How To Replace Verizon Wireless Phone – If My Phone is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

If you have experienced your device’s loss, or it got damaged or stolen, you can concur that it’s not the best feeling ever. Statistics indicate that a significant percentage of users have witnessed phone loss, damage, or reported cases of stolen devices. However, if you one of the Verizon customers and unfortunately you underwent any misfortune, you can quickly get a Verizon wireless replacement phone from this carrier.

Moreover, you may become torn in between getting to repair or get a replacement. You need to activate your Verizon phone when it gets damaged. To make a sound decision, you first have to check out the manufacturers or warranty paperwork for your device. In most cases, accidents aren’t part of the cover unless you bought an independent extended warranty that categorically covers things like water immersion or a dropped phone.

According to Asurion, an entity that deals with cellphone insurance, warranties can protect for one or two years against device malfunctions. Besides, cell phone insurance is an optional requirement you can purchase from your wireless service provider like Verizon. You will require to pay a monthly premium alongside a deductible if you need to use your cover. There are a limited number of claims in a year against your cell phone insurance policy.

Cellphone insurance can tackle things like;

  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage

Malfunctions  not covered by your phone warranty include;

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Other damages

What Is a Replacement Phone?

verizon wireless replacement phone

A replacement cell phone refers to a new device that has been specifically designed for a particular U.S. carrier’s network and gets sold without a plan. Thus, the replacement devices are a perfect choice if your device got lost, stolen, or broken. If you also want a new phone but are not yet qualified for a subsidized upgrade, you may think of a phone replacement.

In a nutshell, a replacement phone comes as an affordable, low-cost mobile device that serves as your temporary cell phone in the occurrence of your lost, broken, or stolen phone. Besides, a replacement phone can still be worth considering if you are fed up with your old cell phone and not yet possible to renew your carrier contract.

How Do You Replace a Stolen, Lost, Or Broken Phone?

There are several incidences you can replace your Verizon phone or other devices. The list of the most common situations that a phone user may encounter includes;

  • A lost or stolen device
  • A damaged device is having water damage and a cracked screen.
  • Manufacturers mechanical and electrical malfunction defects.

To replace a Verizon Wireless phone, you need to;

  • Know if your device gets enrolled in one of Verizon’s device protection options.
  • It will help if you opt for your entire account’s device protection option instead of an individual device. It offers you Total Mobile Protection for up to three lines on your account and enjoys numerous Verizon Deals New Customer for your entire account.
  • Check out for Device Return Instructions page if you want to return a device for replacement.

Damaged Device Replacement Policy

The options below follow suit if your device shows any physical damage, such as water damage or a cracked screen. Notably, your replacement options depend on whether or not you possess device protection. However, you can present a claim on Asurion’s website if you have enrolled in one of the below device protection options:

  • Total Mobile Protection
  • Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device
  • Verizon Protect / Verizon Protect Multi-Device
  • Total Equipment Coverage
  • Wireless Phone Protection

Moreover, if you want your Device ID to file a claim, you can locate it on the My Devices page in My Verizon, and if you got enrolled in AppleCare, you could contact Apple support using Apple’s website. Alternatively, if you don’t belong in one of the device protection options above, you can:

  • Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Replacement device Buy a new device at retail cost.
  • Activate another device you already own.

Lost Or Stolen Device Replacement Policy

If your cell phone gets stolen or lost, you need to quickly inform the police as your device can get used to conducting criminal activities. Next, you have to search thoroughly to ensure that it doesn’t lie idle somewhere in the corner of your house. Follow the below steps if you desperately can’t find your device.

  • Attempt to trace your device.
  • If you can’t find your device, temporarily withdraw your service to block unauthorized use.

Replace your device in one of the below ways

By filing a claim on Asurion’s website if you have enrolled in one of these device protection options:

  • Verizon Protect / Verizon Protect Multi-Device
  • Total Mobile Protection
  • Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device
  • Total Equipment Coverage
  • Wireless Phone Protection

Additionally, if you require your Device ID to file a claim, you can get it on the My Devices page in My Verizon. On the other hand, if you haven’t enrolled in one of the device protection options listed above, you can:

  • Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Replacement device (if you haven’t bought a CPO device in the last 12 months); you can call 855-983-1425 toll-free from a landline phone or go to a Verizon store to prove your eligibility.
  • Buy a new device at retail cost.
  • Activate another device you already own.

