Top 10 Ways – How to get a free Smartphone online US 2021

Are you wondering on how to get a free smartphone online? It is easy. There are several companies which offer free smartphones online. Before you can apply for the free phones from a given company, you need to check on the requirements. The free government phones are subsidized by the federal government as a way of availing communication services to the citizens.

Remember citizens need data so that they can connect to the internet and access job opportunities. To call for emergency services such as calling for fire fighters, emergency medical attention and even calling the police or help, the citizens require phones with talk time. 

The government avails the services by helping need citizens access the smartphones. You need to check on the features available in the free smartphones. The different companies come with different features. For example, there are others which will have more talk time while others may have more data than the talk time. Analyze your mobile usage requirements before you proceed to apply for the free smartphones online.

What is free Smartphone Online?

How to get a free Smartphone online

The free smartphone online are services offered by the smartphone companies in conjunction with the federal government. The federal government reaches agreement with different mobile service providers who agree to offer the communication services at subsidized fees while the government pays part of the costs.

It is aimed at helping people with low income in the society to access the communication services. How to get a free smartphone online should not stress you if you fall under the category of the needy people. 

There are clear guidelines on who should get the free government smartphone. If you have low income, then you may be eligible. It is upon you to visit the companies which offer the free smartphones from where you can get to compare different cellphones on offer so that you can choose the best. Try to check on the features available on the smartphones from where you can make an informed decision on the best smartphone which you can buy. 

How to get free Smartphone online? 

The process on how to get a free smartphone online is very easy. First, you should fall under the category of people whom the federal government aims at helping in buying smartphones. If you check on the eligibility and you qualify, then the next step you will take is to compare the different companies which offer free smartphones online after which you will apply for a free smartphone. After you apply for the free smartphone, you will have to wait for the company to analyze your eligibility. 

If you are eligible, the company will offer you a free smartphone with a communication packages which will indicate the amount of data, talk time and text message you can use in a month while using the phone. There are different companies which offer different devices hence you need to compare them and decide on the best. 

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Factors to Consider Before Getting Free Smartphones

At first, you need to know what types of smartphones you would like to get. There are thousands of different kinds of smartphones accessible in the market today. The importance of discovering what kind of unit or model you’re going to choose makes your search more comfortable and less overwhelming. After that, knowing what type of smartphone you will get, you will have to check the website’s reputation.

Yes, there’re myriads of websites out there that can afford you free smartphones such as But before you start esteeming a particular website, you need to ensure first that you check their legitimacy. Many scammers and hackers wanted to get your personal information, so be mindful while doing online research.

Does free smartphone online providers check your credit history?

Most cellphone online providers will check your credit before recommending you for a contract. Similar to lenders, cell phone corporations pull your credit to evaluate your risk. They want to see how likely you are to pay your cellphone bill on time. This type of credit check is a hard inquiry

What other benefits will I get from the free smartphone online providers?

In the following, we are discussing other benefits that you will get from free smartphone online providers.

  • You get the chance to select phones that are incorporated into the program. Observe that not every one of these smartphones is not many; some are refurbished phones. A few states are more prosperous than others like California, where supporters can get free cellphones rather than an actual phone unit.
  • You get an arrangement that will provide you a few or all texting, minutes, and information for nothing. Once more, most states get 250 minutes every month and boundless papers in addition to 500MB details every month.
  • You can prepare the phone for nothing, yet there are forthright charges; generally, negligible costs be that as it may. You can likewise purchase into a bring your very own phone program if you aren’t comfortable with the phone display advanced in your general vicinity.

Top 10 companies which provide free smartphone online

1. American Assistance

The company is also known as American broadband and telecommunication. The company offers 500 minutes and free texts. They also offer free talk time each month to citizens who go for their free smartphones. The company serves customers in areas such as Hawaii, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Utah, Colorado and Nevada.

The company does not offer free intent to its users. Some of the services which are offered for free at the company upon choosing their free government smartphones include voice services, caller ID and three way calling. They have been in business for long hence they offer quality services in the areas where they operate. The American assistance official website.  

They offer some of the best free government smartphones which come with additional 500 unlimited texts. They also offer call minutes each moth to their subscribers. The company is famous in states such as Puerto Rico, Idaho, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Georgia and Indiana.

If customers refer friends, they get a bonus of 100 free minutes and bunch of opportunity waiting for new subscriber and existing customer. Also anyone able to Qlink wireless phone upgrade once he/she lost, stolen or want to use more compatible Qlink wireless phone.    

3. Assurance Wireless

With the company, customers get up to 350 minutes free calls. There is also up to 500 MB free internet data access. Other features offered in the free smartphones offered in the company include unlimited texts to enjoy communication. They serve residents in areas such as New Mexico, Georgia,

Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Mississippi, Columbia, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Idaho. They are among the best companies where you can access a free government smartphone. Their internet coverage in the areas where they operate is strong to assure you the best communication.

