The 12 Reasons to Use Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement

Assurance wireless is affiliated and supervised by Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is a popularly known company that offers their service to people who depend on its life assistance program. Naturally, you are expected to have a valid reason as to why you would want to use an assurance wireless phone replacement.

While many U.S citizens can afford their own cellphones and smartphones, not all have the privilege of owning their own phones. If you want to make the best use of Assurance wireless compatible phones, here are some valid reasons why this program is the best for you.

1. Act Promptly If Your Request Is Valid

Before you ask for Assurance Wireless replacement phone, you will need to provide genuine proof of your need. Some of the common reasons that will prompt you to use this phone include

  • A stolen device.
  • When you lose your phone.
  • When you need to change your phone(upgrade).
Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement

For your information, phones from Virgin Mobile are provided under the Assurance Wireless phone replacement service platform. You don’t need to worry with paying your bill upfront. Once you are given the repaired phone, you will be billed at a discounted price per month. Have a valid reason to get a phone from Virgin Mobile and you are sure to get one in the shortest frame of time.

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2. Easy Process of Acquiring Assurance Phone

The process of phone replacement is pretty easy. All you will need to do is show the course to qualify for one of their replacement phones. For instance, if your original phone is lost, they will have to deactivate it first. Once Virgin Mobile or whatever company involves does the deactivation, they will then send you a new phone. Sometimes, by chance, you could end up getting the phone free of charge. However, under normal circumstances, you will need to pay for it at a discounted price.

Lucky for you, the process of assurance wireless phone replacement doesn’t take long. You will have your phone a few days after initiating the phone replacement process. Assurance wireless immediately reestablishes their service, once you have your phone ready.

One other thing you will love about this phone replacement service is the courtesy to own up their faults or misgivings. For example, if your assurance wireless phone happens to malfunction after one year of use you are at liberty to ask for a replacement. Their products come with a one-year warranty saving you the trouble of purchasing a new phone altogether.

However, if you are looking for a new phone, then this is not your place. Assurance phone replacement service only deals with refurbished phones. Their refurbished phones work as fine as new phones. They come with no scratches, broken screens or dents. Even before they get to be dropped at your doorstep, they are first passed through a service center where they check them to make sure everything is working fine. In and of themselves, the phones still work fine, however, the free repair package still runs in the event your phone malfunctions.

Smartphone users are not eligible for this program. If you own smartphones such as the Blackberry, Android, Party Animal and iPhone models you are not eligible for the program. Typically, the waiting time for your request depends on your case. If your case is simply to exchange your phone, then you should expect your phone at your doorstep within 24 hrs. On the contrary, if your case is about a stolen or lost phone, they resolve it in a period of 24 hours.

At the advice of the company, you might need to try finding your phone even when you have placed your request. In the event you find it, you will need to call the assurance wireless phone replacement website and alert them if you find your misplaced phone. Alternatively, you could move to their website and cancel your request within 24 hours. Phone companies process orders made over the website faster than when made via their offices.

3. It works in Conjunction with Government’s Social Welfare Program

Thanks to the U.S Federal government, low-income citizens are well taken care of through the use of social welfare programs that help them in their day to day lives. The main aim of the Lifeline Access Program is to lift the lives of low-income citizens economically. Some of the programs offered include Medicaid, Food Stamps, and housing assistance.

 The Lifeline Program covers the poorest of citizens with Assurance Wireless phone replacement now covering up to 295 million U.S citizens. However, it does not operate entirely in all U.S states. Specifically, it’s concentrated in areas where citizens need their services.

The Lifeline Access Program came to be as a result of the collaboration between FCC or the Federal Communication firms that operate mobile networks. As a result of this collaboration, the government agreed to cater for $10 for every assurance wireless phone replacement that mobile network firms offer to customers.

Two other bodies you should know about are the Universal Service Administrative Company and the Universal Service Fund. To elaborate further, the government operates under USAC’S initiative. USAC is the administrator to this program and it gives the government the privilege to support the Lifeline program.

4. A Trouble-free Application Process

The application process to acquire an Assurance Wireless phone replacement is seamless. All you need to do is download an application form from their website. Once you get one, fill in your personal details such as name, address and your ZIP code. To know your approval status, you will need to check the application form again.

Remember that there are three avenues you can use to send your application form. You could use your email, phone or fax making the application process all the easier. Before you begin your application process, you will need to verify your eligibility. Anything less will disqualify you automatically.

About requirements, they vary according to the state and also the company offering the service. More importantly, you need to make sure you are a government beneficiary. You can only qualify as a government beneficiary if you fall under the government’s category of those that have an income that is lower than the poverty levels listed.

Currently, the Assurance Wireless replacement program operates in 41 states with the possibility of expanding to more states. During the application process be keen on the eligibility and requirements per state and also the individual mobile network.

5. Dominant Mobile Companies Will Provide you with Assurance Phone Replacement and Service

In the market today, there are major companies that are known for providing assurance wireless phone replacement to customers. Here is a quick rundown of the companies.

