The 8 Best Glossy Paper for A Laser Printer

If you love going on adventures then you can agree with me that taking photos of the special moments is vital and can act as a remembrance of that day. Even though the evolution of technology is quite rapid, thus the rise of digital photos and the advancement of the camera. Currently, you store your photos on various storage devices and even store your photos in the cloud. Although there are various alternatives to store your photos, still some of the photos you can want them nearby so that you can always check on them or you can place them in your living room. Later in the article, I’ll guide you through the best laser glossy paper for a laser printer so that you can print your memories.

Photography is one of the best professions that you can take and capture the special moments for a family is quite an honor. Though it can be quite a tough job as now one can access a camera by simply tapping their smartphones. Though the smartphones come with cameras, it has limitations and if you are in the possession of a digital camera you can get a good photo for the moment. If you are a photographer then you can agree with me that getting the right glossy paper for your pics can be a hassle keeping in mind that there are various brands in the market. Getting the best glossy paper for a laser printer is important so that your customers can get quality photos.

For instance, some of the photo papers come with peel-off and stick backs so that you can stick the photos on surfaces for decoration and display if you have an office. If you are getting confused with the various brands in the market then no need to worry as you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through the various brands of photo papers for laser printers. Not only have I noted the brands of photo paper but also I have recommended the ideal place to get them. If not satisfied with the products in the review feel free to consult the buying guide. Read ahead to find out.

What do you need to consider while buying the top photo paper?

Best Glossy Paper for A Laser Printer

With the rise of various tech stores in the country, you can have a hard time getting the right glossy paper so that you can print quality photos. Though there are various alternative stores available that you can choose from, you need to beware of counterfeit products sold which in turn can ruin your business to the bad quality photos. Below are a few tips that you can follow as you go shopping for the glossy paper.

i) Type of printer

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a good quality printer so that you can get quality photos. If you have a bad printer then there isn’t any essence of getting the quality glossy paper. You can need to get the right printer so that you can print quality photos and avoid fading pictures for your customers. My advice is to have a good color laser printer for photos then you can get the quality glossy paper to avoid getting a loss.

ii) Durability

You can be wondering how durability is key. You need to get photo papers for laser printers that are durable and if you showcase your photos in the sun if you have poor quality paper then your photos will fade.

iii) Quality

Quality is very important and it doesn’t mean that how hard or easy the paper is to tear off. There are two distinct standards for judging a photo printing paper; TAPPI scale and the ISO Brightness Scale. The ideal choice that you can opt for is the photo paper with TAPPI rating and if you get one with a 90 rating then you are on the safe side. Once you buy the photo paper shun exposing it to UV light as this will quicken the fading of the colors.

iv) Whiteness

For those who think that the whiteness of the image printing paper is the same, you are certainly wrong. There are papers that are whiter than other papers. You need to be keen as some of the paper uses artificial whitener like fluorescents that you need to stay clear off.

v) Thickness

Some of you can agree with me that the thickness of the glossy paper is a lenient factor to consider. If you get a thicker paper then you will get top-notch output when you print on them and not only is it top-notch it is studio-quality stuff. Although you consider the thickness of the paper, you need to check your printer if it can accommodate it to prevent paper jamming.

Top 8 glossy papers for laser printers

1) HP Printer Paper BrightWhite

 HP Printer Paper

HP papers are resourced from renewable forest resources and achieved production with 0% deforestation in North America. The papers provide you with premium performance on HP printers and copiers. The HP BrightWhite24 is thicker, brighter, and whiter unlike the other ordinary papers thus fully optimized for full-color printing. Get to see more vivid colors, bolder blacks and faster drying courtesy of the Colorlok technology.


  • Acid-free paper
  • Colorlok technology
  • Suitable for HP tech
  • Optimized for full-color printing
  • Sustainable


  • Not suitable for resumes

2) Online Labels White Gloss Paper

White Gloss

It comes with a printable, white paper with a glossy finish and a permanent adhesive back which is suitable for inkjet compatible only. It has no slits on backing for use with electronic cutting machines thus perfect for cutting mats.  It comes shipped in a protective, plastic clamshell case that doubles as storage containers and a free activation to design software with every purchase. It is great for personalized stickers, custom-cut planner stickers among others.


