What is the Best Cell Phone Without Internet Capability

Smartphone is a great virtual assistant, and we’ve grown to almost entirely depend on them in our everyday activity. Mobile phones have taken over functions of different devices, and due to their portability, you will find yourself feeling abnormal when you don’t have your phone with you. Phones are no longer just used for their traditional role of calling and texting.

Smartphones have been customized to cover a wide range of our day to day activities such as, ordering foods from restaurants, requesting rides, streaming games and watching movies, and even monitoring physical activities. To ensure that your daily activities are running smoothly, you need to have a phone that lasts long enough with the right phone plan to fit your needs.

Cell phone without internet capability is commonly preferred for elderly people and children. With all the mentioned functions, your smartphone will make you incur costs of operations ranging from phone plans to having enough battery life. Regular charging can lead to high power consumption, and that is where having a basic phone is necessary.

Best 15 Cell Phone Without Internet Capability

Basic phones are generally modified to make simple calls and texts and hence have a better battery life compared to smartphones. Unlike basic phones, smartphones are very delicate and prone to easy breakage; repairing them is not only costly but also time-consuming.

Data plans are also quite expensive; having a cell phone that only makes calls will help you cut down on internet expense. Below are the best basic cell phones that are ideal for outdoor activities and children.

1. Mosthink Unlocked cell phone

mosthink unlocked cell phone

Are you tired of annual contracts or credit checks? Then this is the phone for you. The device comes unlocked and it works under GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. The device is very easy to use especially with the stunning big buttons which makes the navigation very easy.

The buttons are also separated with raised marks making it easy for one to distinguish between one keypad and another. The phone has a big font and icons and also the display is bright enough for one to see. When it comes to sound, the phone is very reliable with clear sounds for ringtone, keypad tones and any other sound associated with the device.

Most think has a 1400 mAh battery that can last for up to 6 hours and 240 hours of stand-by time. You can also get a stand for charging the device at their stores at an affordable price. The phone comes with an SOS speed dial whereby if you press the designated button for 5 seconds, your SOS number will be dialed. You can get the device at Amazon for amazing prices.


  • The SOS button is very reliable
  • Sound system is clear
  • The user interface is very friendly
  • Keypad buttons are easy to navigate and use


  • It does not come with a charging stand

2. LG Xpression 2 C410 AT&T Unlocked Phone – Blue

LG Xpression 2 C410

LG Xpression 2 is an ideal cell phone without internet capability for those looking for the easiest way to keep in touch with their family members, and capturing great moments. LG Xpression 2 comes with a 2-megapixel camera with a camcorder that will allow you to snap moments with family and friends. The camera is zoom-enabled giving you clear pictures and the 3 inch LFT touchscreen is of the best quality.

The phone is loud and easy to operate, making it fit for senior citizens and children. It has a long battery life that can stand regular use for up to four days when fully charged. The phone is GPS–enabled and you can use AT&T family map when keeping track of children or aged family members.

When working or walking down the street, the installed audio player will keep you entertained with your favorite hits. It also comes with Mobile Web that will keep you connected to all your social media at all times.

The external QWERTY keyboard enables you to swiftly compose texts, browse, emailing, and the keyboard slides in making the phone fit perfectly into your pocket.

The LG Xpression 2 supports both prepaid and post-pay plans of AT&T Company. It can also be unlocked to be compatible with other mobile service providers. The phone starts up quickly and saved contacts are easily accessible.


  • Easy to use QWERTY keyboard
  • Starts up fast
  • It is GPS-enabled
  • Makes exceptional quality calls


  • Can be a bit slow

3. ZTE Z432 Prepaid and No Annual Contract


The ZTE Z432 phone is one the best simple cell phones that serves its primary role of making calls and texting with ease. Texting allows both SMS and MMS depending on your mobile service provider. In the first six months, the phone operates on AT&T network only, after the six months you can call the provider to unlock the device for you.

When fully charged, the phone can last for up to 6 days, and it has a clear camera that captures videos too. For messaging, the phone works similar to a smartphone by showing clearly your messages and their responses.

The ZTE Z432 phone comes with a microSD slot that allows you to store your pictures and videos conveniently; the internal storage capacity is 256 MB. The storage also enables you to save a wide variety of your favorite songs with an easy to use the audio player. The headphone jack pin works perfectly for music fanatics.

The phone comes installed with a feature you can use to record your calls and store them for any future purposes. The phone also has a fully functional calendar you can use to schedule your time.