Manufacturing Defect Replacement Policy

A manufacturing defect is an error with the device itself due to an electrical or mechanical malfunction. However, it doesn’t comprise of physical damage caused by outside forces like water damage and cracked screen, and much more.

For this policy, your replacement options get based on the period it has been since you purchased the device and if you possess the device protection.

i) Less than one year since purchase

The device replacement is cost-free.

ii) 14 days or less since purchase

The device will get replaced with a new phone.

iii) More than 15 days since purchase

  • The device will get replaced with a Certified Like-New Replacement, a like device, or one comparable one.

If you have an Extended Warranty, you’ll get expedited shipping at no additional charge. To prove your eligibility, you can call customer support using a phone other than the one you’re experiencing a problem with or visit a Verizon store.

Over one year since purchase

If you got registered in Verizon Protect / Verizon Protect Multi-Device, Total Mobile Protection, Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device, Total Equipment Coverage, or Extended Warranty:

However, your device will get repaired or replaced with a Certified Like-New Replacement at free of charge with a like device, or one of a similar brand and model will get substituted—besides, the exact color and features not a guarantee in your replacement device.

For Florida customers, Verizon Extended Warranty isn’t available in Florida. In Florida, the coverage for post-warranty defects gets provided by Asurion’s insurance program. The terms apply for the device replacement deductible and claim limit. You can file a claim with Asurion based on the damaged device section above.

How Much Is The Damaged Device Fee?

The exact fee varies based on the type and level of damage, but it can balance with the device’s retail price. Besides, the minimum fee depends on the type of device: The cost includes;

  • $99 for basic phones and other connected devices
  • $299 for smartphones and tablets
  • $329 for iPhone 6

 Features That Warranty Or Service Contract Does Not Involve:

  • Defects or damage result from the use of the Product in other than its usual or the customary manner.
  • Defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, or neglect;
  • Defects or damage arising from improper testing, installation, adjustment, operation, maintenance, or any alteration or modification of any kind.
  • Products with removed labels or invisible serial numbers.
  • Defects or damage as a result of spills of or immersion in food or liquid.
  • Scratches on all plastic surfaces and externally exposed parts resulting from regular use.
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear.
  • Damage or breakage to antennas unless caused directly by defects in material or artistry;
  • Improper products assembling or repair in such a manner as to adversely affect performance or prevent adequate inspection and testing from verifying any warranty demand.

How Do You Activate a Replacement Verizon Wireless Phone?

You need to know how to activate your new Verizon iPhone or Android after replacing your old iPhone or Android and explore amazing Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Plans. Activating your phone registers it to operate on the Verizon network. To prepare for the activation process;

1) Ensure you know the PIN of your account holder

If your new device is activation-off, you will get requested for a four-digit PIN that will help you to log in to Verizon services or to identify yourself in Verizon stores. However, if you are not an account holder, you need to talk to the Verizon account holder for your plan to receive the code. Ensure your phone has an account.

If you are going to an iPhone or Android smartphone, you must sign in for an iCloud or a Gmail account, respectively. If you lack one such account, you need to open before proceeding:

  • iPhone – You need to sign up for an iCloud Account
  • Android – You have to create a Gmail account

2) Have a backup for your old phone

If you need to save your contacts and other critical information on your phone, you have to back up the data before proceeding. This process varies depending on your current smartphone as follows;

  • iPhone – You can use iCloud to back up the iPhone or iTunes
  • Android – You can utilize your Android setting for the backup

3) Turn off iMessage if necessary

 If you switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone or flip phone, you have to disable iMessage on your iDevice before proceeding:

  • Navigate to the open setting
  • Scroll down and tap the message
  • Tap the green “iMessage” switch

4) Turn off your old phone

Press the “Power” button on the phone, then choose the power off option when prompted. For some devices, holding the “power” button for a long time will switch off the phone.

Bottom line

If you are a die-hard customer of the number one leading wireless provider in the U.S., you don’t have to worry about your lost, stolen, or damaged Verizon cell phone. This provider offers you a straightforward phone replacement process at your convenience when you experience device malfunction or loss. The information provided in this article will significantly help you during your device replacement journey.

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