  • No slits on the liner
  • Glossy finish
  • A permanent adhesive back
  • Perfect for cutting mats
  • Free software for activation


  • It isn’t waterproof

3) Hammermill Premium Laser Gloss Paper

Hammermill Premium

The Hammermill paper is of high-quality and is 99.9% jam-free so you need to worry about getting the right printer to avoid paper jam. The Hammermill is an acid-free glossy printer paper thus preventing printing and copier sheets from yellowing over a long time ensuring long-lasting archival quality to ensure its a genuine product look for “ Ships from and sold by” at the top of the pages under the product title.


  • Acid-free paper
  • A renewable resource
  • Jam-free
  • Free delivery
  • Good quality photocopy


  • There’s some transparency when double-side printed

4) HP Business Inkjet Paper

 HP Business Inkjet Paper

Just like the name, if you need the business to be done then HP business paper is here for you. The paper has 92 brightness thus you will get high-quality photos once you print on them thus you won’t be disappointed at all. If matched with HP Printers and print cartridges you will get exceptional quality to all your printing creations. It is the ideal glossy paper for a laser printer so that you can enjoy quick printing services.


  • Exceptional quality
  • It has a 92 brightness
  • Suitable for laser and inkjet printers
  • Suitable for two-sided printing
  • Ideal for marketing departments


  • Prone to paper jam

5) HP Professional Business Paper

HP Business Inkjet Paper

Once you purchase it, you get 150 sheets which have a coated glossy finish and are ideal for images and text. Also, it is designed for two-sided for printing and is thick that you will get superb output while printing. If you need something for the office then it is the ideal paper as you get convenient professional quality from home or office and with the glossy finish, it gives you exceptional and improved imagery.


  • Convenient professional quality
  • Glossy finish
  • Ideal for images and text
  • It is thick
  • Designed for two-sided printing


  • Too heavy for crisp folds

6) Online Labels Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper

Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper

Back to Online labels, you get the printable white vinyl film for durable prints that is suitable for laser printers. The no slits on backing for use with electronic cutting machines thus perfect for cutting mats. With such an advantage, you have full creative freedom as you can create anything from planner stickers to product labels and sellable stickers using the electronic cutting machines.


  • Waterproof
  • Packaged for protection
  • No-slit liner
  • Good for cutting machines
  • Suitable in the marketing department


  • Quite sticky

7) Futura Laser Gloss paper

 Futura Laser Gloss paper

With the superior toner adhesion and 96 brightness which in fact is the highest in the coated market thus exceptional quality output. It is ideal for high-end projects that require results that rival conventional offset printing. Futura has a patented coated surface that offers peace of mind to its users with the jam-free run ability and printability for efficient productivity.


  • Acid-free
  • SFI certified
  • Optimal performance
  • A glossy finish
  • Suitable in laser printers


  • It’s light

8) Online labels Clear Gloss Sticker Finish

White Gloss

It is a 100 sheet pack that gives you a printable, transparent face sheet for no label look thus being superb for laser printers. It comes with no slits on backing for use with electronic cutting machines such as Silhouette, Cricut, Brother among others. Once you purchase the paper, you get a free activation to design software with every purchase. It suitable for creating personalized sticker sheets and custom cut stickers for planners among others.


  • Clear gloss paper
  • No-slits Liner
  • Activation code to design software
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for laser printers


  • It can get scratches

Bottom Line

Though some of you may take these things lightly image printing images have a large role in your photography adventures. Although you may not figure out subtle differences between matte or glossy photo papers there are certain things that can help you differentiate. Getting the best photo papers for laser printers, you have the power to determine how your printed photos will look like. In the guide above, you can get the best glossy papers for a laser printer so make sure you go through the article so that you pick the right product.

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