When someone apply for the assurance wireless phone they will sand a classic phone. But they have advantage to update with compatible assurance wireless phone

4. DartPhone

The DartPhone government smartphone company which operates in states such as Oklahoma. If you are a resident in Oklahoma and you would like to access free government smartphone, then you can rely on the services offered by the company.

They only operate in Oklahoma. They have different packages in their prepaid wireless services. If you are subscribed to the lifeline services, you can enjoy discounted plans which can save you a lot of money. 

They offer free government smartphones with 2GB free internet data. The plan also comes with unlimited texts and call time. The plans are very cheap at about $5 each month. If you live in Oklahoma, they are among the best companies where you can get a free smartphone. 

5. Infiniti Mobile

The Infiniti Mobile free government company which serves residents in different states. They serve areas such as Vermont, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia, Maryland and Nevada. The Infiniti offer free government smartphones to subscribers of Medicaid and snap.

If you are eligible for the lifeline services offered by the company, you can access services such as a free government cell phone; 750 minutes talk time, roaming coverage which can be applicable countrywide and unlimited text messaging as well as pictures. 

If you are an Indian American who qualify for the services of the company, you will as well access a free 2GB data for internet access and up to 1000 minutes to allow you enjoy talk time. There is unlimited text messaging which is offered exclusively for Indian Americans. If you need more call s and data, you may have to pay for additional charges. 

6. Assist Wireless

It is a company which caters for applicants situated in different states such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Minnesota. The company offers free lifeline smartphones which come with different plans. To qualify, you should be enrolled with the federal program.

The plans available at the company vary based on the state of issuance. Residents in states such as Arkansas, Minnesota Missouri, and Maryland can enjoy plans such as 500 minutes free talk time. They will also enjoy text messaging and 1GB free data which comes with extra free government phone and internet. 

If you are a resident in Oklahoma, you can enjoy a free government cell phone and up to 1.5GB free internet data. The different states attract different charges. Customers are free to choose from different packages which can suit their specific needs. The Assist Wireless official website

7. Easy Wireless

You should not worry on How to get a free smartphone online in the states of Missouri, Kentucky and Oklahoma. If you are eligible for the federal lifeline program, then you can qualify for a free smartphone at the company. Customers can access free government smartphones with different features.

Residents of Kentucky and Missouri can enjoy different plans such as 25 MB of internet data and up to 250 texts and minutes to enjoy free calls. Residents of Oklahoma and the non-tribal users can have up to 2250 minutes with unlimited text and 50 MB of data. Different tribal users can as well enjoy different plans. The Easy Wireless official website

8. Blue Jay Wireless

If you are a subscriber of the lifeline service, you can enjoy the best free government smartphone. The smartphone comes with 500 minutes and unlimited text messages. Residents of California can enjoy both free texts and messages as well as talk time.

If you love browsing the internet, you will be required to make a payment of 26 dollars after which you will get up to 5 GB of data. Residents out of California will have to pay $3.6 top access up to 500 MB of data. The company serves residents in different states such as Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina and Rhode Island.

9. TelAlaska

The TelAlaska company which offers free government smartphones to residents in different states. The plans available at the company include student plan, local and beyond plan as well as the lifeline pan regional plan. The communication services offered by the company include free countrywide unlimited messaging plan, voice and calling plans, 400 out of state as well as internet calling, local calls as well as a decent free government smartphone.

The Safelink among well-established free government smartphone companies which cover more than 40 states. SafeLink is voted the longest serving company which offers free government smartphones. They offer a wide range of communication services in their packages.

For instance, users can enjoy talk time, data and messaging services. To achieve the best services, you need to compare their packages after which you can decide one to have in your free smartphone. I have present for everyone the best Safelink Compatible phone.

Advantages of and Disadvantages

  • You will probably pick the cellphone that addresses your concerns and your way of life. Be that as it may, you cannot prefer the model of the second phone.
  • You can probably bring home 2 phones and offer your phone to family or companions. This is undoubtedly a great thing, mainly if a relative requires another cellphone also. More often than not, this will require you more; thus, the free telephone won’t generally feel like a free cell phone.
  • The freephone is indeed free; however, once you survey your bill and check the assessments, additional charges, and other secreted expenses, it would feel that you are likewise paying for this phone on a month to month premise.

Other Means of Getting Free Smartphones

Another way of getting free phones online is by checking out the government services in your location. One of the primary duties of the government is to help people still connected. The government should periodically promote easy, fast, and experienced communication.

And if you examine the Internet today, you will discover that some smartphone companies operate together with the federal government. Some government is intending to help people with low income get free entrance to communication services.

That’s why if you are one of those people who have low income, then you may be eligible for getting a free smartphone. Of course, you should check your government first whether they have this kind of service.

If you fall under the classification of people whom the government goals at assisting in purchasing smartphones, then the process should be straightforward. Visit the website of your government and check out for qualifications and eligibility. Also, you need to ensure that you get to visit the company and find out more about their promos in conjunction with government services.

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