How to Upgrade My QLINK Wireless Phone

Qlink is a top cell phone provider in the Lifeline program. New clients are given Smartphones by Qlink which is among the lifeline programs. If you have a smartphone and you are thinking of upgrading it, you should consider the link Wireless phone upgrade program. In this program, you can choose from a wide range of smartphones. Whenever one sings up for a free government Smartphones, he/she will only receive a basic phone which is available at the moment.

This is why you should consider a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade. Qlink Wireless phone upgrade program comes with a free wireless phone service for its users. These services include free data, talk, and text. All qualified customers are also given a free smartphones that comes with free wireless phone service. An upgrade means that you already have an active Qlink wireless subscription, but you have a simple phone with basic features.

If you have owned a phone for a free month and you consider upgrading to a Qlink Wireless phone, you can select your phone from a variety of new Smartphones. It’s good to know that you are not restricted to remaining with your original phone, but instead, you can upgrade to the latest smartphone models. A Qlink wireless phone upgrade will give you a faster, better, and more efficient phone.

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade

When signing up for a Qlink Wireless phone, you’ll be given a very basic phone. Qlink wireless phones usually are classy but with fewer features. This is why you should consider upgrading your Qlink Wireless phone. You can also upgrade in case your phone is broken or stolen. Performing a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade requires little or no fees, no credits, no bills. Signing up is also very fast and easy.

There are numerous reasons why you should upgrade to the Qlink Wireless program. This program will let you enjoy up to 1000 minutes to set up appointments, reach employers, call your loved ones, or even contact health and emergency services. Qlink has more monthly minutes than all the other Lifeline service providers in the country.

Apart from free cells, you are also given free 1024 MB of monthly data. This data can be used on social media, emails, surfing the web, or even updating your phone apps. The WiFi can also be used to download photos, music, and videos on your phone. The program also gives you unlimited text messages all month long, even if your data and free minutes run out.

Qlink Wireless free phones are mobile phones provided to low-income individuals who can’t afford phones. To qualify for these your household income should be below a certain level and it will be assessed before you are awarded the phone.

Qlink wireless free phones are sponsored by the US government’s Federal Lifeline Program. The phones are provided by Qlink mobile company, under the umbrella of offering affordable telecommunications services to those who can’t afford it.

Apart from qualification by the gross income potential, you can also qualify for Qlink free wireless phone if you’re a beneficiary of these government-sponsored programs;

  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  • The National School Lunch.
  • Food Stumps.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • Medicaid etc.

When you register and qualify for Qlink Wireless free phone service, you benefit from; monthly internet data, unlimited monthly talk time, and unlimited texting, etc. These offers come to your courtesy of the Lifeline program from the government.

With this program, you can expect no credit check, bills and fees to pay to be enrolled in the program. This means you can look forward to better freedom to stay connected and communicate with friends and family.

To attain eligibility status to enjoy Qlink Wireless free phone services, it’s mandatory that;

  • You end your parent service for two months or more if your phone was using either Sprint, Virgin, or Boost mobile services.
  • Your phone must not be under any leasing terms/contract.
  • If you were using Sprint before, be sure to meet all your pre-agreed financial and contractual obligations to qualify.
  • If you were using Boost or Virgin mobile, ensure that it is active on the right prepaid account for at least one year to be eligible.

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Qlink Wireless company is an established firm partnered with the US government’s Lifeline Assistance Program. Under the program, Qlink Wireless is tasked with giving out free phones to low-income individuals in the US. There are however qualifications to get these free phones.

Traditionally, when you qualified for Qlink Wireless free government phones, you had to ditch your old phone to enjoy their services. But then, most people loved their old phones and didn’t replace them even after upgrading to Qlink Wireless services. To solve this problem, and serve a broader client base, Qlink Wireless introduced a Bring Your Phone (BYOP) program.

Under this program, when your phone is compatible with Qlink services, you don’t need to throw it away but still, use it when you register with Qlink Wireless. To qualify for the BYOP program though, your phone must be compatible with Qlink.

Note that not all phones are compatible with Qlink Wireless. No problem though.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, inform Lifeline immediately. This is because you will still be responsible for any costs that your phone may incur while in use. After reporting, your account will be suspended to prevent the accumulation of further charges in case the thief decides to use your phone. Reporting theft and disabling a lifeline account is free of charges, but replacing your phone will cost you a reasonable replacement free.

