The 10 Best Cell Phone Plan for 2 Lines

In the US, there are plenty of wireless service providers, and their plans vary greatly. Some work cordially with the Government to offer free government phones; others provide the best rates when it comes to text and minutes while others are the best when it comes to issuing data units. These companies have only one purpose, which is to ensure Americans get connected. You may have heard of the best cell phone plans for 2 lines which is quite good if you want to save money.

Companies like Verizon and AT&T have incorporated this plan significantly to an extent such that if you get more than two lines, the amount you are likely to pay is less than what you expected. This has aroused a lot of competition because if a company offers such a great deal, people are expected to shift to the company, so other wireless service providers have this feature. The difference may come about with what you are likely to get in terms of talk, text, and data units. The big four carriers in the US offer unlimited mobile hotspot plans which are quite good if you are a data user.

This article aims to give you full details regarding the best cellphone plans for 2 phones, and in the end, you will be able to answer the hows’, whys’ and whats’ of this program. You will also get to know carriers who offer the best rates like Cricket wireless plans for 2 phones and in general, an overview of the unlocked cellphone deals. Continue reading for great insights!

What does the cell phone plan for 2 lines entail?

Best Cell Phone Plan for 2 Lines

For newbies, cell phone plans is a paid agreement with a mobile carrier whereby they allow you to use your mobile device for making calls, surfing the web, and sending text messages. When we come to the cell phone plans for two lines and more, the primary four carriers, which are Verizon wireless, Sprint mobile, AT&T and T-Mobile were the only ones offering these plans.

However, with time, the Mobile virtual network operators like Cricket wireless also started providing these services. The mobile virtual network operators are known to offer cheap cell phone plan for two lines compared to the regular carriers. However, depending on the transmitters they are using, the network coverage may vary.  

The cell phone plans for 2 lines or more are also known as family plans. This plan is further divided into two which involves the following;

1. Shared data

In this category, the user gets a general data allotment which is shared accordingly to the number of lines the user has. Therefore, the user or the parent can set data limits though this feature is not available across all the carriers

2. Per line-fixed data

This is a category whereby data is distributed to the number of lines you have automatically. For example, if your data allotment is around 40GB and you have two lines, each line will receive 20GB of data each. 

Factors to consider before getting the cell phone plan for 2 lines

Even before a doctor gives you medicine, he or she needs to run a diagnosis on your health condition. The same case applies to get cell phone plans for two lines and more. Below are the factors:

Network coverage

Connectivity matters in any cell phone plan you are opting for. The big four carriers’ offer reliable network connectivity and the significant difference may come about to where your location is. If you live in a rural area, you need to choose a carrier which will offer the best connectivity without an issue.

Also, due to the advancement of technology, you can now know whether your service offers connectivity in your area.  All the companies have a prompt on their website where you can know if your area is covered. All you have to do is to key-in your zip code, and you will get a notification as to whether your area is covered.

How much do you wish to spend

This factor will determine the amount of data to be allotted in your lines. If you wish to get unlimited data, then the cost will be higher depending on the carrier you are using.

Also, you need to compare the cost of data in several carriers before opting for one, and you will do this after checking on the network coverage. So, in conclusion, ensure to budget early enough to avoid being cut off from receiving your monthly plans 

The 10 best carriers that offer cell phone plans for 2 and more lines

Many wireless service providers offer cell phone plans for two lines. However, below, I have listed the ten best service providers whom you will not regret when it comes to using their services.

1) Cricket wireless

Cricket wireless is a company best-known company for offering talk and text units. It is owned by AT&T making it a virtual network operator. The Cricket wireless plans are at a very affordable rate, and you will never regret joining this company.

