The 5 Best Free Phones no Credit Card Needed

Most mobile phone service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile usually ask to check your credit history when you are signing up for a cell phone contract. In most cases, you might have to part with a little amount as a down payment and pay the rest of the cost with agreed monthly installments. If you don’t have a credit card, you will not be able to make monthly payments; hence, you won’t qualify to get a phone. There are different ways of obtaining free phones, no credit card needed that are provided by various service providers.

Family plans can be used to get a free phone in different companies. If one of your family members is subscribed to cell phone provider, they are usually allowed to sign up for a free phone on a shared family plan. This is the easiest way to get a free cell phone no money down no credit check. T-Mobile has platforms such as Flex Pay that you can sign up if you want a cell phone that you will be paying for every month. To sign up, you don’t need to have an appealing credit card history but just your credit card information and ability to pay a given monthly installment.

If you are on a budget, searching through free phone offers might be your most convenient way to get a phone that will meet your day to day needs. The good thing is that several companies offer buy now pay later no credit check phones. However, getting what fits your needs will need thorough research and enough knowledge of the companies’ phone plans. But before committing yourself, what should you consider first?

Why You Get Free Phones no Credit Card Needed

Free phones no credit card needed

1. Durability Of The Phone

Before picking a phone for long term use, you should look for a phone that has a long lifespan. Getting such phones is not hard since you can find the specs for each given phone easily. The fact that you are looking for free phones no credit card needed means that you are on a tight budget. Your goal should be to get a phone that will last longer and offer value for your money.

2. Affordability

The decision you make on the kind of phone to buy should be determined by the money you have for spending. You don’t want to buy a phone that will break your bank. Some phones might need a small down payment or an up-front one month’s pay. Therefore, make sure you can easily manage to pay for the down payment and the required monthly installments. Always consider the right plan that meets your phone needs and affordable for you.

3. Phone plan

Getting a free phone no credit card needed does not come with free calls, texts, or browsing. There are additional fees to access a phone plan that covers your needs. All telecom companies have different phone deals tailored to meet the unique needs of their users. Even if they offer you a free phone no credit card needed, you will incur the required cost of phone plans.

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The 5 Best Free Phones No Credit Card Needed

1. Apple iPhone X


Apple iPhone X is one of the top-notch smartphones with impressive features designed to meet current trends. The phone is designed, developed, and sold by Apple Inc, one of the best phone makers in the world. If you are tired of untidiness charging USB cables is associated with, iPhone X is the right phone for you. It charges with a high tech wireless port which is not only fast, but also efficient.

A phone is meant to simplify our lives by providing much-needed convenience and simplifying services that other devices can provide. If you are a photography enthusiast, this phone’s camera will give you quality pictures and videos. You can take these pictures or even make calls in the rain since the phone is waterproof and dust resilient.

Apple iPhone X has the most advanced security. The phone uses the latest security features such as the Face ID feature to unlock. This advanced security measure system guarantees you adequate protection of your phone against theft or unauthorized access to essential information saved on your phone.


  1. It uses OLED and True Tone modern technology display
  2. Reliable and long-lasting
  3. It is waterproof and dust-resistant
  4. Better streaming and gaming experience
  5. Massive full-screen
  6. Best cameras
  7. Faster and easier charging
  8. Face recognition


  1. You must make a down payment
  2. Has no microSD slot
  3. Can be expensive to repair in case of damage

2. HTC U11 Life

HTC U11 Life

The HTC U11 Life is an incredible product that combines functionality with affordability. This phone is easy to operate, and super light to carry around with long battery life. The phone allows the use of phone assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, giving it amazing capabilities. The phone usually comes in a unique round shape with beautiful colors.

Its performance is extraordinary even though it is a free cell phone no money down no credit check. Users can use the expandable memory to store their large files and documents with ease. The HTC U11 has a 3 GB RAM; this will enable you to open multiple apps without any itch. The phone runs super smoothly like high-end devices.

Although it’s an affordable phone, it comes with remarkable features only available in high-end phones such as iPhones and the latest Samsung devices. The phone is certified by IP67, making it waterproof and dust resistant. HTC U11 Life has four microphones that work perfectly in recording audio all around giving users reliable video recording ability.


  1. It is effortless to use
  2. Comes in several attractive colors
  3. Remains free to use once you clear your installments with the service provider
  4. Easy to repair
  5. It is waterproof and dust resistant
  6. Has a microSD card slot


  1. Restricted to T-Mobile and AT&T
  2. Its battery makes it a bit heavy
  3. Prone to scratches

3. One Plus 6

One Plus 6

OnePlus 6 is a robust high-end phone with marvelous features. Being a top-notch phone, getting it with no money down no credit check is a deal to die for. The OnePlus 6 has extraordinary features only available in premium phones. The massive high-resolution screen display is seamless for gaming and streaming videos. As a free phones no credit card needed, it gives you amazing features that are only available in expensive high-end phones.

