The 7 Best Easy Wireless Phones

Wireless phones are devices that help people to communicate while far away from each other using radio-frequency. Many people term modern wireless phones as cellular phones since they use mobile networks for communication. Looking at Easy Wireless phones, you can see that the phones are easy to use and have excellent linkage to the system. Characterized by excellent sound output, the phones are a preference to many.

Easy Wireless provides free government cell phones in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Missouri states of America. It is part of the government Lifeline Program free phones, affordable data, voice calls, and text messaging services. Although the company is limited to, the three states mentioned above, other companies provide Lifeline services in the rest of the US states. Maybe the company will expand its services to other USA states.

First-time beneficiaries of the Lifeline program get free government phones, which they can use to enjoy the cheap cellular plans. Just like the rich, the people can enjoy data connection, sending unlimited texts, and conversing with their friends and relatives without limitations. Easy Wireless plans vary with each state. However, the difference is minimal, and the eligible citizens enjoy the company’s cellular services with almost equal measure.

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What Lifeline Plans Can I Get From Easy Wireless?

Easy Wireless Phones

Easy wireless has several plans for its eligible customers. For instance, if you live in Oklahoma, you can enjoy tribal programs, which includes 750 Minutes, Unlimited Text, 25MB Data plan free. Again, you can subscribe to the following chargeable general programs.

  • 750 Minutes, Unlimited Text, and 250MB Data for $1
  • Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 1GB Data for $15.00
  • Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text and 2GB Data $25.00
  • Unlimited Minutes, Text and Data 2GB High Speed for $26.00
  • Unlimited Minutes, Text and Data 5GB High Speed for $40.00

How Do I Become Eligible For The Easy Wireless Lifeline Program?

For you to qualify for the program, you must first be a resident of the particular state. It means that for you to get free government cell phones in Oklahoma, you need to provide proof of residence. Secondly, you need to belong to any government aid program such as Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or any other relevant aid program.

If you do not benefit from any Government aid program, you can still qualify for the Easy Wireless Lifeline Program if your household income is between 135%-150% or below.

Once you become a member, you can get a free phone. You can also come with your phone so long as it is compatible. Your own phone plans is just similar to those getting free government phones.

How do I apply for the Lifeline Program?

To apply for the Easy Wireless Lifeline Program, you can submit your application through email. To see if you qualify, you can call (855) 574-2036 for assistance. You will get directions of use in case you are eligible. Alternatively, you can visit the Easy Wireless website for more information. Upon successful application, you get a free phone when you switch to network.

What are The 7 Best Easy Wireless Phones?

1. Samsung Galaxy A10 A105M


The phone is open to all compatible networks. It works with all 2G GSM, 3G, and 4G LTE networks. It does not work with CDMA networks. Apart from using Easy Wireless services, you can also switch to other service providers when the need arises.

Furthermore, the phone supports dual SIM cards. The internal storage memory is 32 GB that can accommodate thousands of files. The screen size is 6.2 inches, which gives you a pleasant viewing experience for movies and photos.

In addition, the device has 2 GB RAM that ensures that the phone works smoothly without jamming. The phone’s cameras are of high-resolution. The back camera is 13 MP, while the front camera is 5MP.


  1. Open to all compatible networks
  2. Large storage space
  3. Large screen
  4. High-resolution cameras
  5. It has dual SIM card support


  1. Does not work with CDMA carriers

2. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

The phone is open to all compatible networks. Again, it has 64 GB of internal storage memory. You can save your essential files here for future reference. It means that you might not even need a memory card since the storage is ample.

The device has a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. It is because it has undergone refurbishing to look new. You, therefore, can return the phone within the 90 days for refund or compensation if the phone malfunctions.

One thing to note is that the phone does not come with a headphone or a charger. You have to buy the accessories separately. Secondly, it does not include a SIM card. You have to obtain one.


  1. Amazon Renewed Guarantee
  2. Large internal storage memory
  3. Has an elegant design
  4. Easy to use
  5. Open to any compatible network


  1. It is renewed and may malfunction

3. Moto G6

Motorola Moto G6 Play

The phone works with Alexa’s hands-free application. You can use voice commands to have things done instead of using your fingers all the time to tap on the screen. The phone makes you appear classy. Alexa works almost the same as Google Assistant.

