How to Get AT&T Free Government Phone

Have you heard of the federal lifeline program? If yes, then you may have prior knowledge on the free smartphones from the government which are offered by several carriers. Since the inception of this project, many families have acquired cellphones despite lacking money to purchase them. However, you may also be asking yourself whether free Smartphones are really free or you end up paying some money?

 This lifeline program is free of charge and at no time will you ever pay any money unless you wish to purchase add-ons. This will only take effect once the Federal government has verified that you are eligible for the Smartphone.

Steps to get a free government smartphone in AT&T

AT& offers there services to 17 States and also in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico where other carriers have not yet reached.  Below are some key steps you need to take note if you wish to get a free smartphone from the government:

AT&T Free Government Phone

a) Eligibility

Something of great value like a smartphone cannot be given for free just like that, there has to be restrictions and strict guidelines. First, there are two ways to check for your eligibility if you wish to get a smartphone from AT&T. First is the eligibility through participation in Federal assistance program and the eligibility through total household income.

1. Eligibility through Federal assistance programs

For AT&T to give you a free smartphone, you need to show them documents of proof that you participated in such programs. However, each State has their different federal programs which they use to approve people before they take the free government Smartphone. However, below are the general specifications which you are most likely to get;

  • Food Stamps
  • Veterans pensions
  • Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance
  • Tribal head Start
  • Food distribution programs on Indian Reservations etc.

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 2. Eligibility through total household income

Currently, all States require that for one to get a free government smartphone, his or her income levels should be below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. As for Alaska, Hawaii, and California, they have a strict basis when it comes to getting a free government Smartphone. Once you are below that income level, it will be quite easy for you to get a smartphone.

b) Compare AT&T with other companies that offer lifeline programs

AT&T has been in the market for 100 years, and in all those years, they have sought to deliver reliable connectivity as compared to other sources. Also, seniors can benefit from the AT&T cellphone for seniors, which are quite cheap and can even be related to the free government phones.

However, some factors like connectivity, the number of talk, text, and data you get are quite essential. In terms of network coverage, AT&T covers 99% of the US States, and that will never be a disappointment.

c) Enroll for the free government smartphone

This is one of the crucial parts when it comes to getting the phone. If you fill any wrong or exaggerated mistake, you will end up not getting a phone. Also, the Federal ensures that the following guidelines are adhered to;

  • Only one Lifeline Account is offered in every household- This will prevent people from flooding into carriers requesting for Smartphones, and also it will ease the verification process.
  • The Lifeline account holder must have a verified and valid United States mail address- The address is where your phone is sent to. Post office boxes cannot be approved since your cell phone should be mailed straight to your house.

What type of free government phones does AT&T offer?

On common ground, AT&T offers the best smartphones under the lifeline programs. Also, they are guided by the government on which phones to offer. Due to this, AT&T offer Android smartphones only which are relatively cheap compared to iPhones. iPhones such as iPhone 4 could be offered, but they are outdated so it will not be very reliable. Some of the Android phones come from the following brands:

  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Alcatel

How are the AT&T Phone plans offered?

AT&T offers discounted plans to needy Americans, and they all vary with the State you live in.  Currently, 17 States get these discounted offers that come with Unlimited Talk, text, and varying data. The 17 States discounts rely on whether the lifeline account owner lives on a Tribal land or reservation. For those on Maximum tribal lands, they will receive high discounts while those on reservations, their discounts may not be that big.

Which way do you use to get add-ons to your phone?

Add-ons are the extra data you purchase, which is not provided in the lifeline agreement. It can also be text and call units. The purchase of these items is at a very low price since the government subsidizes everything. With these add-ons, you can even opt for the AT&T mobile hotspot Unlimited plans if you wish to get a mobile hotspot device.

As for data you can pay $10 for an extra 1 GB and also for international calls the price is said to be $5 per month. The data add-ons come in handy since AT&T may not allocate enough data if you are a fan of streaming and surfing the web.

How do you apply for AT&T Free government Smartphone?

Once the federal approves your lifeline account and you have chosen AT&T as your carrier, then you can choose to apply through their official website here or go to the nearest retail store for assistance. Once you have applied through their website, an agent will be in touch with you to advise you on more details about their lifeline program.


AT&T is one of the best carriers when it comes to connectivity. Also, they have very qualified customer service that will help you in any way with regards to the products they offer. As for the Lifeline program, AT&T will be quite reliable if you are on tribal land.

However, this should not be a hindrance to be a member of one of the big four carriers and enjoy the best connectivity and services. So, if you think AT&T is the best option, check out their website and enroll for a free government smartphone.

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