You also avoid the hustle of credit checks, and there are no hidden fees or expenses. You also get the best connectivity since it uses AT&T transmitters and also all the family plans have unlimited talk and text features. Below is a full summary of what you are likely to get:

  • For two lines you get 10GB at only $70 per month, and the data is divided into 5GB for each line
  • The price of 3 lines is $90, and you get 15GB of data with unlimited talk and text
  • $110 gives you 20GB of data for four lines

There is also the unlimited data option which is somehow costly but very effective for data users:

  • 2 lines cost $80
  • 3 lines cost $90 
  • 4 lines with unlimited everything come at $100

The only drawback with Cricket wireless plans is that the data speeds are limited to 3mbps. However if you wish to get full speed data, you can get the 20GB at $110 per month. With this, you get maximum speeds, and after depleting your data, the speed is throttled for the rest of the month. 

2) Verizon wireless

From AARP cell phone discount Verizon to the best network coverage in the country, definitely Verizon wireless has something cool to offer. The Verizon cell phone plans for two lines are quite common to many of their customers due to the cost and flexibility. They are divided into sub-groups and below are the full details of how the plans work; 

1. Start Unlimited family plan

At $140, you get 4 lines with unlimited data per month. The good thing is that there are no data caps hence creating a lot of efficiencies.

2. Verizon play more family plan

This is a plan that comes with vibrant features that you are most likely to enjoy. I would recommend this if you are a huge fan of consuming excess data on videos, the internet, and many more. First, you get a 15GB allowance and also unlimited text and calls across Mexico and Canada. For four lines you will only pay &180 per month which is quite affordable 

3. Verizon Do more unlimited plan

Do more has cool features compared to the Play more plan. At $180 per month, you get unlimited talk text and data inclusive to all the four lines and other extra features. Also, your data speed will be throttled if you exceed the 50GB limit which is better compared to the Play more where your speeds are slowed down after reaching 35GB 

4. Verizon get more plan

 At $220 per month, you get all the features available in Do more and play more plus 30GB of hotspot data and 500GB Verizon cloud storage.

3) AT&T Mobile

AT&T is the second best after Verizon wireless. The AT&T family plans offered are divided into two, which is the unlimited & more and unlimited & more premium. In an overview, both of them include access to 30 TV channels something not offered by other carriers. Below are the full details of what cell phone plans for two lines and more entail;

Unlimited & More- Here you get unlimited data; however, AT&T mobile hotspot plans are not included in the plan.

  • 1 line costs $80 per month
  • 2 lines cost $145 per month
  • 3 lines come at $165 per month
  • 4 lines cost $180 per month

Unlimited & More- With this plan, you get 15GB of high-speed mobile hotspot and video streaming features in HD from various media companies which will be mentioned in your plan. Below are the prices with the number of lines you purchase

  • 1 line costs $90 per month
  • 2 lines cost $170 per month
  • 3 lines cost $190 per month
  • 4 lines cost $210 per month

4) Sprint mobile

If you want to save money on your monthly bills, then Sprint is the best carrier to opt for. They have good network coverage, and the unlocked cell phone deals are quite impressive. The plans are divided into three categories which are the Unlimited plus family plan, unlimited basic family plan, and unlimited premium family plan. Below are the full insights on what you should know;

Sprint plus family plan

Sprint plus family plan comes with cool features like 50GB hotspot data allotment, unlimited HD video streaming, Global roaming and Hulu and Tidal subscriptions. Here is the cost you are likely to pay per line:

  • 4 lines cost $100
  • 3 lines cost $100
  • 2 lines cost $100 
  • 1 line cost $60

Sprint basic family plan

This plan has basic features compared to the plus family plan. However, several things retain like free Hulu and tidal subscription.  You also get 5GB of data in Canada and Mexico. Below is the cost depending on the lines you purchase;

  • 2 up to 4 lines cost $100 
  • 1 line costs 60

Sprint unlimited premium plan

This plan has stacked features like free Amazon prime, Tidal, and Hulu subscriptions. You also get 100GB mobile hotspot and unlimited data in Canada and Mexico. The cost is higher compared to the basic and plus plan;

  • 1 line costs $80 per month
  • 2 lines come at $120 per month
  • 3 lines cost $130
  • 4 lines cost $140 per month

5) Metro PCS

Metro PCS offers very affordable plans backed up by reliable network coverage. The cell phone plans for 2 lines and more are divided into three, which is the $60 unlimited plan, $50 unlimited plan, and $40 unlimited plan. The cell phone plans of Metro PCS are described in the below:

1. $50 unlimited plan: This plan gives you unlimited talk and text, talk, and data for a whole month. The price of one line is $50, while four lines cost $140 per month.

