are not just for free to anyone. However, you can get them very quickly, in fact within a week your free phone will be shipped straight to your home address. Before you apply, consider the following options. First, you need to have participated in the federal lifeline assistance program, such as Food stamps and other related activities.

If you have engaged, you will be required to show full proof by providing documentation to the Carrier for your choice. The second option is the federal poverty guidelines. For one to qualify for a free government phone, the level of income should be below 135% of the federal guidelines. If you meet these expectations, you will be able to get a free phone without a hustle.

How do You Apply for The Free Government Phones?

The application procedure is quite simple. As mentioned earlier, you will need to prove eligibility for a free phone to be given.  If you have the proper documentation, you are free to visit any carrier who will help you in getting a free smartphone. enTouch wireless free government phones and SafeLink are the best providers in the market.

Despite this, you should consider applying to a carrier who will give you good network coverage. EnTouch is quite good if you wish to get reliable plans and also affordable add-ons. To apply, visit the Carrier of your choice, and then they will request you to fill a form. After that, if you qualify, a phone will be shipped to the destination of your choice within seven days at the maximum.

What is the Procedure of Renewing for the Free Government Phone Service?

The Government requires everyone in the lifeline phone assistance program to renew their eligibility. This is because people will joy ride to get free phones and plans, yet their poverty level has declined, or they have not been participating in the lifeline assistance program.

Renewal of this free government phone program is done yearly, and you can visit your Carrier, and the company will be able to assist you. If you do not renew, the Carrier may switch off their services from your device, and since it is locked to that Carrier, the phone will be rendered as useless.

What are some of the Best Free Government Phone Providers?

There are over 50 free cell phone providers in the US. However, before joining any of them, you will be required to do a background check on things like:

  • Network coverage
  • The units of talk, text, and data you are likely to receive.
  • How much will you pay for the add-ons
  • The customer care services- whether they are fast to respond, or they will help you quickly for any assistance you may need.

Some of the 5 Best-Renowned Providers Are The Following:

1) Access wireless

Access wireless has been in the market for over a decade, and they assure you of the best services to 30 Sates across the US. To know if your location is covered; feel free to check out their website where you will be prompted to insert your zip code. Some of the Access wireless compatible phones you are expected to get are the ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, and other related devices.

2) TruConnect

This is a regional company which covers very limited areas in the US. First, it offers free government phones at the primary budget, and TruConnect plans are a lot too. For California and Texas residents, this may be the best Carrier to you since the plans offered are better compared to other States.

3) Assurance wireless

Assurance wireless is a subsidiary of Virgin mobile which has the largest network coverage. Assurance Wireless offers its services to almost every part of the US. This makes it a suitable carrier to go for. To enroll, you can check their website or visit a local store.

Q Link is another good free cell phone provider you can dive in to. Their plans vary with the location you are in, but they are very reliable. As for the phones, Qlink gives you quality smartphones, and if they have an issue, you can always call them for assistance. Feel free to check out their website to know more.

SafeLink is one of the oldest free cellphone providers in the market. You can easily get their services for free, and the customer care is quite helpful. The smartphones are of high quality, and they even offer cheap iPhones without a contract. They also upgrade users with their basic phones, which several carriers do not. To enroll, you can check their website or visit a local store.

Which free government phone is the best?

The Government has authorized some service providers to offer free phones and plans to anyone that qualifies for it. Currently, there are thousands of people in the US who can’t afford a phone and plan which is very essential for communication between people.

The free government phone providers issue out these free phones like Obama phone and plan to everyone who is eligible through low income or participation in free government phone activities. These free Government phone providers issue out the wide range of phones to their customers and they are mostly of high quality.

However, there are times where people get phones with a lot of problems like poor battery life and more. In such cases, simply return the device to the service provider for a replacement.

The best phone overall is the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is rather rare to find since it is a flagship device. The device has cool features like;

  • Amicable screen resolution
  • Friendly user interface
  • Lightweight
  • Uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • High screen resolution

You may be lucky to get the device since it is offered to the free cell phone users at random. In some service providers, you may request this device specifically and if it is available, they can mail it to you!

How to get free touch screen government phones with data?

In the current digital era, data is very essential since the internet plays a major role in communication and providing other digital services. If you were to apply for the free government phone in the past, you were most likely to be given a flip phone.

