The 5 Best Sprint Deals for Existing Customers

Mobile operators always offer cell phone plan deals for existing customers at specific times of the year. The deals may include discounts on monthly payments, extra Talk, and text allotments or unlimited data. Having such deals creates good relations between the company and the consumer. People tend to confuse between unlocked cell phone deals and cell phone plans deals, and there is definitely a big difference between them.

The deals offered by service providers tend to vary with time and also the current state of the economy. However, if you check out the Sprint deals for existing customers, you will discover that it’s unique in a way. Sprint is ranked among the top four mobile service providers across the US. According to several Sprint wireless reviews, people have suggested that they offer the cheapest plans compared to even some MVNOs.

Also, their plans are divided into good sub-categories which you can choose from. Once you join Sprint, you will not be subjected to yearly contract something which most people like about it. You are free to cancel any time if you feel the plans are not convenient for you. Sprint deals are only offered to existing customers, so if you have not joined them; you should start thinking of enrolling. Joining Sprint mobile has never been much easier with the advancement in tech. All the application process can be done straight from their website and what you go to collect at their retail store is a Sim card kit.

Why should you join Sprint?


For Sprint’s existing customers, you may have had an encounter with the deals offered by this archetypal company. For all the plans you get at Sprint mobile, they come with unlimited everything! This ranges from Talk, text, and data units.

Are you worried about being throttled? Well, at Sprint, there are no cases of your internet being throttled since there are no data limits. You get to enjoy unlimited streaming, sending photos, downloading music and all that you can get from the internet.

As mentioned earlier, Sprint offers the best plans you can ever get in the market. Also, the process to enroll is quite simple, and you don’t have to worry about credit checks or to provide a lot of information about yourself. Sprint offers nationwide coverage across the US, which people have proven to be true.

Currently, they plan to switch off their old CDMA transmitters since most phones allow only GSM connectivity. Some phones allow both network technologies, so this will not be an issue. The good thing is that Sprint has displayed all its compatible phones in their website so you can check them out.

Customer care services in Sprint are always very reliable, according to several reviews. Their cell phone numbers are toll-free meaning it will not eat up your minutes as long as you are using a Sprint Sim card. Customer care can be able to help you with things like;

  • Inquiry on the type of plans offered
  • Blocking a Sim card or phone in case it is stolen
  • Help in applying for Sprint plans etc.

You also don’t have to wait for a long time so that you can be assisted. Just dial their number, and you can wait for up to 5 minutes at the maximum, and you will be assisted.

The pros of Sprint phone deals

In every deal, there has to be some perks and downsides you are likely to encounter. However, for Sprint, the pros of their unlimited plans are really impressive for everyone, whether young middle-age or senior. Below are some of the perquisites if you join Sprint mobile;

  • Unlimited talk, text and data units
  • Amazon prime subscription-This pros depend on the type of plan you have chosen
  • Global roaming
  • In-flight WiFi is offered when people are inside plans
  • Discounts when you use AutoPay
  • Tidal music streaming
  • Mobile hotspot is available

These are just some of the pros you can get with Sprint plans. The pros vary greatly with the type of phone deal you have gone for.

Cons of Sprint phone deals

Cons are very few compared to the pros. Below are some of the ploys you are likely to get;

  • Throttling when you exceed the Sprint hotspot unlimited plan limit
  • Hulu subscription comes with commercials

Once you get to use Sprint services, you can do a review at their website on what you don’t like, and they may fix it.

The 5 Best Sprint Deals in 2021

Sprint offers a wide range of deals like the sprint hotspot unlimited plan, family plans, and plans for seniors. They all come at a very affordable price which will work perfectly for you. Here are the five best deals currently on offer at Sprint mobile;

1) Unlimited Kickstart

This is the introductory plan one gets when he joins Sprint-T-Mobile. The plan is eligible for people who buy a Sprint compatible phone at a full retail price instead of being bound by a contract. The plan also does not offer any discounts like other plans even if you use the AutoPay feature. If you wish to get it, it entails the following;

  • Unlimited Talk, text, and data
  • SD video streaming
  • No Mobile hotspot is offered.

The plan’s price kicks off at $30 per line per month.

2) Unlimited Basic

People who look for a plan which does not have very heavy features and you wish to save on money; then the unlimited basic is something for you. The plan offers discounts depending on the number of lines that you and when you use AutoPay, you get a $5% discount. The plan entails the following;

  • Unlimited Talk, text, and data in the US
  • 5GB of data, unlimited Talk, and text within Canada and Mexico
  • Hulu subscription
  • 10GB hotspot data
  • Global roaming for up to 200 countries

The costs depend on the number of lines you want to use. One line costs $60 per month, and if you go for two lines only, it will cost you $40 each. An AutoPay discount of 45 is also offered.

