How to Get Verizon Fios Deals New Customer

Fiber-optic has become one of the most reliable networks when it comes to providing fast and secure internet. As of 2020, close to 30% of homes in the US use Fiber-optics. Since its inception, fiber optics services are now used around the globe to offer fast internet speeds of up to 1 GBPS. If you are in the US and don’t have access to fiber optics in your home, then the Verizon FiOS new customer deals can be a great option to get started with this internet service.

Verizon is one of the largest Telecom companies in the US. It is ranked best when it comes to fast and reliable internet, good customer relations, and so many more perks. Verizon FIOS operates under Verizon and provides cheap Fiber-optic internet for as low as $39.99 per month.

As of 2020, 5 million customers around the country use Verizon FIOS as their wireless home internet plan. This article will unravel what is FIOS and how it works. We will also look at the pricing and different types of packages as well as their pros and cons. Read more below.

What is Fios?

Verizon Fios Deals new Customer

FIOS stands for Fiber-optic service and is used for transmitting television, Telephone, and internet service via a fiber optic cable. FIOS was an idea incepted back in the 1820s and over the years we have seen changes to the point of creating photonic-crystal fiber that offers optimal performance. FIOS is provided by several Internet service providers in the US and ranks best overall when it comes to internet speeds and low latency.

FIOS has become common in many states in the US and almost every Internet service provider uses it. When compared to other networks like satellite and direct line, FIOS stands out with its amazing zero-downtime. This ensures users are connected to the internet 24/7 unless there is maintenance going on.

FIOS provides stable internet too many people without lags which make it stand out among other internet services. They also have a minimal environmental impact especially on lightning strikes, high voltage environments, and other negative factors.

The Fios advantage

i) TV packages

TV packages come in full force from several vendors ranging from Youtube TV, Netflix, Cw, Disney+ and so much more. You also get local channels that range between 280+ to 461+ channels of which all operate under HD quality.

You also get to stream your TV services through the Verizon FIOS TV app. This App works on both Android and iPhones. After some months of watching TV, Verizon will offer recommended TV channels which will ensure you stay entertained and informed pleasantly. You also have the option to downgrade or upgrade the FIOS plan without interfering with your internet or another package.

ii) Fios internet

FIOS internet runs on Fiber optic providing fast and reliable internet coverage. The Verizon FIOS plan offers competitive proxies for internet plans.

Internet speeds starting at 200 Mbps downloads which are better compared to ISP’s which start at around 20 Mbps. FIOS internet plans have no contracts and you get to opt-in and out at any time. The technical assistance team is always available, and they will help at a fast rate if you get in touch earlier in case of an issue.

If you are on Verizon compatible routers, there will be minimal lags and low latency ensuring you have a perfect gaming experience. The router can handle a large number of people without slowing internet speeds.

iii) Digital phone

Digital phones on Verizon FIOS bring a modern touch to the landline features. The plans are affordable and there is no contract binding you to the services. The call quality is super amazing and it runs on a fiber-optic network meaning nearly zero chances of downtime.

The system also supports remote access which includes call forwarding and voice-mail-to-email integration. It also has top-notch privacy features that support blocking anonymous callers and other perks. Call waiting is also another important feature added.

iv) Mix & Match on FIOS

Mix match allows you to get an internet, TV, and phone package at an affordable price.  It is common for Verizon deals for existing customers and also applies to new ones. By having mix and match plans, you can save money on a whole package rather than individual packages which may be more expensive.

The high-end mix and match plan offer you a router at no cost and you get reliable technical and customer support. Mix and match come with many cool benefits including no early termination fees since there are no contracts. Also, there are no set up charges and the installation process is fast.

Why Fios Is Better Than Cable Internet

Fios has many better perks compared to cable internet. The service provider connects the internet and TV directly to your home without passing through neighbors. Cable internet distributes internet and TV services to more than one person at the same time.

This means that during peak time, streaming and downloading content can take a longer time. As for fiber optic, the internet and TV are directly distributed to your home rather than passing through neighbors and it ensures robust internet connection at any time.

Cable networks also use copper cables which tend to degenerate over time and do not work best under extreme pressure. Whereas, Fiber optic cables are robust and have a high-performance rate and durability. Currently, many companies are adopting FIOS connectivity which may be deemed effective when it comes to offering the best services within their network.

Verizon Fios Plans and Pricing Overview for new customers

1) Internet packages

The internet packages are affordable and you get dedicated technical support. There are no contracts on the plan. Also, you will get discounts on Autopay. Throttling is also not applicable since Fiber optic is super-efficient. Below are some of the plans:

i) 200 Mbps

This plan allows multiple users to stream and download content without slow internet speeds. The plan starts at $39.99/mo. You also get an Amazon Echo Dot and Smart Plug.

ii) 400 Mbps

The plan goes for $59.99/mo. It is perfect for multiple users and also if you are downloading big files often. It is bundled with an Amazon Echo show 5. The plan is inclusive of taxes and equipment fees.

iii) Gigabit connection

This is a perfect plan if you want seamless streaming and downloading experience. Giga connections offer speeds up to 940/880 Mbps with no throttling. It costs $79.99/month inclusive of taxes and equipment fees. The plan includes Amazon Echo show 5, Ring stick Up Cam battery, and Stream TV is included. You also get a dedicated Verizon router.