Currently, the authorized lifeline providers issue out free government phones with data, talk and text units. The application process is very simple if you meet the eligibility requirements like:

  • Participation in Federal assistance programs like food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid, etc.
  • Your income should be below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. However, the poverty income levels may vary with each state so make sure you are up to date with the poverty levels in your State.

To apply for a free touchscreen government phone with data, you should follow the following process:

Step 1: Check eligibility

Earlier in the article, we talked on how you can qualify. Earlier in the article, we talked about how you can qualify.

Step 2: Choose a lifeline service provider

There are many lifeline providers across the US which you can choose from. Ensure to choose a service provider with a good amount of data allocation and also they should offer reliable network coverage in your area.

Step 3: Apply

You can do an application via the carrier’s portal. The application process will require you to submit some documents of proof which you should scan or take a high-quality image of them and upload them to the website.

Step 4: Get the free phone and plan

If you qualify, the service provider will send a free phone via mail. You will then be required to activate the phone and plan via the company’s website.

How to get free touch screen phones without a contract?

A no-contract phone is one that doesn’t require you to sign to a certain service provider and you can use it with your desired mobile carrier. Unlike the locked phones to the mobile carrier that offers the mobile phone at fair prices and other monthly payments the phone, you have to pay for it upfront.

Though some of the mobile carriers offer the phones with a no-contract option with without a payment plan. Once you are in possession of the no-contract phone plans you have the freedom to choose the mobile carrier you desire so that you can enjoy the services you would like.

Though you can access the various mobile service providers you need to check the mobile technologies that the phone supports. You can check with the mobile carrier as some offer the platforms that can determine which technologies the mobile phones support.

Also, known as prepaid phones, you can get the no-contract phones from various mobile carriers such as Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint among others. Some of the mobile carriers come with suitable offers too on prepaid phones. For instance, Virgin Mobile allows you to buy the phone using Paypal’s “Bill me later” service so you have six months to pay before the company starts charging interest.

Food stamp free touch screen government phones

In the current society, you can get a free government phone courtesy of the Lifeline Assistance program. The Lifeline programs are a government benefit that provides various citizens with phones so that you can stay updated with the latest news and connected to your friends and family. Worried how you can qualify for one?

It quite simple provided you have a low income in line with the Federal Government poverty guidelines or you can participate in the government programs such as Food stamps, Medicaid among others.

Food Stamp Program is commonly known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  is a federal program that provides food-purchasing assistance to low-income households. Currently, it covers over 40 million Americans so that people don’t go hungry. If you are in this program then I’ll show you how to get free Food Stamp phone. Unlike in the past, if you applied for a free government phone then most likely you will get a flip phone.

Currently, you can get a cool smartphone and a touch screen phone in the program so that you can enjoy the cool features each has to offer. You can the free food stamp phone that you will like so that you can stay connected to your friends and family. There are various mobile service providers that you can opt for but these five mobile carriers are ideal if you are in the Food stamp program.

  • Assurance Wireless
  • Safelink Wireless
  • Access Wireless
  • Qlink Wireless
  • enTouch Wireless

Free Government Touch screen phones for T-Mobile

As we all know, T-Mobile is a well-established mobile carrier in the US and is among the top five mobile carriers. The company offers a variety of enticing mobile plans and family plans for its existing customers. The mobile plans come with various features that you will love and all are offered at affordable prices.

Not only do you get exclusive features on the plans but also you get good network coverage. The mobile carrier is accessible by various states in the US and you get to enjoy smooth internet speeds so that you can stream your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Let’s not forget the T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers that’s ideal. Being among the ideal mobile carriers in the US, it has various partnerships with various mobile manufacturers in the world. At the mobile carrier, you can get the latest flagship smartphones for the company and you can access them easily. Also, you can get the best touchscreen phones with exclusive features all at an affordable price.

At T-Mobile, you can get the T-Mobile government phones that you can access them at their website. In conjunction with the government, the mobile carriers provide you with the free government phones provided you qualify for it.

What is the cheapest touch screen phone?

Since a mobile phone has become a necessity in our day to day activities, you need to get the best phone. Although there are various mobile manufacturers in the world choosing the right mobile phone can be strenuous. No need to worry about it as you are in the right place. Not only will I shed light on the touch screen phones but also consider the price of the mobile phone that is pocket-friendly.