After paying the replacement free, your phone will be delivered to you within 24 business hours. The replaced phone will be similar to your previous model. If the phone replacement is an upgrade, it will also depend if your desired model is available or not. You may also need to visit Qlink official website to know which models are available and with ones are not. Your previous charges will also be continued on your new phone, or you can also upgrade to new services.

Did you lose your Qlink wireless phone? Losing a phone can be quite disturbing, and most people don’t know how to go about it. Fortunately, Qlink wireless users can now smile since it’s possible to get a replacement when your phone is lost or stolen.

Firstly, it’s important that you ascertain that the phone is indeed lost before contacting Qlink wireless. When you’re sure it’s completely out of reach, and you can’t get it back, you’ll need to contact your phone provider to deactivate the phone. This will ensure that you don’t incur extra charges for unauthorized use by the person who might have picked or stolen the phone.

When contacting Qlink wireless to replace your lost phone, they’ll ask your phone provider’s name, your phone’s serial number, and the phone number. This is the information they will need to help you replace the lost form. When you qualify for the replacement, you will get your new phone for a little fee depending on how long you had stayed with the phone since acquiring it.

It’s therefore critical that before contacting Qlink wireless, you have all these details noted down. The details here will not only help in investigating the circumstances which led to the loss of the phone but also play a vital role in helping you qualify for a replacement. You may also be asked to clarify how the phone got lost.

Now, while Qlink Wireless gives you free phones, the replacement of a lost phone often comes at a standard cost. It averages around $15, but it’s prudent that you check on their website to confirm the updated charges.

When your Qlink Wireless phone incurs extra charges after you lost it, Qlink wireless won’t be responsible for the added fees. This is why it’s crucial that you contact your service provider immediately to switch the phone off once you’re sure it’s lost/stolen.

Qlink wireless is one of the biggest free government phone providers in the US. They offer a wide range of phones and free cell phone plans to anyone who qualifies for the services. You can get a free phone and plan if your income is below the federal poverty level or participation in Federal assistance programs.

You may be wondering about what phones does Qlink has? Qlink offers a wide range of smartphones to people who qualify. The phones have a lot of great benefits since;

  • They are of high quality and have been tested by QA professionals
  • You can return the phone if it is defective
  • All phones are smartphones
  • You get help from customer support when setting up the device

However, the phones cannot be used to any other network other than that of Qlink’s. If you are looking to get a phone from Qlink, they are likely to come from the following brands;

  • LG
  • Kyocera
  • Nokia
  • Google Nexus
  • Motorola
  • Samsung

The phones are offered at random and you will not be asked to choose a phone for yourself. However, in some cases, they may give you a device to suit your age especially if you are a senior.

Qlink Wireless offers free phones to any citizen in the US who qualifies for it. If you qualify, Qlink offers you a free phone and plan for one year after which you will b required to recertify for the plan in order to prove eligible.

If you are looking to get the Qlink wireless free government phone, here are some places in which you can find them;

i) Free government phone stands

Qlink has plenty of free government phone stands in the area they operate in. The stands are strategically located in towns and even malls. There you can check eligibility and apply for the free phone.

ii) Their online platform

Qlink offers a stunning online store in which you can apply for the free Government phone. The process is very simple to follow with the aid of on-screen instructions.

You can go to a Qlink retail store in case you don’t get a free government phone stand near you. The retail stores offer the best customer care and you have an easy application process.

iv) Lifeline assistance offices

The federal has some lifeline stores which you can inquire about how to get the qlink free government phone.

Qlink offers a wide range of models that you can get if you qualify for the free phone. The phone models are of high quality and come from well-recognized brands. These phones have been tested and approved by the QA.

You can also bring your own phone to their network if it is among the models allowed. To check if your phone model is compatible with their network, you will be required to key in your IMEI number to their website. If the device is not compatible, you can still get a free phone from Qlink.

Qlink also tends to add more phone models to its platform in order to avoid the digital divide whereby users get old mobile that cannot get updates. Also, once you get the model of your choice, you should check to ensure there are no technical flaws since most of these phones are refurbished. Qlink will be able to replace the phone for you in case the device for you if it is defective.