A) Assurance Wireless

It only operates in the state of California and has one of the best networking connectivity nationwide. It operates under the Virgin Mobile.

Just like assurance wireless, it only serves the residents of California. It’s known for the biggest market share of free mobile phones. Currently, its program covers more than 4 million Americans. Safelink also provides  Safelink compatible phones and assurance wireless replacement phone to customers.

C) ReachOut Wireless

ReachOut wireless deals with a number of phones including HTC Droid Incredible 2, Samsung A850, iPhone 4, Motorola Droid 2. It’s part of the assurance wireless phone replacement phone service.

D) Verizon Wireless

Known as the largest telecommunication company in the United States at one point, Verizon Wireless has the main aim of ensuring that low-income families or those who can’t afford phones get access to one and Verizon internet for low income families.

E) Access Wireless

Access Wireless carries common phone brands that include Samsung, Motorola, Alcatel, and ZTE. It provides access to assurance wireless phone replacement service. Subscribers can also upgrade their phones.

6. Phone Comes with a Range of Benefits that Will Suit Your Needs

If you are a subscriber, then you know that the assurance wireless replacement phone program not only comes with a phone but there are a range of other benefits you stand to benefit as well. The benefits you get to enjoy include free calls, text messages, and broadband data and much more such as warranties and free repairs.

Before you go for the program, ensure to review the different packages just to be sure to enlist in the package that suits you best. When it comes to phones, look for one with a stable network.

7. The Phone Implementation Process Differs from One Company to Another

Getting and verifying eligibility in one of the Lifeline Program is not the end in itself. There is a need to check the identification process found in each company. Many companies are involved in the Lifeline program. These companies offer assurance wireless phone replacement service and are operating in conjunction with the federal laws.

Although not all these companies issue smartphones, you still have a wide range of companies to look out for the best package that will take care of your needs.

8. Ordinary Handsets Are Compatible with the Program

Assurance Wireless phone replacement program and the companies affiliated do not offer any new handsets to their subscribers. Despite them not offering the latest models, you can still be able to get the well-functioning phones that also have good qualities.

If you ever wished to get a quality dream phone but you couldn’t afford the money, the Lifeline program offers you a quality phone that will satisfy your needs. See below a list of common devices that are compatible with assurance wireless program:

  • Assurance wireless virgin mobile UMX
  • LG Aspire LN280 RARE
  • Samsung Mantra M340
  • ZTE Quest N817
  • Samsung montage by paylo virgin mobile (SPH-M390)

When your phone goes missing or gets defective, you may have to incur the replacement cost for the phones. However, there are those networks that deal with network coverage and will refurbish your phone just for once. Thereafter, the subscriber will have to take care of both maintenance and replacement cost.

9. Most Basic Qualifications for a Lifeless Phone Program

Your eligibility for this program mostly depends upon your income level. If you are a low-income earner, then you definitely qualify for this program. The common criteria mostly used is when your income falls below 135% when compared to the poverty level.

Also, put in mind that your eligibility to government program will be determined if you enlisted with a welfare program that the US government supports.  A welfare beneficiary benefits from an assurance wireless phone replacement as well. Some welfare programs include:

  • Housing assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplementary security program
  • TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program

10. Phone Companies from Government Offer a very Basic Package

Basically, phone companies simply come to sort out your lack of voice communication. Other fancy packages such as data or the internet will be missing. Any standard mobile phone will have the following basic features and so does an assurance wireless phone. Some basic features you will come across include

  • Schedules
  • Calculators
  • Reminders
  • Alarms
  • Clocks

As you already know, the Lifeline program offers refurbished phones to its customers.

11. 100% New Free Cell Phone from the Government

Though most assurance wireless phone replacement programs offer phones that are refurbished, there are a few replacement phones that are 100% new. There are a number of ways assurance wireless phone replacement could be made right. However, for the companies to reward you with a new free phone, here is what you need to know.

  • You will need to purchase your preferred Smartphone and bring it to the assurance wireless program.
  • As an old user, you can upgrade your old phone with better and sophisticated smartphone at a cheaper cost.
  • Create a list of free smartphones that will suit you as a customer.

12. It’s Favors the Poor

For the record, working does not mean you are not entitled to a best free government cell phone. You could be working but you still fall under the 135% poverty line. Considering that the poor also need to communicate to their loved ones and benefit from other functions a phone has to offer, assurance wireless replacement phone gives them an incredible chance.

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Assurance Wireless enables many people across the US to stay connected in a cheap way. It is one of the largest phone service providers under the Lifeline Assistance program. The program was started to help people who have financial challenges, the disabled or elderly to stay connected with their loved ones easily.

Besides, even when your phone gets lost or stolen, you can still qualify for the Assurance Wireless phone replacement plan. Provided in this guide are some of the top benefits that you get when using the replacement program. Get yourself a smartphone from Access Wireless and enjoy some of the most amazing services.

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