Top 12 Free Cell Phones Service For Life Unlimited Everything

Today, there are approximately 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world with the increasing statistics of 77% compelling in America alone regularly using mobiles. People have never been more addicted. However, all addictions come at a cost.

In recent years, the growing mobile promotions entice consumers with three compelling words: Unlimited, Free, Everything. Cell phone users can now be offered phone service with unlimited everything for life. What are the advantages of having unlimited cell phone service and what are the disadvantages around these contracts?

Advantages of free cell phones service for life unlimited everything

With free cell phone service for life, consumers are offered plans with little to no monthly cost. These services enable a smartphone user to pay the initial upfront cost and have less stress over the monthly outgoings in their accounts. Services such as Freedom Pop ask for an activation fee and are currently promoting the option of a free cell phone with a plan of 200 minutes and texts and 500GB of data to use each month.

Essentially, the biggest attraction of joining a free cell phone service is that it is free. People on a low-income benefit from these types of services, enabling them to have a smartphone without the worry of trying to afford it.

Free Cell Phones Service For Life Unlimited Everything

Disadvantages of free cell phones service for life unlimited everything

With just about everything, there are two sides to every story and every decision. For some consumers having the latest smartphone is a must, they desire or work employers them to have the newest featuring model. With unlimited cell phone service and phone provided, consumers do not get the latest model and often have limited choice available to them. The phones equipped with these services are usually of a lower quality to other later models available.

Consumers may be offered devices that other carriers are trying to dispose of and could be the considered less popular phones around. The smartphones offered don’t always have as many features as others which can cause difficulties for people who need certain specifications for work or education. Some plans can seem like the consumer is getting a free phone, but they still pay monthly payments over a set time frame whereas other plans are only leasing the phone for a few years.

Can We Really Get Everything Unlimited With Free Cell Phones?

As mentioned above, free cellphone service for life unlimited everything doesn’t exist. However, the basic catchphrase in that offer is ‘for life,’ and these’re what none of the wireless providers these days is providing. Ask yourself, why would they give you free unlimited services for life? It makes no sense, right?

Besides, if we are to remove the ‘for life’ part, things get way more realistic. Several wireless providers will offer you unlimited free services concerning a certain period as part of their promotion. Whatever, as that period passes, you will typically land on a fee per month for their services.

Furthermore, there is a legit option to get a free cellphone and free services via the Lifeline Assistance. This is a government-supported program through which specific wireless providers are funded to offer their qualifying clients free telephones, also known as free government phone or Obama phone and free monthly plans.

And many of these plans offer unlimited minutes and texts. Though unlimited data isn’t something, we have observed in those free packages. The Lifeline Assistance is especially devised for those households with low-income or those that have a member participating in some specific government-supported program.

But you remember one thing that even Lifeline dealings are never for life. They have a yearly nassecities set in place, which makes sure that you still qualify d for the guide.

How To Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything?

You know that free cell phone service for life unlimited everything is a fable and that only parts of that to-go-to-be-true proposal can be achieved within a special deal. Within this section, you will acquire how to get some of those legit customer advantageous deals that include free phone and, even free plans with appropriate unlimited services.

1) Government Free Cell Phone

Suppose you are a household member with low-income or have a member who participates in a specific government-supported program. In that case, the Lifeline Assistance is your most dependable bet, and as close as you can get to a free cell phone service for life unlimited everything in the real world. There are various ways to achieve a government free cell phone and free plans.

2) Make sure your household qualifies:

  • Your income is at 135% or underneath the federal poverty guidelines, OR
  • Your family has a member that is component of one of the following programs:
  • Formally known as Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Tribal Programs (and exist on federally-recognized Tribal lands):
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • (Tribal TANF) Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Head Start (only households contacting the income qualifying standard)

3. How to Apply

Online through National Verifier using following their web link or by mail sending your proof of eligibility and printed and filled-in application and sending all documents to Lifeline Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742), OR Locate a wireless provider that provides Lifeline support and apply through them directly.

4. Choose a wireless provider that allows Lifeline Assistance plans and free phones

Here is an online tool that empowers you to locate wireless providers in your area:

The 12 best free cell phone service for life unlimited everything

1) Virgin mobile – Inner Circle plan

One of the best-unlimited data plans is the Virgin Mobile Inner Circle plan. For the first six months, consumers pay $1 and must have a paid off iPhone. With this plan, there is a small upfront cost of $9.99 for the service. However, after the initial six month period, the plan increases up to $50 a month.

The plan includes:

  • Unlimited  data 
  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • $10a month for international calling 

This plan is only available for people who upgrading to an iPhone or have a paid off iPhone models ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Mint has prepaid unlimited data packages of different sizes, ranging from small to large starting at $108 to $399. With all packages, consumers bring their paid for phones, and there is a $1 upfront cost with unlimited calls and texts.

Small Package

  • $15 a month
  • 2GB data Medium Package
  • $20 a month 
  • 5GB data Large Package 
  • $25 a month 
  • 10GB data 

2) Sprint – unlimited plan for One Year

Sprint offers unlimited data, texts and calls for one year. It is not unlimited for life and can save buyers up to $900

This plan includes

  • $12 upfront cost 
  • unlimited data, calls and texts 
  • Bring your phone and phone number 
  • No activation free 

To qualify for Sprint, the phone must be unlocked and be eligible to use on the Sprint network. The sim cards are not free, with charge of $2.99 per card and $10 handling fees.