The phone is open to all carriers who can work with its network technology. Apart from Easy Wireless, it can work with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon telecommunication companies.

The screen size is 5.7 inches. Besides, it has high-resolution cameras. Two back cameras have 12 MP and 5 MP, while the front camera has 8 MP perfect for quality selfies. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh that can last you the whole day without charging.


  1. It has a large screen
  2. It works with Alexa
  3. Has a durable battery
  4. High-resolution cameras
  5. Open to all compatible networks


  1. It is costly

4. LG Stylo 5

LG Stylo 5

The phone is open to all compatible networks right from the factory. Use it with any relevant carrier as well as Easy Wireless and enjoy crosscut services. Again, the 6.2-inch screen enables you to watch movies and photos comfortable without straining.

The 32 GB storage memory is all that you need to save all your important files and documents under one device. Create folders and have categorized data. Besides, the phone has a stylus pen to enable you to write and draw on the screen.

The battery has a charge capacity of 3500 mAh. It can take a long time before depleting for recharging. Moreover, the cameras are fantastic. The front camera is 5 MP, while the back camera is 13 MP.


  1. Large storage space
  2. Large screen
  3. It is open to all compatible networks
  4. High-resolution cameras
  5. 3500mAh battery


  1. It is expensive

5. Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6

The phone comes with no warranty. However, it is of high quality, and lack of a warranty should not worry you, as the manufacturer is very confident that the phone cannot let you down. Furthermore, it has 32 GB of internal storage memory. The 3 GB RAM ensures the smooth running of the phone.

The phone operates with an Octa-core 1.6 processor that ensures that tasks run very fast for efficient service delivery. Besides, it has LED flash for lighting at night as well as aiding photography when dark.

The phone is open to any compatible network. It helps you to switch from one service provider to the other for a cheaper cellular budget. Again, you can use your finger to unlock the phone.


  1. Fingerprint scanner
  2. 3 GB RAM
  3. Large ROM
  4. Open to all compatible networks
  5. Has LED flash


  1. No warranty

6. Alcatel IDOL 4S

Alcatel IDOL 4S

The phone operates on windows 10. The phone has an advanced security system whereby only your finger can open the phone. Again, the phone is open to all GSM networks. It means that you can switch from carrier to carrier.

The screen is 5.5 inches. It helps you view things easily on the screen. Watch movies and pictures with comfort on this phone. The text display is also significant. Moreover, the phone has a 24 MP Autofocus camera that takes apparent photos.

The internal storage space is 64 GB. It can accommodate very many files, including movies, music, documents, and applications. You can expand the memory with a memory card of up to 128 GB and accommodate many items.


  • It has Windows 10 OS
  • It has a large screen
  • A 24 MP camera
  • 64 GB ROM
  • Fingerprint security


  1. It is expensive

7. Samsung Galaxy S7 G930A


The phone is open to all compatible networks as you can use it with any relevant service provider and enjoy additional mobile plans. It has a 32 GB internal storage memory. It can accommodate thousands of photos and videos.

The phone has undergone refurbishing to look like new. Amazon technicians have tested the device for quality. In addition, it has Amazon Renewed Guarantee that allows you to return it for a refund if it fails.

The screen size is 5.1 inches that is enough to help you watch movies and photographs with ease. Again, the cameras are fantastic in that; the back camera has 12 MPs while the front camera is 5 MP.


  1. Open to all GSM networks
  2. 32 GB ROM
  3. 12 MP back plus 5 MP front cameras
  4. Large screen
  5. Amazon Renewed Guarantee


  1. May malfunction since it is old

Bottom Line

Easy Wireless Lifeline Program has been of great help to the less fortunate Americans from Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Missouri. Although you are required to provide several proofs and follow a cumbersome application process, the end of it all is worth the process. It helps the society to move forward if anyone can afford to make a call, send messages, and access the internet. It is a program worth supporting.

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