For those who do not wish to own a smartphone, the ZTE Z432 offers the best option with quick startup time. The phone is not compatible with Wi-Fi usage, making fit for users who do not want to use the internet on their phones.


  • Has a call recorder
  • Its memory is expandable
  • Allows both MMS and SMS TEXTS
  • Exceptionally solid keyboard


  • Not the best camera

4. Alcatel Cingular Flip 2

Alcatel Cingular Flip 2

Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 is a cell phone without internet capability designed to perform the basic uses of flip phones, that is calling, texting, and it is ideal for those who regularly have to operate outside. It comes loaded with other useful abilities such as web browsing, emailing, and calendar applications.

Its unlocked version works perfectly with both prepaid and postpaid plans of several mobile services providers across the world. The phone operates on the Nucleus Operating System and has a loudspeaker making it ideal for hearing impaired. The keypad is large enough to enable you to access main apps with no trouble and easy testing.

Its 1350mAh battery last long and can work for days without the need to recharge. It has a display of 1.44 inch making it easy to see your callers’ identity and capturing moments on its relatively clear camera.

Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 has a pre-installed FM radio that covers a wide range of radio frequencies, but you’ll need to use the headset as it’s aerial.

Its compatibility once unlocked is restricted on service providers that use CDMA carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, Virgin, and Boost. The phone has Bluetooth connectivity that will allow your share media files with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • It works on modern network
  • Has a perfectly working MP3
  • Makes good quality calls
  • The rear speaker is quite loud


  • The volume key can be easily pressed when pocketed

5. BLU Tank II T193 Unlocked Dual-SIM GSM Cell Phone


BLU Tank II T193 cell phones come in 2.4 inch TFT screen display with a good quality camera that can record videos even in darkness because of its flash. The phone operates on Android OS with one of the strongest loudspeakers. The speaker is so loud that you will not need to have a headset.

It comes has a 1900 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that can last for several days even in excessive use. It uses a large SIM card and works on 2G network.The phone can withstand severe conditions such as physical impacts, high temperatures, and extreme moistures.

The phone comes in three default languages, Portuguese, English, and Spanish. To change the default language, just press main menu and go to phone settings, language settings, and choose your preferred language.

If you are looking to buy a phone for your child, the BLU Tank II T193 is a great choice. Using the T-Mobile Go sim card will cost you just $3 monthly, and you won’t worry because the kids accessing internet services with it. The kids can toss, kick, and do all sorts of games with it without breaking.

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  • It is affordable and simple to use
  • Makes high-quality calls
  • Can withstand harsh impacts
  • Has a very loud speaker


  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity

6. Snapfon ez TWO Senior phone

Snapfon ez TWO

First on our list is this stunning device brought to you by Snap-On. The phone is unlocked; hence, it can be used by any service provider. Do you have hearing problems? Well, this device can work correctly with a hearing aid thus making it very beneficial to seniors.

The hearing aid compatibility clocks at MT3/T3, which is quite efficient to many people.  The device also features big keypad buttons, and it also has a bright display. The keypads are large enough such that there is easy navigation on the screen.

The phone works under 3G with GSM networks so if you plan to go to Verizon or Sprint, and the phone will not work for you. However, for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, the phone will work with such networks.  The phone features an SOS button that aids in emergencies, just like the 5-star button at the Jitterbug phone.

For battery, the phone gives you 3-5 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time. This makes it very efficient of you travel a lot. It also has a keypad lock to prevent accidental dialing. The phone is made of sturdy plastic with a sleek design.


  • The User interface is amicable
  • Processing speed is fast
  • The keypad buttons are large
  • You get a dedicated Micro SD card slot
  • It has a reliable camera


  • The battery capacity is low

7. GreatCall Lively Flip


For phone without internet connectivity, this phone is among them. The device works perfectly with Verizon networks and Verizon offers nationwide coverage. The phone has a 3.2 inches display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. The display type is TFT which is very reliable to offer quality images and graphics.

GreatCall Lively Flip weighs only 4.7 ounces and the thickness is 0.7 inches. When it comes to connectivity, the GreatCall Lively Flip allows Bluetooth 3.0 and you also get GPS capabilities. The phone has a special 5-star emergency button that serves its purpose during an emergency.

The battery life is up to 8 hours and 240 hours of stand-by time. The phone has a hearing aid rating of MT4/T4 which is efficient for hearing impaired seniors. The phone also features a small notification screen when you flip the device. You also get a 2MP camera that is able to take very efficient photos and videos.


