How To Get Free Government Phone in Illinois

Despite of what seems like a thriving economy in Illinois, close to 2 million people have trouble managing their monthly financial budgets. High corporate taxes have made the State a non-suitable state for Companies to establish their companies and this has led to a major unemployment rate. If you are among the people facing these financial strains, you can ease off some budget on phone and internet services by getting the Free government phone in Illinois.

Getting a free government phone ma seem to be a hefty process but with new reforms in the Federal communication commission, the process is quite simple. Also, the bridging of the digital gap has enabled people to sign up for a free phone and plan directly from the company’s website without having to visit their retail store. Illinois State has more than a dozen free phone providers and they all seem to have amazing perks.

This article aims to guide you on how to get a free government phone in Illinois. You will get to learn on the eligibility requirements, the application process and some of the best service providers you can go to if you want a free phone and plan in Illinois.

How do you qualify for a free Government phone in Illinois?

free Government phone in Illinois

The eligibility requirement is not very different compared to other States. You can qualify on the basis of low income or participation in lifeline assistance programs;

To qualify through income, your income should be 135% below the federal poverty level. If your annual income is $16, 389 per year, then you can qualify for a free phone and plan.

Another way to qualify for a free touch screen Government phone and plan is through participation in lifeline assistance program. The lifeline assistance programs include;

  • Supplementary security Income
  • Federal public housing assistance
  • Veteran pension and survivor’s benefit
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs and General Assistance
  • Tribal head start- However this applies to household whose income is below the federal standards.
  • Food distribution program on Indian reservations
  • Food stamps

If you have participated in these programs, you will have to submit some required documents to proof that you meet the eligibility requirements.

How to apply for a free phone and plan in Illinois: complete guide

Step 1: Choose a lifeline service provider in your State

There are several lifeline providers you can go for in Illinois. Here is a list of the five best service providers to consider and their plans;

1. Access wireless

If you opt for Access wireless, you will get the following service plans;

  • 1000 minutes of talk time
  • Unlimited texting
  • 50 MB of data

You will receive a smartphone from a wide range of brand available on their platform. Check out Access wireless to apply.

2. American Assistance

American wireless or rather American Assistance offers its customers with the following;

  • 1000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1GB 3G data

You can apply by visiting American assistance

2. Life wireless

Life wireless is known best for offering unlimited mms services. If you consider life wireless, you get;

  • 1000 voice minutes
  • 1GB of data per month
  • Unlimited talk and MMS
  • Free midrange smartphone.

Simply apply by going to Life Wireless

Safelink wireless is among the well-established service providers in the US. You get the following when you opt for their services;

  • 1000 minutes
  • 2GB of data
  • Unlimited texts

Apply to this network by visiting Safelink wireless

4. Terracom wireless

Terracom offers varying plans in every State. If you are in Illinois, you are likely to get the following plans;

  • 500 minutes
  • 2GB data
  • Unlimited texts

If you want a voice only plan then you get 1000 minutes of talk time. To apply, simply visit Terracom wireless

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Once you have discovered the best service provider, then you need to fill the application form. In most cases, to access the application form, you need to have an online account with the service provider.

Simply create one by filling in the sign-up form after which you will verify your email and login in. After login in, you will have access to application form. The document is self-explanatory and if you find trouble filling it, simply Call customer care and they will be able to help you.

Step 3: Proof that you are eligible for the free phone and plan

To proof if you are eligible, some documents need to be submitted. The type of documents vary from each State but in Illinois, the following documents are likely to be submitted;

  • Social security benefits document
  • Veterans administration benefits letter
  • Payroll statement
  • A letter from the lifeline assistance program you are participating in

If you want to get a phone through income eligibility, you should have the following documents in place;

  • Recent W-2 forms
  • Current check stubs from your workplace

The documents can be scanned and attached to the application form. You can also send them via mail to their offices or a retail store near you.

Step 4; Wait for approval

In most cases, service providers take up to 10 days to verify your information. If everything is in place, you will get a notification on how you can collect the free phone.

However, if your documents could not be verified, then you will have to revert back to them with other types of documents. Once the requested document is approved, then you can get your free phone.

Step 5: Collect and activate your free phone

This is the last and simplest step to do. In some cases, the service provider may mail the phone to you and this is quite common with the best lifeline providers in California. Once you receive the phone, simply refer to the manual to know how you can activate the device.

Bottom Line

If you live in Illinois, I hope this article has given you precise tips on how you can get a free Government phone in Illinois. Most service providers offer mid-range smartphones which is a great perk. However, before choosing the service provider consider factors like network coverage, policies and customer reviews on the company.

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