The OnePlus 6 sports remarkable features with unique functionality. If you love taking pictures of your memorable moments, the impressive camera will give you high-quality images and videos. The OnePlus 6 has a slow-motion capability that allows you to snap photos in different motions. The reliable camera quality works with a fingerprint sensor system in enabling you to take pictures with ease. The camera works effortlessly because the phone is equipped with a swift and rapid processor.

If you are looking to buy now pay later phones no credit check, the OnePlus 6 is a significant investment that guarantees you value for your money. Its fast operating system and the long-lasting battery will give you a quality phone regardless of drawbacks that might have been noted by other users.


  1. It is a robust and durable phone
  2. Fast operating system
  3. Powerful cameras
  4. Expansive internal memory
  5. It has Snapdragon 845 for protection
  6. Long-lasting battery
  7. It uses OLED and True Tone modern technology display
  8. Waterproof and dust resistant
  9. Large display screen


  1. No three-dimension touch
  2. Can be problematic when taking selfies
  3. Expensive to repair in case of damage

4. LG G2 D802 4G LTE

LG G2 D802 4G LTE

Introduction of LG G2 as a free phone no credit card needed has made a difference to many people on a budget who needed an excellent phone with great performance. Its performance and operation are quite compatible with almost all the current phone service providers in the world. Its quality is not compromised with assured reliability. The power and volume buttons are conveniently positioned just below the camera to enhance easy use when adjusting the volume during calls.

As a modest phone, that you can buy now pay later phone no credit check, G2 offers incredible features that make it one of the best in the industry. The LG G2 lasts long offering you a long term solution to your phone needs. Its connectivity ports and keys are designed to give it a stylish look that makes it not only comfortable to use but also very light.

If you don’t mind the low-quality pictures, the LG G2 is the phone for you. The tenderly curved edges give it a fantastic design with bespoke structure.

G2 is 4G LTE empowered, giving it high speed when browsing on a good network provider. G2 is a simple, affordable, and dependable phone that fits a tight budget.

If you are looking to get a free phone, no credit card needed, G2 is the right device for you. It has an infrared jack, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity meant to give users varying functionalities.


  1. Easy and simple to use
  2. It is very cheap
  3. It is strong and powerful
  4. Repairs are affordable
  5. Perfectly positioned power and volume keys
  6. Fast and reliable
  7. Multi-functional keys


  1. It has no microSD slot
  2. Low-quality pictures
  3. Small display screen

5. Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10

When you are looking at getting a deal for a free phone, no credit card needed, Blackberry Z10 should cross your mind. The phone offers a combination of versatile functionality and simplicity. It is a reliable phone that guarantees value for your money.

Its specs are attractive with a unique operating system that makes it last longer and function as a high-end phone. Its plastic frame protected with rubber and inner side being steel with steel metal volume and power keys make a light and comfortable phone.

Its excellent display resolution gives a graphic display that is accurate and provides a perfect viewing angle. It has a long-lasting battery which is user-replaceable in case of damage. Its extensively expandable memory allows you to store all your files and documents conveniently. It is a sleek phone with a captivating look that goes well with business or any other formal look.

Blackberry is a well-known brand for reliability and confidence of their devices since time immemorial. There are varieties of multi-touch gestures that give Z10 users a memorable experience when using it. The phone comes installed with a wide range of applications. The Blackberry World Store allows users to access apps, games, and music they want at no cost.


  1. It is simple to use
  2. Very affordable
  3. It is a unique device
  4. Can be used worldwide
  5. Has a wide variety of multi-touch gestures
  6. Expandable memory


  1. It is available in just two colors
  2. It has a low display light
  3. Camera quality not that good


Getting a free phones no credit card needed should not be such a hassle. Once you are confident of your preferred phone service provider, this article will help you make an informed decision. Be it a simple phone or a sophisticated smartphone, and there is a wide variety to choose from available on different platforms. Phone plans can be costly, and you need to research on the best provider who gives the right package for your needs. While some providers will offer free cell phones no money down no credit check, some will need you to make a deposit.

If you don’t have a credit card, then getting a phone from companies such as AT&T and T-Mobile might be a hard task. This is because they might want you to have a card you will be using to pay your monthly installments. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you should consider getting a no money down and no credit check phone which comes in handy. However, make sure that the phone meets your requirements and maintaining it is within your budget. You don’t want to buy a phone that requires expensive plans as it will be costly in the long run.

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