How to Get a Free Cell Phone for Disabled on Social Security

The demand for phones has been rising over the past decades and we have seen some great revolutionary changes to the design of phones. Phones have become very vital for business, individuals and they do not only serve for communication but also education, entertainment, and other services. Smartphones are the most used type of phones and the Government is working together with many non-profit organizations and companies to provide free cell phones for disabled on social security.

Social security is known to be one of the eligibility requirements for you to get a free government internet and laptop. It is commonly used by seniors but recently the disabled can benefit from this service. The free phones are offered by lifeline service providers across the US. There are about 30 service providers some operating in single states while others go up to 40 States.

If you are disabled, then this article will give you tips on how you can get the free government phone through social security. The free phones come with great features like a free cell phone for seniors and disabled and reliable customer care support. Read more below to learn how social security works with regards to getting a free phone.

How does Social security work?

free cell phone for disabled on social security

Social security is a service offered by the free government cell phone for low income people or no income to get assistance for a wide range of services and products. Social security is divided into 3 categories which are:

i) Retirement benefits

This is the common type of social security benefit known by millions of people. It is offered to citizens who have retired and you qualify if you have worked for more than 10 years.

ii) Survivors benefit

This social security benefit is offered to a mostly retired person or workers. The program is most beneficial to divorced couples, children, or widowers.

iii) Disability benefits

This type of benefit is offered to people who can no longer work because of disabilities. The assistance offered depends on the number of years you have worked. You can also apply if you are disabled and have not worked.

Now that we know the types of social benefits, let’s learn how you can apply for the free cell phone for the disabled on social security.

Which service providers offer free phones on social security?

There are many service providers that offer free phones to the disabled. Here are the five best free service providers you can go for in 2020:

Qlink wireless tops our list with its amazing perks in terms of talk, text, and data units not forgetting the stunning network coverage. It offers their services for up to 40 States and if you qualify through social security, you get:

A free Qlink wireless phone, free cell phone plan (1000 minutes, Unlimited texts, and 1 GB data) You can apply by visiting their website or retail store.

Safelink wireless offers free government smartphone, its services to needy families in about 40 States. If you qualify, you will get a free phone and plan (1000 minutes, 2 GB, and unlimited texting). They offer a simple application process and you will never have to worry about any contracts. To apply, visit their website and enroll.

3) Verizon wireless

Verizon free government phones are not that common but they have amazing deals to offer. If you qualify, you can get a cell phone but the plan may vary from time to time. To apply, visit their website and enroll. They also offer a discount on free internet through the Verizon FIOS media.

The States covered by Verizon free cell phone services include New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.

4) Access wireless

Access wireless offers its services to more than 30 States and they use Sprint’s towers which are known to have the best network coverage. Access wireless offers Android phone and free cell phone plan (1000 minutes, Unlimited texts, and 50 MB). Other customers from California get 10 minutes, Unlimited texts, and 2 GB data. So, if you are from California, you should consider this plan.

5) Assurance wireless

Last on our list is Assurance wireless which is an amazing network if you are looking for more data unit allocation. The company offers a free phone and plan that includes;

Unlimited texts, 100 minutes and 2 GB of data while Californians get Unlimited text, 1000 minutes, and a whopping 5 GB of data. The application process is very simple and can be done straight from their website.

How to apply for the free phone on social security?

Below are some key steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a service provider

There are many free government cell phone providers you can choose for the free phone and plan. Before you choose the service provider, make sure you consider the following;

  • Check whether the service provider offers coverage in your area
  • Check the allocation of talk, text, and data units and compare it with another service provider. Choose the one that you will spend less on data and talk units. In many cases, service providers offer Unlimited texts
  • Consider whether they offer reliable customer service or you will have to wait for a long time to get a response
  • Make sure they have a simple recertification process.

To know whether the service provider is efficient, you can read reviews from customers about the company. The reviews can be found on third-party websites like, Trustpilot or simply their community forum

Step 2: Check eligibility

Once you have chosen the service provider, the next thing is to check if you qualify through social security. You can check for eligibility on their website or by visiting the nearest free government phone stand near you.

Step 3: Fill and submit the application form

Disabled persons can fill in the application form from the company’s website or simply make a paper application. The paper application works for free government phone providers in California, Illinois, and many more States

The online application form is simple and straight to the point. You can follow the simple on-screen instructions. Some service providers have a “disability section’ that allows you to customize the user interface and experience for your convenience

Step 4: Wait for approval

The approval process takes a very short time mostly between 3-5 business days after which you will receive a notification whether you qualified or not. The notification will be sent to your email if you applied through their online platform while you can get a letter notification via mail if you applied through a paper application.

Step 5: Get the phone via Mail

Once you qualify, the phone will be shipped to you via mail or you can collect it on the service provider’s retail store.

What if you do not qualify?

Sadly there are situations whereby you cannot qualify based on social security due to regulations set by the service provider. In such cases, the first thing is to check if you can qualify through other eligibility requirements.

The two well-known types of requirements include:

  • Income- if your income is below 135% of the federal poverty income level, then you can still get the free touchscreen government phone.
  • You can also qualify through participating in federal assistance programs. Some of the well-known programs include food stamps, housing assistance and much more., You can find all the information from the free cell phone provider of your choice.

Can a disabled get free internet with social security?

Yes! Some free internet service providers offer free internet to qualified persons through the supplementary security income. The service providers are well known and some of them include Spectrum, Xfinity, Google FI, and much more.

However, the catch is that they should offer coverage within your area. You can also get free computers from the Government and in most cases, the eligibility requirements are the same as that of applying for the free cell phone and plan.

How to recertify for the free cell phone?

After one year of using the free cell phone service, you will be required to recertify yourself in order to get to the free cell phone and plan service for another year. The recertification process is very simple and takes only some minutes.

To do so, visit your service provider’s and sign in to your account. After that, you can follow the on-screen instructions that will direct you to the recertification center. There you will fill in the form and submit your current social security form as proof that you are still eligible.

After that, you will wait between 3-5 business days in order to get approved. Once approved, you can get to use the phone and plan for another year after which you will recertify again.

Bottom Line

Now that you have the knowledge needed to apply for the free cell phone for the disabled, you will never have to worry about lacking a phone. Make sure to submit a document of proof with regard to the social security benefit. After one year you will also be required to recertify in order to prove eligible.

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