3) Unlimited Plus

This is rather a simple yet amicable upgrade to the basic plan. The plan has a lot of perks which you will benefit you and your family. Discounts are also offered depending on the number of lines you get. If you wish to get this plan, you get the following;

  • 50GB of mobile hotspot data
  • Unlimited Talk, text, and data
  • HD video streaming.
  • Tidal subscription
  • 10GB of 4G and unlimited Talk and text in Mexico and Canada

The cost starts at $70 per month for each line you get. If you go for a second line a discount of $10 for each line is offered; hence, you only pay $100 per month. You can have a maximum of 5 lines for one person.

4) Unlimited premium

This may as well be the epitome of unlimited plans in Sprint. It comes with a vast array of allotments that many people will love. You also get good discounts depending on the number of lines you purchase. If you wish to go for unlimited premium which works perfectly with unlocked cell phone deals here is what you get;

  • HD streaming up to 1080 p
  • 100GB of hotspot data
  • Unlimited Talk and text
  • Unlimited Talk, text, and data at high speeds
  • Amazon, tidal and Hulu subscriptions are offered

The first line costs $85 per month. The second line comes at $65 per line, and if you have more than three lines, you will only pay $45 per line.

5) Unlimited 55+ plan

At Sprint you can get a phone plan at a different price from the normal plans if you are a senior. However, if you are a senior, do not expect a free government phone from them. If you are in dire need of a smartphone, then the best option is to go into their website and find an unlocked phone at a discounted price. For seniors, the plan is offered to people at and above 55 years old. The cost stands at $70 per month for two lines and here is what you get;

  • Unlimited talk text and data
  • SD streaming
  • Tidal music streaming
  • Mobile hotspot

You can apply any of these plans when you visit their stores. The good thing is that no up-front fees will be charged and you will only pay the price mentioned in the plans of your choice. Worried about extra or hidden fees? Well at Sprint you can’t have to expect such.

Does sprint have any deals for existing customers?

Deals have always existed since ancient times. This trend has also been seen in the 21st century whereby almost every company from corporations to start-ups provides deals on their products for both new and existing customers.

Sprint mobile is one of those companies providing deals for existing and new customers. However, the most common deals tend to lie on existing customers with hopes to pursue them to continue using their network. So what do you get from Sprint deals? There are many things you can benefit from sprint deals for existing customers. Some of the deals include;

  • Discounts on phone plans
  • Free phones
  • Discounts on phone accessories
  • Free gifts like Netflix or Hulu for a designated time.

How can you qualify for the Sprint deals? For you to get the Sprint deals, you need to have been an existing customer for more than 6 months. However, the time frame for existing customers to qualify for the deals may vary.

The Sprint deals come in specific times of the year. If you want to stay up to date with the deals for existing customers, you should consider subscribing to their newsletter. There you will get real time updates directly to your email.

Sprint deals for existing customers 2021

As of 2021, there are several deals that you can get from Sprint if you are an existing customer. Anyone can benefit from the Sprint deals regardless of their age, location and their spending at Sprint mobile.

If you are looking for phone deals, here are some cool phones which you can get at amazing discounts in Sprint’s online and retail stores near you;

For Sprint’s phone plans, you can get a $10 off the monthly plans with regards to the unlimited premium plan. There are two unlimited plans which come with a discount:

  1. Unlimited kickstart plan- The kickstart plan costs $35 per month but with the discount, you only get to pay $10 per month
  2. Unlimited premium plan- This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. It costs $70 per month but you only pay $60 with the $10 discount deal.

There are many other amazing deals on phone accessories like earphones, chargers, headphones, phone cases and much more which can be found in their retail and online store.

Sprint deals for current customers

Sprint values every customer from new ones to existing ones. Everyone can get exciting deals on products and services by Sprint. Their deals are not found in their online and retail store alone, but you can get them from their affiliates like;

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • E-bay

The platforms mentioned above offer the best deals and discounts on various Sprint compatible phones. Current customers can also get discounts on cell phone plans at Sprint mobile. The deals may also vary with each State and retail stores. If a State has a low number of Sprint customers, Sprint mobile may come up with exciting deals to get new customers and also retain the old ones.

The Sprint deals for current customers may be offered through the Sprint bring your own devices program. You can get discounts on phone accessories and if you continue to be a loyal member to Sprint, discounts on cell phone plans and at times gifts may come your way.

  • Sprint phone plans
  • Sprint compatible phones
  • Sprint mobile accessories
  • Tablets, smart watches

So, if you are a current Sprint customer and are looking to get one of these fine deals, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter or visit their retail store to learn more about the deals available.

Why does everyone hate Sprint cell phone service?

