Boost mobile 30 dollar plan – Why You Should Switch To The Plan?

Boost Mobile is one of the leading wireless cell-phone providers and its network is provided by Sprint’s 4G-LTE network that is known to bring super fast speeds for customers. It was founded in New-Zealand and Australia in 2000. However, with time, it expanded its operations to USA in 2002 with it’s headquarter located in Irvine-CA.

Therefore, if you’re looking for dependable network that has no roaming charges not to mention fewer dropped calls then Boost Mobile takes the lead. To provide a fast speed, Boost Mobile Hotspot Plan and reliable network to customers, Boost Mobile uses Code Vision Multiple Access- CDMA Technology.

Additionally, depending with your location, Boost Mobile provides 4G-LTE frequencies such as 1700 MHZ/2100Mhz and 1900MHZ to individuals using the Boost Mobile-30 dollar plan. You don’t have to restrict yourself to using other networks offering high charges for less value.

Boost mobile 30 dollar plan 2020 – Why You Should Switch To The Plan?

Boost mobile 30 dollar plan

Enjoy Boost Mobile $30-plan by ensuring that your mobile phone is supported by Sprint’s-CDMA OR LTE Networks. Boost Mobile only allow Sprint-branded phones to their network. Though their services are limited to Boost Mobile branded-phones as well as selected certified Sprint devices, boost Mobile also offer a variety of popular Smartphone as well as affordable cell phone plans to choose from.

You can as well enjoy the services of Boost Phone network with other types of device. All you have to do is to;

  • Ensure that your device has been paid fully
  • Ensure that tour phone is unlocked by the original carrier of the phone 
  • It is a certified-Sprint device


  • GMS devices or phones won’t work on the Boost-Mobile network.
  • Features of Boost Mobile Network
  • Uses CDMA technology
  • Operates on 3G bandwidths-(EV-DO); 849/1900-Mhz
  • Operates on 4G bandwidths namely; 2,26,25 (LTES); 1900;800;2500

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Boost Mobile Network offers various plans to choose from and one of the latest and affordable plans we are going to discuss much about is the Boost mobile 30 dollar plan.

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What is boost mobile 30 dollar plan? 

Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan was first introduces way back in 2014. Before then, the package contained a 2 gb though at the same cost of $ 30 per month but with auto-pay billing enabled. however, the updated plan; Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan now comes with 3GB of 4G-LTE data. The good thing with Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan is that, it doesn’t include the taxes and fees in the quoted prices not to mention that, they also vary based on your location. 

Therefore, Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan is the updated unlimited started plan that used to contain 2GB but now it comes with 3GB of 4G-LTE data. 3GB is quite a high-speed data and that makes it a plus for this plan. In addition, the plan also comes with unlimited talks, data as well as test thus, with its speeds reduced to almost 128kbs that is, once the given high speed gets exhausted.

This plan is better suited for music lovers who likes streaming music especially to music streaming that doesn’t count against the high-speed data cap from provides like Spotify, 8tracks, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Napster and Slacker Radio. The Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan offers an unlimited music streaming to such providers.

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Advantage of boost mobile 30 dollar plan 

For music lovers who like streaming audio music, this unlimited starter plan can be most suitable for them. Boost Mobile $ 30-plan contains more data compared to other Sprint-providers thus, at this price point. Therefore, you can say that, its amongst the cheap mobile-phone plans available in today’s market. To enjoy your unlimited music streaming, you can visit these music providers like Spotify, Napster, Pandora, iHeartRadio, 8Tracks as well as SlakerRadio to enjoy your audio music. 

Additionally, these providers don’t count against uses high-speed cap. However, in-case you’ve run out of high-speed data that is, during the month and you need additional data, Boost Mobile 30 dollar plan provides extra data only at a cost of $ 5 per for additional GB.

Other advantages of using Boost Mobile 30 dollar plans includes; 14-days return policy, maintains your current phone-number though, if you want to, free activation, it doesn’t entail any annual contract plans, offers call waiting, free voicemail and 3-way calling not to mention 50-domestic voice-roaming minutes. What makes this plan unique than the rest, is that they also include data allowance which can be used thus, for tethering and a 411-directory assistance calls. Though, for customers with U.S, they provide free shipping.

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The disadvantage of boost mobile 30 dollar plan 

Only available for Boost mobile users; Basically, Boost Mobile restricts mobile users. It’s only Boost Mobile users who can enjoy this plan. Or, you’ll have to spend more to make the switch thus, to boost mobile. In addition, Boost Mobile doesn’t allow other phone providers to use their network. Their services are only limited or work with Boost-phones.

Changes additional data; they say it’s unlimited but at some point when the allocated high speeds data is exhausted during the month, it slows down. To enjoy the high-speed data, you’ll have to purchase again another additional data for $5 per GB. 

Though taxes and fees aren’t included in the plan price but, as an interested user with a non-boost mobile phone, it will cost you more to unlock the phone compared to if you use the same amount of money to switch onto other providers like Cricket wireless. You can get more data as well as much better network-coverage.

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Final touch

To use Boost mobile 30 dollar plan using the Sprint network; your phone should be able to support these LTE bands namely; 25; 26 and 41. However, even if your phone supports all of these bands, it has to be approved by Print in-order to be used on the network. The plan offers unlimited high-speed data. Initially, when it was launched; the plan contained 2GB but recently, it was updated and now, you can enjoy the Boost mobile $30-plan for 3GB.

There are various ways to buy the boost mobile 30-dollar plan. You can buy your Boost mobile $ 30 plan using your credit cards, refill cards and debit cards to enjoy the unlimited high-speed data especially when music streaming.

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