You may have lost your Qlink phone and this requires you to buy a replacement. In that case, you need to choose a device that is compatible with Qlink’s network and you will not have a rough time using. There are many dealers out there selling Qlink compatible phones but some offer;

  • Locked phones which would cost you money to unlock the device.
  • The phones may lack a warranty which will make you spend your own money when the device malfunctions.
  • The phones may be fake- This is quite common whereby the smartphones tend to behave like “burner The phones”.
  • The phones are likely to have poor battery life if you buy it as second-hand.

You can avoid all these problems by buying the phone from a genuine dealer. There are many genuine dealers.

Here is a list of the 5 best dealers;

  • Amazon
  • Bestbuy
  • Walmart
  • Craig’s list
  • eBay

Make sure to buy a phone in which the technology is compatible with that of Qlink to avoid any inconveniences.

Getting a free touch screen government phone has become very simple nowadays. In the past, a lot of paperwork had to be done for you to be approved for a free Government phone.

Currently, all the applications can be done on the company’s website. The process is very simple and the approval process is quite fast compared to when doing a paper application.

Below is a step-by-step guide to applying for the free touchscreen government phone at Qlink:

i) Check availability

At the company’s website you will be required to key in your zip code. After that, you will receive a prompt on the next steps if the area is covered or not.

ii) Check eligibility

The eligibility is based on 2 things:

  • You should have participated in the federal lifeline assistance program like Food STAMPS, the federal housing assistance
  • The income should be 135% below the federal poverty income level.

iii) Fill a paper application form

The application form is very simple to fill and it only takes some minutes. However, the process should be done meticulously, to avoid any issues that may lead you to miss the free phone and plan.

iii) Wait for approval

The approval process may take up to 12 days after which you may receive an email or a text notification.

iv) Activate the device if you qualify

Qlink wireless offers a wide range of phones which are offered at random to all those who qualify for the free phones. The phones being offered are mostly refurbished but if you are lucky, you can get a new phone.

However, the only way to be sure of getting a new phone is by buying one. There are many dealers who sell new phones at very affordable prices and sometimes give discounts like AARP. In some cases, you may be given a new phone if your first Qlink free phone has proven to be defective.

You will have to mail it back to Qlink after which they will check to see if the issue is non-fixable. If yes. Then a new phone will be shipped back to your mail.

If you simply want to get a new phone, you can buy one from a nearest authorized dealer near you. Make sure the dealer has good customer reviews on the phones they have sold to avoid spending money on defects.

There are some situations in which you may get a defective free phone from Qlink. The defective phone may have things like an unreliable User interface, slow processors, poor camera quality, broken mouth, or earpiece.

In such situations, you should notify Qlink wireless as fast as possible to ensure you get a new or fix the device. Here are some steps you can follow to get a better device from Qlink;

  • Notify Qlink that the phone is defective
  • Qlink will ask you to return the device for more diagnostics
  • You will then wait for around 10 business days for the process to be completed. If the phone can be fixed, they will fix it for you and mail it back. In case the device is fully dysfunctional, they will have no choice but to give you a new device

You may get a different phone or you are likely to be given a better-refurbished phone.

You can also buy a good Qlink phone and bring it to their network if it is compatible. This will also avoid you going through the hustle of getting a defective phone from Qlink. Feel free to visit Amazon, Walmart, or eBay if you are looking to buy a good Qlink phone.

Did you know that you can also bring your own phone to Qlink? Qlink allows people to bring their own devices if it is compatible with their network. The process is very simple and it can be done through their website.

Most people bring their own devices because they don’t intend to start adapting to a new device. Despite Qlink offering free phones, the phones may be of low quality compared to your device which would become useless for some time if it is not registered to any service provider.

Below is a complete step-by-step guide to bringing your phone to Qlink:

1) Check compatibility

Checking compatibility is simply done with the help of a phone model checker. The checker is able to know if your phone is compatible through your phone’s IMEI, ESN or MEID. 

2) Set-up sim card if needed

Once the phone is compatible, Qlink will mail a free sim card to you if it is required. If not, the phone will be activated right away.

3) Activate the device

The phone is an activation process is very simple. Qlink wireless offers simple instructions to achieve this process whether you are using an iPhone or Android device.

The Qlink wireless plan comes with great perks compared to many free cell phone plans available. ln is offered alongside your free phone or the device you brought to Qlink’s network.

Once you get the plan, you will be required to recertify after one year in order to prove that you are still eligible for the phone plan the recertification process is done straight from Qlink’s website.