Since the inception of Sprint as a mobile service provider, it has had its ups and downs with many mobile subscribers. Despite these ups and downs, it has risen to the ranks of becoming among the top four best service providers in the US. Despite this rapid success, Sprint is not liked by many people either.

Some of the reasons why people hate Sprint mobile include;

i) Unreliable network coverage

This issue has been addressed by many people especially those who love to travel from State to State. Sprint only covers around 27% of the United States so if you travel a lot within several States, you may b surprised that there is no network

ii) Poor customer care services

If you call customer care and wait for more than an hour that can be very frustrating right? The same case applies to Sprint mobile. They have poor customer care services and the agents seem not to be good at their jobs.

These are the 2 major reasons why people hate Sprint mobile. Otherwise, services like Sprint cell phone plans for seniors and others have many positive reviews.

What is the cheapest way to upgrade your phone with Sprint?

Sprint mobile offers a very clear and precise way to do your phone upgrade. Doing a phone upgrade is one of the best options if you are looking to get a phone with super amazing features compared to the one you previously had.

If you are doing a phone upgrade, there are things to consider:

Phone processor

A processor and a chipset is what determines the performance of a device. Make sure to choose a device that comes with a powerful processor (Qualcomm snapdragon chipsets are the best too).

Camera quality

If you love taking photos, then you should consider getting a device with high camera quality.

Battery life

Ensure to choose a device with reliable battery life compared to your previous device.

These are the essential things to consider when doing a phone upgrade at Sprint. If you are looking to do a cheap phone upgrade, Sprint has you covered. There are cool and reliable deals which you can get from Sprint mobile and one of the best options is the Samsung Galaxy A-series which has proven to be very reliable.

Which is the best to get; Sprint, AT&T, Verizon?

Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have one thing in common in that they are standard mobile service providers in the US. Standard service providers play a major role in the network provision not only to consumers but also to MVNOs.

There are many things that are different in the three service providers. Some are good in unlimited cell phone plans, others are efficient when it comes to plans for seniors and others are reliable in customer services and many other perks.

This section will help you understand who is good in what service. This will help you to efficiently find the best service provider with regard to what you desire most in mobile services.

i) Most affordable- Sprint mobile

Sprint mobile offers the best prices in town for unlimited talk, text, and data. The cheapest plan; unlimited kickstart goes for only $35 per month and also discounts may apply.

ii) The best network coverage- Verizon wireless

If you are looking to travel a lot within the country, then Verizon goes you covered. They offer network coverage for up to 99% of the country. Also, speed tests on their internet rank their services to be the best overall.

iii) Best customer services- AT&T

Aside from offering amazing phone deals and discounts, you are assured of getting reliable customer care services from this company.

Does Sprint Unlimited data include a mobile hotspot?

Yes! You can get mobile hotspot services from some of Sprint’s unlimited plans. The unlimited mobile hotspot has proven to be very efficient if you are looking to share your internet with other devices.

Many service providers offer limited mobile hotspots at very high cost i.e 6 GB for $40 per month, very expensive right? However, at Sprint mobile, they have the unlimited plus plan that you do not only get 50 GB mobile hotspot plan but also the following perks;

  • Unlimited talk text and data in Mexico and Canada
  • HD video streaming
  • Unlimited music streaming with tidal
  • Enjoy Hulu TV subscription services

There Is also the Unlimited premium plan which offers up to 100 GB of mobile hotspot data. You can share the internet up to 8 devices in most cases depending on your mobile phone. The plans with mobile hotspots do not have any contract so; feel free to cancel any time if you find their services ineffective.

What Sprint phones support 5G?

5G has come at a great time when tech is evolving to a whole new level. 4G proved to be very effective by delivering speeds of up to 8 Mbps via cellular networks. However, the 5G comes with very amazing perks such that you get speeds of up to 100 Mbps via cellular networks.

Sprint mobile has stayed on top by embracing 5G services. Many phone manufacturers are considering ensuring that there is 5G compatibility on mobile devices.

Despite Sprint mobile not offering the best network services, this 5G revolution may be a game-changer for them. Also, the phones except for Huawei are available on their online stores and also their retail stores across the country.

Currently, there are specific areas with the 5G network coverage but you can still get the 5G phones since they can also work with the 4G network as Sprint plans to expand on their 5G network. Some of the States that are covered include; Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Houston.


From this review, you may have noticed how Sprint offers the cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything as compared to other carriers. The plans are also very convenient since you get unlimited everything. Many carriers have deceiving adverts whereby they promise to offer unlimited everything only for you to find out that it’s false.

Sprint also allows you to the BYOP, which is very efficient and you don’t have to buy a new phone. So long as your phone is compatible with their network tech and unlocked, you are fit for the BYOP.

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