  • It has an ample display
  • The camera quality is top notch
  • It has a long battery life
  • The user interface is very friendly


  • The notification screen is not very efficient

8. Plum RAM 7


Plum 7 can be ranked as a military like device due to its design. The phone comes with amazing features which will work for seniors or any person interested in a phone without internet capability. The device was released back in 2016 and it weighs only 107 g.

It is also dust and water proof resistance for 1.5m in 30 minutes. The display type is TFT with 256k colors and the screen size is 2.4 inches with a resolution of 240X320 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The phone runs on MTk chipset and sadly, it lacks a GPU.

The internal memory is 128 MB while the RAM is 64 GB. You can also expand on the memory for up to 32GB via a micro SD card. The main camera is a single 5MP while the selfie camera is a single 1.3 MP. The device also has a reliable sound system which also happens to be hearing aid compatible with a rating of M4/T4.

The phone lacks WLAN connectivity but it allows Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. The battery type is Li-Ion with a capacity of 1700 mAh. It has a stand-by time of 900 hours and the talk time is up to 24 hours.


  • The User interface is very friendly
  • It has a fast processing speed
  • The camera quality is top notch
  • You get dedicated sound system which also works perfectly for hearing impaired persons


  • It takes time to navigate through the settings

9. Nokia 3310 3G


Nokia 3310 is among the latest phones without internet capability that was launched in February 2017. The device has a body dimension of 115.6X51X12.8mm and it only weighs 85g. The body is built out of plastic and the display type is TFT with a resolution of 240X320 pixels and the size is 2.4 inches.

The phone has an internal memory of 16MB which you can expand up to 32 GB via a micro SD card. The main camera is 2MP with features like LED flash. It has an ambient sound system and also has a 3.5mm jack in case you wish to use headphones.

This device has huge and well-arranged keypads for easy navigation. The device also has a reliable battery that can last for up to 22 hours in talk time, 51 hours in music play and 744 hours when it comes to stand-by time.


  • The processing speed is fast
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • The camera quality is top notch
  • The sound system is ambient


  • It lacks a selfie camera

10. KidsConnect KC2

KidsConnect KC2

Kids connect is an ideal phone for kids who are at the age of 11 or those that have not joined high school. The most amazing feature with this phone is that it offers real time tracking. So, if your kid has gone to a party or you think he is lost, you can easily track him to know his whereabouts.

The phone also has geofencing capabilities that send you a notification in case the child has gone to a location you do not know about. The phone also has an SOS button which you can set an emergency number for the child to call in case of an emergency. The phone has a stunning LED display which is also very easy to navigate through.

It has a simple keypad with three pads, in which every button has a pre-programmed number that the kid can call in case of an emergency. This device has an ambient sound system which also allows the parents to listen to the surroundings and real time events with regards to where your child is located.

It has a simple keypad with three pads, in which every button has a pre-programmed number that the kid can call in case of an emergency. This device has an ambient sound system which also allows the parents to listen to the surroundings and real time events with regards to where your child is located.


  • It has a bright display
  • The user interface is very friendly
  • Processing speed is fast
  • The SOS button is very reliable


  • The phone can only dial three numbers

11. Samsung Convoy 3, Gray (Verizon Wireless)

Samsung Convoy 3

Samsung Convoy 3 is produced by Verizon Company, based in the USA. The phone is compatible with both Verizon post-pay and prepaid plans as well as Page Plus. Convoy 3 runs on the Android Operating System with different necessary features enabled.

The phone has a push-to-talk key that allows you to converse with just a touch of a button. With an internal memory of 512 MB and microSD card enabled, the phone works perfect and can save lots of stuff from contacts to clear pictures taken by its 3.2-megapixel camera that has a flash for nighttime. Its battery life is very okay, can last for up to five and a half hours on call.

The expansive Samsung Convoy 3 phone is perfect for outside activities because of its ability to stand severe conditions in places such as building places. It has Verizon Wireless rugged military specification that allows it to withstand the harsh of the harshest physical strain. The rough military specs allow the Samsung Convoy 3 to handle extreme shock, vapor, and high temperature, and excessive dust during outdoor activities.

During outdoor undertakings, surrounding noises can make calling a bad experience because you might need to shout to the top of your voice to be heard clearly. The Samsung Convoy 3 has double microphones and surrounding noise cancellation technology that will make your voice clear and audible enough. For the music enthusiast, the phone has an inbuilt audio player.


