How to get Free Government Phones, If I am From Missouri

Missouri is a State known best for the several tourist attractions and most of all where the famous writer, Mark Twain came from. Missouri has a robust Economy despite its ups and downs. In every State, there is always a Government assistance program that help people of low income or no income at all to get basic and at times secondary needs. Having a cell phone may be regarded as a basic need but for American citizens it is not. This is because the Government values the need for communications and that is why there is the free Government phone offered not only in Missouri but across the US.

The free phones have brought about a huge change to many people’s life. People who never had access to talk to their friends and family can now do so at a zero cost. All the phones are touch screen hence the user can not only talk and text but also have access to internet and get to listen to music, stream TV shows and read emails. This is so far one of the best existing projects offered by the Government and it has been beneficial to many households. It would be best if they increase the lifeline account to several household and it would increase the access of these devices to many people.

Getting a free phone is very simple in Missouri. There is an eligibility process which if you meet; you qualify for a free government touchscreen phone and plans for a whole year. If you think you still qualify, you can re-certify for another year of these services. To learn more on how to get a free phone band plan at Missouri, check out more info below.

How to qualify for a free phone at Missouri


The process to get a free phone will be very simple if you understand the eligibility requirements. The first qualification that cuts across most free phone providers is the income. If your income is below 135% of the federal Poverty level. The you qualify for a free phone. Other States may offer a low income of around 150% but the ordinary one is 135%.

Secondly, you should have participated in several Federal assistance programs. These programs are aimed to help people who cannot afford some needs like food, shelter and clothing. If you have received assistance from the following programs, then you can easily get your free phone;

  • Food stamps
  • National Home Energy Assistance programs
  • Food distribution program on Indian Reservations
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Federal Public housing assistance
  • Supplemental security income(SSI)
  • Medicaid

If you have received help from these programs, then you are good to go for an application. Remember, you should also proof that you have participated in these programs. Most lifeline provider will request you to provide W-8 forms, birth certificate, proof of address and any other documents that may be requested.

How to enroll for a free phone program in Missouri

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can get a free phone for life very easily.;

Step 1: Choose a lifeline service provider

There are many lifeline providers in Missouri just like California lifeline cell phone providers. Each service provider provides different data, talk and text allocation. However, before you choose a service provider, always consider the following;

  • They should have a reliable customer care
  • They should offer nationwide coverage
  • The company can allow bring your own device program.
  • It should have retail stores in the State you are in
  • The application process should be simple, and approval should also not take a long time
  • The phones they offer should be of high quality.

You can easily know if a company offers a good lifeline program by reading reviews and opinions from people who have ever used their products. Below are some of the best 5 service providers;

  • Assurance wireless
  • SafeLink wireless
  • TracFone wireless
  • EnTouch wireless
  • Life wireless
  • Qlink wireless

These companies offer amazing deals on plans and their smartphones are of high quality. In most cases service providers offer the following as their standard plans;

  • Between 100-1GB of data
  • 500-1000 minutes
  • Unlimited texting

So, check out the service provider’s website and start applying today!

Step 2: Check on eligibility

Once you have chosen a provider, check on what is required for you to qualify for a free phone and plan. If you qualify then you are good to apply. Ensure to oblige with them regarding the necessary documents required. Failure to submit correct information will lead to being denied the services.

Step 3: Apply for a plan

The application step is very simple if you have shown proof of eligibility. You can do the application straight from their website or make a paper application via their store. The process is very simple and takes less time when you do it through their website compared to when going to a retail store.

Step 4: Collect your phone and sim card

If your application is approved, somebody will be in touch with you to notify you on how you can collect the device. You can also track the progress of your approval via the company’s website. Some companies may offer free shipping within 2 days of approval while others may request you to pick it up.

Step 5: Re-certify your plan

After getting everything set, you need to know on how you can re-certify your plan. This is because after one year, your plan is canceled until you reapply for the service again. The re-certification process is very simple since only a few up to date documents like tax documents are required.

Bottom Line

Missouri offer a very simple process for you to obtain a free phone. The companies that offer such services are very reliable and have a dedicated customer care support. If you are not satisfied with the device offered, you can always do a phone replacement and the process is very simple too.

The companies also allow Bring your own services if your phone is compatible. So, in conclusion, you can do more with the free Government phone services due to developing tech and very convenient terms and policies.

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