Currently, the Qlink wireless data plan seems to be the best compared to any lifeline service provider.

The Qlink wireless plan offers:

  • Unlimited talks
  • Unlimited text
  • 3GB of data

The plans are auto-renewed every month. You can also add more data with the Add-ons at a very affordable price. Qlink also offers international calls and text at a very affordable price. However, the pricing varies with time so it is best that you check their website to learn of the current price. The Qlink wireless plans come with great perks since you get 97% network coverage and a reliable customer service team to help you when you need anything.

This is the simple and easiest way to get the Qlink phone within 5 to 7 business working days. But behind this process, you must check out your order. And checking your order’s status is a snap, you follow these easy steps which helps you check out your order:

Firstly, sign in to your Qlink account from the login page, applying your email as your surname and your zip code as your password. Subsequently, you’ll be taken to your Status Page, where you can observe all the steps required to complete your application.

Along with, if you’re not sure how to upload documents proving your eligibility for Free Phone Service checks out their guide on Uploading your Proof Documents. Afterward, if you ever need further assistance, you can call Customer Support at 1-855-754-6543, or send them an email by [email protected].

Make sure to provide your information just like it is on your Q Link account and clearly explain the issue. It may take at most 72 hours for their Customer Support team to begin processing your request. Finally, after complete all processes as soon as possible, they will deliver your favorite cell phone.

As people of the USA, you may have a phone, and you would not like to incite the cost of paying for text, talk, and data every time. You can avoid this by bringing your phone to Qlink wireless for a change of plans. Many people bring their phones for the Qlink wireless phone Upgrade.

So Qlink offers to use another phone like iPhone with a BYOP (Brings your own phone) Eligibility Rules which their requirements you might. Those rules are following given:

  • All financial and contractual obligations must be full fill with your existing provider before a cell phone may be eligible.
  • If the device is decreased as lost or stolen, it can be ineligible. And you requirement call your current provider to unflagging the phone.
  • And leased phones are unavailable.

After completing your eligibility, you can follow some steps to bring your own phone with qlink wireless. This BYOP program allows you to carry the phone of your choice to Qlink wireless if the network is compatible. Whatever just follows these 3 easy steps to get started:

1. Check your phone’s compatibility:

This is the first step where you check your phone compatibility so if your phone is eligible for the BYOP plan, enter your IMEI, MEID, or ESN at To find your phone’s ID by following criteria:

For iPhone:

  • BY dialing method: find your IMEI in the phone; just dial *#06# and instantly show your IMEI number of your phone display.
  • From Setting: you can identify your IMEI number from your phone settings, so you can just follow this step. Setup on an iPhone is

         1) Go to settings
         2) Tap General
         3) Tap about
         4) Scroll to Imei

This is the second step, after confirming your phone’s compatibility, we’ll let you know if you require a SIM card kit. If you do, they will ship it for free. Furthermore, if you don’t need a SIM card, they’ll activate your phone right away!

3. Activate Your Cell Phone

After full, fill above all requirements to ensure that your phone is now activated on the Qlink Wireless network.

To use your own phone number, that’s express your personality. Even Qlink gives you the same opportunity. However, if you want to change your Qlink phone number, you have to follow some instructions:

  • If it is less than 30 days since you received your Qlink phone, you will not need to pay any charge, but anything after 30 days, you will require a $5 fee.
  • Afterward, you will make sure your Qlink phone is charged and prepared to update its settings.
  • Contract with them from a different phone, which they can’t change your number while using it.

Besides, you will have to remain some context there are fantastic ways to you that you can choose your number because they will be allowing you a randomly generated number. Once your phone number has changed, you cannot switch back to your current number. And also, when changing your phone number will delete all voicemail messages, so write down any critical voicemail messages tied to your previous number, as they won’t transfer.

Besides, you will require creating a new voicemail greeting for your unique number. After all the process, you will get unlimited internet for 30 days if you have a phone number you’d like to transfer to QLink Wireless.

Bottom Line

Performing a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade will let you enjoy using a smarter, better, and more efficient smartphone than what you were given when you signed up for the service. The upgrade can be done anything you are ready to replace your Qlink Wireless phones as long as you abide by specific rules. Don’t hesitate to upgrade or reaped your Qlink Wireless smartphone. Your smarter and newer mobile phone is waiting for you.

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