2) TV packages

TV packages start at $50/mo and the pricing is inclusive of equipment and taxes. The TV packages come in several varieties which depend on the content you like.

i) Fios TV Test Drive

The TV test Drive plan costs $50.00/mo and it offers 425+ channels. After using the service for 6 months, Verizon will recommend a perfect channel lineup for you.

ii) Your Fios TV

This TV plan is bundled with 125+ channels and you get to pick five of your favorite after which they will recommend a perfect lineup. You can always adjust the type of channels you need.

iii) More Fios TV

It goes for $70/mo and comes with 300+ channels which varies from sports to most-watched channels. Also, you get a $50 Verizon gift card and the first set-top Box included.

iv) The Most Fios TV

For $90.00/mo, you get 425+ channels that entail all the best regional and national TV stations. It also bundles with a basic DVR and the first set-top Box included. The plan has a $100 Verizon gift card.

v) YouTube TV

YouTube TV has become popular among many due to its vast array of local and online channels. The plan costs $64.99/mo and includes Unlimited DVR storage space.

vi) Fios TV Mundo

Fios TV Mundo offers 210+ channels and the best Spanish programs. It costs $70.00/mo inclusive of taxes. A set-top box is included plus a $50 Verizon gift card.

vii) Fios TV Mundo Total

Fios TV Mundo Total is a great option that offers 215+ channels inclusive of sports and Spanish programs. The plan starts at $90.00/mo inclusive of taxes. You also get a $100 Verizon Gift card and the First set of Top Box included. The service also offers Basic DVR.

3) Extra package

Extra packages bring in additional perks to the TV and internet packages and they are at an affordable price. These extra packages come in 2 packages:

i) Digital Voice

This plan offers crystal clear home phone service. Think of it as a modern landline running on Fiber optic which ensures zero dropped calls. The plan costs $20.00/mo.

ii) Verizon Project Home

Verizon offers a special plan for home use and it comes with the following perks: Repair and replacement, 24/7 dedicated customer support, online threat protection, and WIFI security. It costs $25.00/mo inclusive of taxes.

How does Verizon Fiso Internet work?

Verizon FIOS entails fiber optics which is used to transmit data to the User. It entails infrared light which propagates through the fiber and hence the sending and receiving of data. It uses Wavelength-division multiplexing whereby each fiber carries independent channels and uses different wavelengths and light.

According to Verizon, FIOS is efficient enough to load music and video 25x faster compared to other internet services. This makes it efficient to use. IT is also easy to maintain by technical support.

What can you do with Verizon Fios?

a) Get the most from your network

Whether you are on Verizon bring your phone program or are looking to get a phone, Verizon FIOS assures you the best network connectivity. By using Fiber optics, the internet speeds are blazing fast plus it is also secure. There is also less buffering especially for gamers hence you get the most out of your network. Verizon FIOS strives to offer frequent maintenance to ensure there won’t be any faulty products in the future.

b) Watch local sports and news

FIOS TV under Verizon FIOS allows you to watch local programs and also some of your hand-picked programs. The video quality is HD for almost all the channels. Local sports and news are available on all the TV packages.

Fios also allows you to watch channels for up to 6 months after which they will give a recommended list of your favorite programs. Spanish programs are also available through FIOS Mundo TV hence accommodating diversity.

c) Stream in sharp amazing 4K

Whether you are in a rural or urban area and Verizon is available, you can stream at 4K video quality. FIOS currently operates in 9 states and if your state is covered, get to enjoy the streaming of videos in high quality. With Fios, there is no lagging experience due to their robustness and other perks.

d) Bring it with you

Bring out the best in you by enjoying fast and secure internet through Verizon FIOS. FIOS TV allows you to watch Local programs, movies, and TV shows straight from the FIOS TV app. This means wherever you go, you are assured of stable connectivity.

e) Uploading big files fast

The smallest internet speed on Verizon FIOS is 200 Mbps. You can easily upload big files at a fast rate with no lagging experience. The high-end plan allows up to 880 Mbps upload speeds ensuring you have a fast-paced digital life. However, you should ensure your device is well optimized to upload files without having any heating issues.

f) Game in High gear

Get to enjoy high-quality gaming on this unlimited home plan. With FIOS, there is no lagging experience on your gaming device. Fios offers a seamless experience to gamers no matter the number of users using the internet. You also have the option to use an ethernet cable to get full internet potential in case there are many people in your residence.

Bottom line

Verizon FIOS plans are a great option to enjoy unlimited internet and TV packages. The plan serves as a perfect unlimited internet plan for a home among other benefits. The FIOS services offer dedicated internet connectivity to your home giving you the best gaming and streaming experience no matter the number of people using the network. The FIOS plans are affordable and there are no contracts. To get started with Verizon FIOS, visit fios verizon. You can also visit a Verizon authorized dealer or a retail store near you.

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