Is Simple Mobile Compatible with Straight Talk -A Complete Guideline

Simple Mobile and Straight Talk have many things in common, but there has always been a disputed belief as to whether the carriers are compatible or not. Compatibility with carriers comes down to the type of network they use, either GSM or CDMA network technology. Could Simple Mobile and Straight Talk be compatible? Could they be using the same network technology?

Straight Talk and Simple Mobile both display some similarities in the services offered, phone types, and much more. In terms of network, they use some of the most reliable standard service providers; hence you are assured of fast internet speeds and reduced dropped calls. However, despite them having reliable networks, during network congestion, network priority is offered to users who consume directly from the standard service providers rather than the MVNO users.

This article will focus on compatibility factors between Straight Talk and Simple Mobile, the phones compatible with both networks, how you can bring your phone to the networks, switch between the networks, and so much more. So let’s get started with switching between these two networks and later on dive into the rest of the information.

Can I switch from Simple Mobile to Straight Talk?

Yes! The switching process is simple because there is a chance that your device may be compatible with Straight Talk if it came from Simple Mobile. The process for switching service providers is simple, but it can get complex if there are barriers like:

i) If your device is locked

Locked devices on the Simple Mobile network cannot work on Straight Talk. If the phone was purchased through financing, you might be required to pay the total amount for the phone to be unlocked. You may also request them to unlock your phone.

ii) If the phone is reported stolen/lost

Lost phones are not eligible for transfer since the carrier is skeptical as to whether the device is stolen and whether you have it legally or not.

iii) If the device is a flip phone

Old phones like flip phones or phones with keypads may not be compatible with Straight Talk. The main issue may be the network technology being used.

Which phones are compatible with Simple Mobile and Straight Talk?

There are several phones compatible with both Simple Mobile and Straight Talk. The good thing is Simple Mobile and Straight Talk both use the same network technology.

Some of the compatible phones come from: Nokia, Apple, Xiaomi, ZTE, OnePlus, Motorola, Samsung, and Motorola.

However, make sure the device is not older than five years since it may not be compatible with the network.

How to port a phone number from Simple Mobile to Straight Talk?

Aside from your phone being compatible with the network, you can also port your number. The process involves the following steps:

  • Contact Straight Talk and inform them you plan to port your phone number. They will then request your information like Address, phone number, name, and any other relevant information.
  • Straight Talk will then launch a request to port the number to their network from Simple Mobile.
  • If you had any debts with Simple Mobile, the porting process might not be successful, and you may be requested to clear any balance for you to switch the phone number.
  • If everything goes smoothly, you will be able to port your phone number. From there, you can activate it on your Straight Talk compatible phone after purchasing a phone plan.

Which network do Straight Talk and Simple Mobile use?

Straight Talk and Simple Mobile use GSM network technologies. Since they are both MVNOs, they rely on standard service providers. Straight Talk uses AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon wireless, while Simple Mobile uses only T-Mobile’s network resources.

Straight Talk outperforms Simple Mobile because of the number of carriers it leases its network services from. As a result, with Straight Talk, you get better network coverage and fast internet speeds.

Although Simple Mobile relies on T-Mobile only, It still provides its customers with adequate network coverage since T-Mobile covers up to 99% of the US population.

So, in conclusion, Simple Mobile and Straight Talk wireless use the same networks; it’s just that Straight Talk leases more network services from a wide range of standard service providers.

Simple Mobile vs. Straight Talk: Which offers the best phone plans?

Both offer affordable plans since they are MVNOs. There may be slight differences in pricing, and we will compare them below. Some perks about Simple Mobile and Straight talk plans include:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable network coverage on both networks
  • Dedicated customer care

Plans on Straight Talk are as follows:

i. Platinum Unlimited

You get everything unlimited plus Mobile protect 20 GB hotspot data and 100 GB cloud storage. The plan also features three months with Auto-Refill.

ii. Unlimited nationwide

This is the cheapest plan offered by Straight Talk, and it provides 30 days of service for a home phone. You can find other plans on their website, but the ones mentioned above are the most opted for by users on the network. Plans from Simple Mobile are as follows:

1. $25 plan

With this plan, you get unlimited Talk and text plus 3 GB of high-speed data. In addition, the plan gives a $1.75 discount with Autopay.

2. Genuinely unlimited

With this plan, you get unlimited Talk, data, and text plus a 15 GB mobile hotspot. It goes for $60, and with Autopay, you get a $3 discount.

You can find other plans by visiting their website here

Is Simple Mobile compatible with Straight Talk?

Yes! Simple Mobile and Straight Talk are compatible because they both use the same network technology. This means you can bring your phone to and from Straight Talk or simple Mobile.

However, you will need to use the IMEI checker on both networks to authenticate whether the phone you have is truly compatible.

Bottom line

Straight Talk and Simple Mobile are both compatible, and it gives you a chance to switch between the networks easily. In addition, they have reliable network coverage, affordable plans, and many other perks.

They also have precise payment options; hence if you want to know where to pay your simple Mobile bill, everything is listed on the website, and the same thing applies to Straight Talk.

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