  • Has surrounding noise cancellation technology
  • Accepts several service providers
  • Has an expandable memory
  • Can withstand heavy physical strain


  • Verizon no longer accept activation for new users

12. BlackBerry Q10


Blackberry is a blend of both old and new tech. The device comes unlocked hence this will smoothen your process if you plan to bring your own device in any network. The phone has a display resolution of 720X720 pixels which works perfectly with the 328ppi density.

The phone works with BlackBerry OS 10 and the chipset used is Snapdragon S4 with a processor of dual-core 1.5 GHz and for graphics you get the Adreno 225. These features are common in many smartphones so if you are looking for such a fusion, then this is the best device you will ever get.

The phone also has a reliable 8 MP camera with features like autofocus, LED flash, auto-focus, Geotagging, face detection and HDR plus panorama. It can also capture Videos up to a 1080p quality. For memory, you get 16GB of internal and 2GB of RAM. You can also expand the memory up to 64GB.

When it comes to network, the phone can work under 3G networks and also it has GPS capabilities. It also has a long-lasting battery with a USB type-B charging which is not fast, but it is very reliable.


  • It allows Micro-SD card up to 64GB
  • The user interface is very friendly
  • It has an ample display resolution
  • The processing speed is fast


  • Internet connection is slow

13. LG 450 Black

LG 450 Black

This p-hone was launched back in 2014 and it comes with a wide range of perks that you will truly love. The device has a body dimension of 98X51.1X18.5 and it only weighs 102.9 grams. The display type is TFT and it’s 2.2 inches in size and has a resolution of 176X220 pixels.

The display is also bright to help visual impaired people see easily. The phone also features a secondary monochrome display of resolution 64X96 and it is only used to display notifications, date and time. The phone lacks a memory card slot but you get a dedicated 256 MB of ROM and 128 MB of RAM.

The main camera is 1.3 MP and it has a video resolution quality of 144p. For battery you get a reliable 950 mAh with stand-by time of up to 350h and talk time of 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The phone allows MMS and it has other cool features like MP3 and MP4 player. Photo Viewer, Predictive text input and voice commands. You can get it at around $60 in most retail stores.


  • The camera quality is top notch
  • The monochrome display is very reliable
  • It has a bright display
  • The processing speed is quite fast


  • It lacks an SD card slot

14. LG B470 3G

LG B470 3G

LG is not only a good phone without internet capability but also it is among the best cheap phones for kids. The phone comes with a wide range of perks that you will be so impressed to interact with. It has a 2.2-inch display with a resolution of 176X220 pixels and the pixel density is 128 Ppi.

The screen to body ratio is 30.58% and it also has an additional monochromatic display of 1.0 inches and a resolution of 64X96 pixels.  This device runs on a Qualcomm chipset with a 230 MHz processor and the RAM is 0.1 GB. The internal storage is 256GB.

For the camera, this device offers a dedicated single 1.3 MP camera with features like Digital Zoom and other cool effects. Videos can also be recorded up to 144X176 pixels. This device has a battery capacity of 950 mAh Li-Ion with talk time of up to 3.50 hours and standby time of 168 hours.

The phone has a reliable sound system which work perfectly for seniors who are hearing impaired with a rating of M3/T4. Other cool features in the phone include the following; MMS, digital voice dialing, organizer and it also has flight mode.


  • It has a friendly User interface
  • The camera quality is high
  • Processing speed is fast
  • It has other amazing specs


  • The device lacks an SD card slot

15. Samsung Rugby 4


Samsung Rugby 4 is among the best devices you can ever get which do not have access to internet. The device has a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 240X320 pixels and the pixel density is 167 Ppi. The screen to body ratio is 29.98% and it also has an additional monochromatic display which is at 1.3 inches in size with a resolution of 128X128 pixels.

The phone has a powerful intel processor with a RAM of 100MB and the Rom is 256 MB. You can also expand on memory up to 32 GB via a memory card. The device has a 1300 mAh battery that can last for up to 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. The device has a single 3MP camera which is able to take standard quality photos.

The device also has amazing keypad which is separated perfectly making it very easy to press the buttons. The sound system is very efficient for both people with and without hearing impaired problems. It also has a bright display which is also very easy to navigate through.


  • You get a memory card slot
  • The camera quality is high
  • It has two displays
  • The user interface is very friendly


  • The processing speed is slow

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A cell phone without internet capability ideal when you need a phone exclusively for communication purposes. To choose the right cell phone for you, consider precisely what you need the phone for and its compatibility to your internet provider. The good thing about these phones is that they also fit to be used by children since you won’t be worried about them accessing adult online content.

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