The Best Cheap True Wireless Earbuds for Under $50

Earbuds are electronic devices that help you to listen to music, watch videos or answer calls without disturbing others. You can wear them on your ears by inserting them into the ear canal. The best wireless earbuds under $50 have soft buds and heavy bass. Again, the devices are easy to use. You just pair the device with your phone.

Unlike wired earbuds, wireless earbuds are wireless. Instead, they use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the phones and get live streaming. Most of them have the capability to eliminate background noise. Even in noisy environments, you can still hear music easily. However, you should put low volumes to avoid accidents. Many people have lost their lives due to high volumes.

Most waterproof wireless earbuds are of high quality in that they can stay under water for 30 minutes. You can even use them under the rains without worrying about damage. However, it does not mean that you should be careless when handling it. You may damage it in the process. Any electronic device lasts longer if you manage it well.

How do Wireless Earbuds Operate?

Wireless Earbuds Under $50

Wireless earbuds have specific frequencies that must match with the device to connect. The frequencies come automatically when you connect the two devices. Headphones have radios inside them that pick signals from the other connected device. In general, your phone sends sound signals in form of radio waves. The radio inside earphones receives the waves and converts them into sound signals for you to hear.

How do I pair Wireless earbuds to My Phone?

When pairing your wireless headphones, you have to switch both your phone and the earphones on. Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and search the available devices. You should know the Bluetooth name of your earbuds. On the list of the available devices on your phone, look from the available devices and select pair.

The two devices communicate and pair automatically. Unless you choose to delete the list, your phone will always pair with the earbuds as long as the Bluetooth of the two devices is on.  When looking for the best wireless earbuds for phone calls, you should ensure that all the buds have clear voice.

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What are the Main Parts of a Wireless Earphone?

A wireless earbud has the outer casing, the earbuds, the microphone and the radio receiver. Other parts include the circuitry, volume control buttons and off/on button. The casing houses all the parts. The microphone records voice and sends it to the phone during phone calls.

The radio receiver gets the radio waves from the phone and converts them into sound signals, which you hear. The volume control buttons lowers or raises volume of the device. When adjusting the volume of the earpiece, the phones volume automatically adjust to the volume of the earbud.

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What are the 7 Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50?

Having done my research in details, I have come up with the following seven best Wireless Earbuds under 50.

1. Kissral Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Kissral Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

The buds have large capacity battery of 3000 mAh that can last for long. In fact, you can listen to music the whole day without the need to recharge it. When full, it can go for 90 hours nonstop music. The headphones are waterproof and thus very effective for sports. You can wear them even when it is raining and they stay intact.

With the latest Bluetooth 5.0, you can get a fast and stable connection thus ensuring constant music listening experience. Once connected, there is no need to connect again as it will always appear on the phones recently paired list. It connects automatically when Bluetooth is on. The device comes with a 24-month warranty.

2. iTeknic Wireless Earbuds

iTeknic Wireless Earbuds

It comes with the latest Bluetooth technology for faster connection. Moreover, Bluetooth 5.0 is stable and has no cases of unwanted disconnections as it is with the previous Bluetooth versions. The earphones come with a charging case.

Moreover, the devices have touch control option. You can just touch to increase or decrease volume instead of using the buttons. Again, the device has built in microphone that helps you to easily receive and answer calls.

The buds are comfortable to wear, as they are soft. You will not hurt your ears once you wear them. Again, the material is not allergic. The device is both sweat and waterproof. They can spoil easily by water or sweat. They are good for sporting.

3. Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones

Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones

The headphones have deep bass that leaves you fully entertained. In fact, it feels like you are listening to a large speaker. It has 3D surround sound that ensures balanced sounds. Again, with the latest Bluetooth, the connectivity is excellent.

The battery is durable and go for 60 hours nonstop music listening.  It means you can charge it after three days because the battery is durable. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear due to the soft buds.

Interestingly, the devices are waterproof.  Moreover, they are sweat proof.  They are very effective for sporting activities. Most athletes prefer wireless headphones since they are comfortable.

Finally, the device has noise cancelling capability. You can listen to music clearly without destructions from other sounds.

4. IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones

IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones

Listen to nonstop music for many hours with this device. It can operate nonstop for 30 hours without shutting down. Moreover, it has Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest Bluetooth version that has constant music connection.

The devices are effective for sporting. Athletes, gym workers, among others use this device to keep them engaged during their exercising moments. The fact that they are sweat proof makes them operate well even when you profusely sweat during workouts.

It is easy to set up the connection of these devices with your phone. You have to switch the Bluetooth of the two devices on, and then look for the available devices for connection on your phone. Find the device and pair.

5. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds


The device is waterproof. You can use it under wet conditions. When it is raining, you can just put them on and enjoy your time listening to music with heavy bass.

When receiving calls, you can use the built in microphone that ensures that every word you speak, every word is clear. It is effective in places where you cannot speak with phones on your hands as thieves may snatch it.

During pairing of the device, it becomes very easy as you can make fast connections. The phone can always remember your headset and connect automatically when Bluetooth for the two devices is on. It shows how it is easy to use it.

6. Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge]

Boltune Bluetooth V5.0

The device has long hours of playing. It can play continuously for 40 hours. It means that it can operate continuously for around two days. It has built in microphone. You can receive calls on your headset instead of lifting your phone to the ear.

You can charge the device using USB cable provided. The device has quick charge feature that ensures faster charging of the device for a busy schedule. It takes around 90 minutes to completely charge.

Connectivity is very fast. With the latest Bluetooth technology, connections are simple and automatic. Again, the connected phone remembers the Bluetooth device and automatically connects when the two connect.

7. MEBUYZ Sports in-Ear TWS 3D Stereo Sound Earphones


The device has the latest Bluetooth technology. Connect you phone quickly without any difficulties. Again, once you pair your headphone with your device, you will not need to pair them again as they will always connect automatically when Bluetooth is on.

The gadgets are waterproof. They can stay intact even under wet conditions. The device is very effective for sports men and women since it cannot spoil through sweat as well. When you drop them in water, just wipe them the water and continue enjoying.

MEBUYZ sports in-ear has high quality sounds. In fact, the device has the ability to cancel background noise and deliver the best. Even under noisy environment, you can still hear your music well.

Bottom Line

Earbuds are very essential when it comes to everyday activities. Most of these earbuds can cancel background noise because of high technology incorporated into the device. When choosing the best headphones, you are supposed to check that the device is waterproof. Such earbuds will last for long and will be able to serve you excellently. Most earbuds fit in the ear canal. You should always control your device’s volume to help you prevent ear damage.

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