2. $40 unlimited plan: This plan has basic features compared to the $50 plan. One line costs $40 per month, and at 4 lines you get 40GB of data at $130 per month.

3. $60 unlimited plan: This is the most pricy of all the plans whereby you get unlimited everything at $150 per month for four lines.

Metro PCS uses T-Mobiles transmitters for offering network coverage which is very stable. Also, the cost does not come with any surprise charges, and you also get a $5 off through paper billing.

6) T-Mobile cell phone plan

T-Mobile offers the best rates when it comes to cell phone plans for 2 or more. The cost varies as follows;

  • 4 lines at $160 per month
  • $140 for 3 lines per month
  • $120 for 2 lines
  • $70 for one line

With these lines, you get unlimited HD streaming and unlimited mobile hotspot which is capped once you exceed the data limit

7) US Cellular

US cellular offers a basic plan regarding the cell phone plans for 2 or more lines. Below is what you are likely to pay depending on the number of lines;

  • $65 for 1 line
  • $115 for 2 lines per month
  • $125 for 3 lines
  • $130 for 4 lines

They also have a program whereby they will refund you with $10 if you do not exceed 3GB of data usage

8) Simple Mobile

Simple mobile is under T-Mobile, and it offers the best value for using 2 lines. You are only likely to pay around $75 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data units. You also get extra features like free data roaming international calling to landlines in approximately 60 countries across the Globe.

9)  FreedomPop

This is a company that allows you to sign up to 10 lines and get to enjoy unlimited text and minutes per month. The good thing is that if you have two lines, the monthly fee you are likely to pay is only $10 making it the cheapest. The data set is 10GB per month at the maximum. To enroll, you can visit FreedomPop website or go to the nearest retail store. 

10) Ting

Ting is a carrier which is known for allowing the user to customize the rates of the plan to tailor your needs. If you purchase 4 lines, you will be able to get 2100 minutes, 1000 texts and 2 GB of data at only $84 per month.

What are the cons of cell phone plans for 2 or more lines?

For every goods thing, there must be something which will not impress many people. However, when it comes to these cell phone plans for 2 or more lines, it all depends on the carrier you are using. You may find yourself in a situation where the network coverage is not that good in the area you are in. There is another case of surprise charges or some extra fees from what you expected.

This is something familiar with several carriers, but the governing board of wireless service providers has come up with regulations such that the total amount displayed is the one you are likely to pay. However, the cons do not mean that the plans are inadequate. All you have to do is take extensive research on the carrier of your choice before going for it, and the best way to do so is by reading reviews like Qlink wireless reviews and many more.

 Is the cell phone plan for 2 lines really worth it?

Yes! Cell phone plans for two lines and more are excellent if you don’t want to overspend money on your mobile services. The other benefit will come up if you are using an unlocked phone. If you have an unlocked phone, you can easily swap carriers rather than limiting yourself to one carrier whose cell phone plans for two lines and more do not impress you.

The cell phone plans for 2 lines come with extra amazing features depending on the carrier you are using. For example, a carrier like Sprint mobile will give you mobile hotspot plans and also free monthly subscription sot several TV stations.  So in an overview, the cell phone plans for 2 lines and more could be very beneficial to many people. 

Bottom line

Over 50% of the US population has access to cell phone services. A small percentage use free government phone services while others use normal monthly plans from the carriers across the US. However, you can easily switch to a family plan which saves you money, and you get the best deals ion the market. Also, remember to ensure that your phone is compatible with the career you are likely to join too.

You can always consult your carrier with assistance when it comes to compatibility of your device. Lastly, the five carriers mentioned above offer quite affordable rates with add-ons which you will definitely relish. To join the carrier of your choice, you can visit a retail store or go to their official website and apply for the best cell phone plan for two lines or more.

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