3) Sprint – unlimited data for hotspot tethering

Sprint offers a secondary deal to allow friends and family to access a consumer’s mobile device. It provides 10GB of high speed data.

The plan includes

  • Unlimited data for hotspot 
  • 10GB high speed data 

This data package is suitable for family members who need additional data, those with teenagers or those who share a device.

4) Xfinity – unlimited data option

This service is only available for Xfinity internet Subscribers. It is an unlimited data plan for $45 a month, including unlimited calls and texts. Phones car be purchased from Xfinity or an unlocked paid for iPhone can be used if the models are iPhone 5 or newer.

This plan includes

  • $45 a month 
  • No upfront costs 
  • 20GB monthly data 

5) Boost Mobile Unlimited  GIGS 

Boost plans are $50 a month for unlimited  data with no caps and unlimited texts and calls. There are also family plans available starting at $35 with line charges of $30.

Boost plans include:

  • Unlimited data 
  • Unlimited calls and texts 
  • No upfront cost 
  • HD content for $10 month 
  • Family plans available 
  • 3GB of 4G LTE for $35 a month 

All boost plans have mobile hotspot, no annual service contracts and with unlimited music streaming.

6) Ultra – Mobile Monthly Plans

Ultra-mobile is offering plans of $49. They include unlimited data with unlimited  texts and calls. The plan comes with SIM kits. Each SIM has $5 call anywhere credit and a one-time international roaming credit for $5. Numbers cannot be transferred onto paid for phones, and the SIM must be brought with the risk of buying a SIM that is not compatible with your phone.

Monthly Plan and SIM Kits

  • $49 a SIM
  • No upfront costs 
  • Phone option available 
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data 
  • Unlimited Calls and texts 
  • $5 international rollover roaming credit 
  • $5 call anywhere credit 

7) Simple mobile – unlimited plan

Simple mobile offers an unlimited plan of 4G LTE for one line at the cost of $45 a month. There is an option to pay for additional lines with an extra $25, and up to four lines can be maintained. Included in the plan is auto ReUp video feature that allows streaming with DVD quality video.

Simple Mobile Plans Include

  • $45 a month
  • $0.99 Upfront free
  • Unlimited data 
  • Unlimited calls and texts 
  • A  single line only with additional lines at $25

Simple Mobile also offers an upgraded plan for $60 with unlimited 4G LTE data and 10GB for hotspot. The plan is available with a single line at $57.

8) ROK Mobile – Unlimited Data Plan

ROK mobile offers an unlimited data plan for $45 a month. It does not expire a set time frame (a year) reducing the worry about how long the service is available. It allows consumers to use compatible and no-compatible phones.

ROK unlimited plans Include

  • Unlimited data 
  • Unlimited calls 
  • Unlimited texts 
  • $45 a month 

There is also an option available for family plans and group plans.

9) Metro PCS – unlimited share Plans

Metro PCS plans are available for family and friends who need shared data. PCS data plans have the option for up to four lines and have a guaranteed good coverage due to being affiliated with T-Mobile network. The plan includes up to $35 shared data for $100 a month, and additional features can be added for $10 a month.

Metro PCS Plan include

  • $100 a month
  • $40 upfront cost 
  • Bring your own phone
  • Unlimited calls 
  • Unlimited texts 
  • Free voicemail 
  • Additional $10 a month for HD streaming 

Q-link wireless is a service providing free government cell phones. With the services, consumers get a free cell phone with 500 minutes and unlimited texts every month. There is also the option to roll over any unused minutes every month. Qlink wireless offers a bonus program for their consumers if they refer friends.

For every friend referred, 100 bonus minutes are added, and a phone can be provided from Q-link wireless. If you have already subscribe into the Qlink Wireless phone. You may want to upgrade Qlink wireless phone.

This service includes

  • 500 minutes and unlimited texts 
  • Refer a friend bonus 
  • Free mobile phone 

11) enTouch Wireless

enTouch cell phone are available with 500 minutes and 100 free texts a month. This service is available for low- income households with different plans of up to 500 MB a month, completely free. If you like to know bit more about How to get enTouch wireless replacement phone. I have another articles about it.

This service includes

  • 100 texts 
  • 500 minutes 
  • Up to 500MB data 

12) Infiniti mobile

Infiniti mobile offers a free cell phone, with unlimited calls and texts. It includes 2.5GB of data and costs $1 a month. There are two types of plans available 1000 plus plan and the unlimited plan

1000 plus plan includes

  • 1500 minutes 
  • 17000 texts 
  • 500MB data 
  • $1 a month 
  • Free cell phone 

unlimited plan includes

  • unlimited minutes 
  • unlimited texts 
  • 2.5 GB data 
  • $1 a month
  • Free cell phone 

As with all deals or plans, unlimited free everything services usually have different thresholds. It is best to research several before deciding and weigh up the pros and cons of each service. Some service are only available to those who meet a specific criterion, for example, those on a low-income many qualify for free government phone and do not have to pay any monthly payments. Other services are only available in specific areas or states and only accept new iPhone models.

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