Most of the touch screen phones come with a variety of features that will help you increase your productivity and help you in your various activities.  Due to the various features, it leads to high price tags that you will see in your favorite mobile store. I am not against the phone but if you are on a tight budget then you can agree with me that it can be a burden.

There are various mobile service providers that offer various smartphones at ideal prices that one can afford. Though some of the smartphones will not have the latest features you will still be on par with people. Also, the phones offered you can get them at affordable monthly instalments so that you can acquire that touch screen phone.

How to feel about the free Obama phones?

Many Americans are having a tough time with the economy, mainly the economic meltdown due to the deep recession and other ongoing economic struggles. To help in such times, you can get the Obama phone and service provided you are enrolled in government programs such as Medicaid and Food stamps for you to be eligible for the program.

Also, if you’re total annual income is below the federal government poverty guidelines. The Obama phone is such a relief as you can access them and you can apply for one easily. Also, through these trying times in the economy, many Americans had reached a point declaring a phone a luxury that they can’t afford.

At the moment over 20 million Americans have already signed up for the program also known as Lifeline Assistance giving them access to the free Obama phone and the 250 talk time minutes.

The Obama phone you can get them from various mobile service providers as the Federal Communications Commission has approved national and regional companies. Provided you meet the requirement at hand such participation in a government program or your total annual income of the household is below the Federal government poverty guidelines.

How to get food stamps free touch screen government phones?

Getting a free government phone is very simple with a diverse number of options with regards to the application process. You can either apply and qualify through your income levels or apply through the federal assistance programs.

Food stamp offers Qualified Americans with vouchers that are redeemable for food. You can apply for a free government phone with food stamps by following this simple process:

1) Choose lifeline provider

There are many lifeline providers which you can choose from. Choose a service provider within your area. The provider should also allow you to make an application for a free government phone through food stamps.

2) Apply through food stamps

Once you have found the lifeline provider, make sure to apply through the food stamps. You will also be required to submit documents to prove that you are eligible.

3) Wait for approval

The approval process may take up to 12 days for some service providers while others may take up to 5 days to be approved.

4) Collect the device

Once you have been approved, you can collect the phone at the nearest free government phone stand or they can mail it to you.

Do free cell phone providers offer reliable customer care?

Currently, there are various mobile service providers in the country and offer a variety of mobile plans at affordable prices. Though the pocket-friendly mobile plans the main question you need to ask yourself is the mobile carrier’s customer care unit reliable? At times the plans can be enticing but you need to keep in mind if the customer care is good.

Before you subscribe to a certain mobile carrier you need to do extensive research on the mobile carrier so that you can know. Good customer care is a key service in a company as you the customer can raise their issues so that it can be attended to. If you have bad customer care services then beware as your company can fall and the customer shall leave it.

Due to the rise of phone demand, there are various mobile carriers coming up that you can opt for. You need to consider the customer services to avoid any inconveniences in the future. In terms of the free cell phone providers, due to the many citizens applying for the free phone some of the services the customer service can at times be upsetting but your case shall be attended. The mobile service providers will fully attend your problem at the moment so that you can enjoy their services smoothly.

How to re-certify for a free government phone?

You are probably wondering why we need to recertify the free government phone. The government requires one to recertify your eligibility. It is done to fish out those who are joyriding in the program to get free phones and plans yet their poverty level has declined or one has quite participated in the lifeline assistance program. The renewal of the free government program is done every year and you can get assistance from your service providers.

If you don’t comply and you don’t recertify your free government phone then your subscribed mobile carrier shall terminate the mobile services that you have subscribed to. If the phone is locked to the carrier then the phone shall be rendered useless as you can’t subscribe to other mobile carriers.

There are several ways that one can renew the government phone and both are too easy to follow. Some of the mobile carriers offer a mobile phone number that you can call so that you can recertify your phone in minutes. Also, some you can access it on their websites, and you can follow the instructions offered. Remember to use your phone for at least a month to avoid the service cancellation.


Touch screen phones are the revolutionary devices that everyone is going for. Seniors, children, and people of all ages are using such devices for making money, banking, entertainment, and other activities. If you do not have the funds to purchase one, feel free to visit any carrier and request for information about free government smartphones as mentioned earlier in this article. Once you qualify, you will be able to enjoy the services offered by a touch screen at a zero cost.

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