How to get Free Government Phones If I Am from Ohio

Ohio is one of State in the US that has had major achievements but also some dark sides especially in the economy. In a recent opinion poll, it was discovered that 41% of the population was unemployed and among them were also retired people. If you are among those unemployed and you lack access to a phone and plan, then the Ohio free Government phone service may be the best option for you. This program has enabled thousands gain access to phones for free, something which they found it hard to inept to their budget.

Ohio works with several free phone providers that are authorized by the State to provide free Government phones. What is more amusing is that the application process is very simple and you don’t have to pay a single dime for getting the services. You will only qualify through an eligibility criterion which your carrier evaluates. The free touchscreen phones are also of high quality and have been tested and approved by professionals.

If you find that the phone is defective, you can always return it and they can do a replacement for you. I intend to cover on how you can apply and also recommend some of the 5 free Government phone providers that you can find at Ohio. So, by the end of this article, the quest to get a free phone and plan will be quenched, hopefully.

The complete guide to get a free Government phone in Ohio

free Government phone in Ohio

Below is a detailed process on the way you can get the free phone and plan. You should also note that to smoother the process, you must be honest in every detail you submit.

Step 1: Choose a carrier

For you to access a free Government phone, you will have to register through a free lifeline carrier. So, ensure to identify a good lifeline provider that offers amazing phone plan deals, they have a reliable customer care and also the phones they offer should be of high quality.

Step 2: Check eligibility

Once you have identified the carrier, go through on what is required for you to qualify. The most common one is that your income to be below 135% of the federal poverty income level. You should also have participated in federal assistance programs like food stamps and many more.

Step 3: Make an application

The application process is very simple and everything can be done straight from their website. The application approval is very fats if you offer genuine information but if you do not, the application may take up to weeks.

Step 4: Collect your phone

Once the application is approved, you have the option to collect your phone or for it to be shipped to your residence. This process is very simple and consumes less time

Step 5: Activate your plan

After collecting your phone and setting up the sim card, you will need to activate your free plan. The activation can be done in the company’s website by signing gin to your account and navigating to the activation point

These are the simple steps to get a free phone and plan, now let’s look at the top 5 free service providers you can go for.

The 5 best free phone Providers in Ohio

Qlink is one of the most recognized lifeline carriers of all times. It is regarded as the best lifeline provider in California, Maryland and not forgetting Ohio plus other States. Qlink wireless offer a simple application procedure and they have a dedicated customer care support in case you are having trouble with any application process. For plans, you get 1000 minutes, unlimited texting and 500 or 1GB of data.

2. American Assistance

Second on our list is the American Assistance that is recognized to offer very friendly plans and costs for add-ons. You also get nationwide network coverage and the phones offered are of high quality. You can apply through their website where they have also displayed their eligibility requirements. American Assistance free government phone offers amazing deals for plans whereby you get 1GB of data at 3G, 1000 minutes and unlimited texting. Also, the cost of add-ons is very affordable to everyone and may even start at $1.

3. EnTouch wireless

EnTouch is a carrier with a simple application process and they have a fast customer support team. The phones offered are of high quality and the plans are very convenient. If you apply to the EnTouch free government phone, you get 1000 minutes of talk time, 100MB of data and unlimited texts. The add-ons are very affordable if you find that data is not enough.

SafeLink wireless is not a new name to most people. It is actually the second largest free Government phone provider in the US. Once your application is approved, you get 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data. SafeLink wireless offered is of high quality but if you find the device defective, you can always return it to their retail stores.

5. Life wireless

Last on our list is the stunning Life wireless that offers amazing deals. For Ohio members, you get 1000 minutes, unlimited talk and text plus MMS and 1GB of monthly data. They also allow bring your own device program whereby if you proof your phone is compatible with their networks; you can still use it instead of getting a free new phone. The free phones are also of high quality and a friendly interface.

Bottom Line

Despite Ohio having ups and downs in the economy, it is also a good place to have a free Government phone easily as compared to places like California where revenue generated is high. Since the revenue generated at Ohio has been quite less, the eligibility process is easy to meet so it is definitely a good idea if you hop in to it. Once you have identified the carrier of your choice, follow the process I mentioned above and you will have an easy time to get a free phon

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