The Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost Mobile Review

Ranked as the second-best Tech Company across the world by Forbes, Samsung Electronics may be the ideal place to get your electronic gadgets. They offer many phones ranging from TVs, fridges, and what most people like are the phones offered. Recently they launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 which has a lot of vibrant features regarding the camera, processor, and display. 

Many people know that Samsung recently launched the Note 10 which has relatable features to the S10 and if you think Note 10 is expensive for you, you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost mobile. Boost is one of the big five carriers in the US, and they have many Samsung Compatible devices, but our main focus for today is the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This article will give you more information on the Samsung S10 regarding specs and the plans you can use under Boost mobile. I have also sought the best place to buy the phone which is on Amazon. Read ahead for more details.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost mobile


Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the unique and rear flagship devices to find someone with. It was launched in 2019 and has over 100 units sold. The first impression you get after unboxing the phone is the frameless filmic display that brings out a lot of clarity and detail. The bezel is also very little which other devices are trying to create.

Another unique feature is the wireless power share. Here you can share power from to your earbuds or phone. All you have to do is place the phone at the back of your S10. The other interesting part is the camera. Here you get a camera that sees exactly what you see. It intelligently adjusts the view and focuses on creating durable life images and videos.

The primary camera is a dual 16 and 12MP which also features a camera assistant. The front camera is a dual 10MP camera. You also get a Camera assistant which perceives to where you are pointing at and helps you adjust the settings to get that epic shot.

With the S10, you get an intelligent battery that automatically adjusts and customizes itself to give you longer talk time and standby time. The battery is a non-removable 3100 mAh, and you get talk time up to 31 hours, and the battery is also non-removable.

When we come to the platform, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost Mobile uses One UI, which is an interface built as one all-inclusive design thought. The UI presents automatic pop-ups, and you also get a good interaction on the screen with regards to the opening of apps. The phone also uses the latest Android version, Android pie which also offers the most recent Google security patches.

Samsung offers a 6GB Ram and 128GB ROM for memory storage, and you also get support from an external memory card up to 512 GB. The chipset used is a Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8150 which offers quite steady speed when it comes to the loading of apps.

In terms of charging, the phone offers USB Type- c cable which can fully charge the phone in one hour. Also, with the USB-Type C cable, sharing data from your phone to the computer will be very easy.

  • You get 31 hours of talk time with optimization
  • It uses one UI
  • The screen resolution is high
  • It has ample internal memory
  • Camera quality is at its peak
  • The front camera lacks the RGB depth sensor

What plans can be used in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost Mobile?

Boost mobile has a variety of plans which can be used from all its compatible phones. You will discover there are family plans, unlimited mobile hotspot plans, cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything, and many more. As for Samsung Galaxy s10, you have the freedom to choose from all the plans offered by Boost mobile at no extra cost. Currently Boost Mobile offers the following plans;

  • Unlimited GIGS at $50 per month- You get free 6 months of Tidal
  • Unlimited plus at $60 per month- here you also get other benefits like HD streaming and 30GB of mobile hotspot
  • Ultimate Unlimited- You get international benefits like roaming, unlimited international calls and 50GB of hotspot

There are also family plans which you can opt for. The family plans cost $100 for four lines, and you get unlimited everything.

What do people love about Boost mobile plans?

People like Boost mobile because of several factors. First, they offer amazing prices, for example, you get unlimited data at $50 although they have not mentioned whether you will be throttled when you exceed the limit. You also do not get any surprise cost or taxes included. Lastly, there are no credit checks as to whether you are tied to a contract or not. 

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Boost mobile locked to boost mobile?

This will depend as to where and how you got the device from. If you purchased it under a contract at Boost mobile, then the phone is locked to Boost Mobile. Otherwise, if you bought the S10 from other third parties like Amazon, the phone will be unlocked, and you can use it across any carrier.

Also, you may find that this phone is not among the best unlocked phones under 100 or the unlocked cell phone deals, so if you think you cannot afford it and desire it so much, you can opt for a contract with Boost mobile.

Bottom line

Samsung S10 is a perfect device to use, even for seniors. All you have to do is to do proper maintenance for it, and you will be able to last long with the device. An added advantage is that you can track the phone when lost through the IMEI number. To ensure after purchasing the phone to keep track of your IMEI number.

This phone will offer the best experience you have ever had when using smartphones. Also using the Boost Mobile plans under this device will be very effective due to the cheap cost and even no credit checks. You can also opt for other carriers aside from Boost mobile if you think factors like network coverage and expenses are not convenient for you.

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