What Is The Best Cheapest Unlimited Home Wifi Plans

In this technological era, every member of the family wants to connect to the emerging news and trends in the telecommunication space. However, using data connection can end up skyrocketing the monthly phone bills at home, so, unlimited home wifi plans offer decent speed and connection. Wi-Fi connections are useful for streaming videos and music on mobile devices. Additionally, you can conveniently connect laptops and other devices to your home network.

However, Wi-Fi is a wireless means that enables you to connect multiple users and devices simultaneously. There is no standalone Wi-Fi to buy, but all major internet providers provide Wi-Fi service. On the other hand, the wifi plans may attach additional fees or equipment requirements. Although, depending on your wireless provider, you can utilize Own equipment and save money on the rental costs.

Essentially, Wi-Fi can end up consuming lots of data. Some internet providers avail Wi-Fi service at extra cost. Besides, others may charge an additional fee of $5 per month or higher for Wi-Fi service, in addition to the Wi-Fi equipment rental fee. If you’re wondering how to get free Wi-Fi at home on the go, some internet providers offer free Wi-Fi hotspots.

What Is Wi-Fi And How Does It Work?

cheapest unlimited home wifi plans

Over the past two decades, Wi-Fi has stood out as a paramount part of how we utilize the internet. Wi-Fi comes in when your internet provider channels an internet signal to your home, whereby your eligible modem receives it and transforms it into usable internet service. By use of a wired Ethernet connection, you can connect to the internet directly from the modem, or just plug in a wireless router into the modem for Wi-Fi connectivity.

On the other hand, the internet router converts the internet service from the modem, into signals that Wi-Fi devices can use to connect to the internet. The wireless connection is not as secure, or fast as a wired connection, but Wi-Fi is a reliable method to get the internet on multiple devices throughout your home.

What Is The Best Cheapest Unlimited Home Wifi Plans?

i) Wi-Fi Plans with Unlimited Data

Going beyond a data limit can end up in added fees or slowed internet speeds. Therefore, if you plan on utilizing your Wi-Fi service for lots of gaming, streaming, and downloading, you may need to consider an unlimited Wi-Fi plan. The best-unlimited Wi-Fi plans comprise of;

  • Mobile hotspots
  • Rented or Own equipment

However, bear in mind that most of the internet providers offer different areas with different prices, speeds, and connection types.

i) What Equipment Do You Need For Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi plans don’t just happen out of nowhere. In addition to your internet connection, you’ll require at least a modem, plus a router to enjoy Wi-Fi.

  • Modem – This is a device that receives the internet connection from your provider and utilizes Ethernet cables to connect with other devices.
  • Router – Alongside your modem, this is the most essential Wi-Fi device that turns your internet into wireless signals. However, there are various router options and methods to set it up.
  • Wireless network adapter – This gadget connects your desktop PC through a Wi-Fi network. Besides, this is not a necessity for newer laptops, PCs, and smart devices as they come with built-in Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi extenders – These devices are optional but can help boost your Wi-Fi signal for a stronger signal all over your home.

ii) Mobile Hotspots

You can connect to a mobile hotspot, through the process called tethering. Nowadays, every smartphone has a hotspot feature that enables the sharing of the internet between devices. A hotspot is simply as a router, availing internet signals using your data. The unlimited mobile hotspot plans are an ideal option if you have a huge volume of monthly data since hotspots tend to use a lot of data.

Nevertheless, the unlimited hotspot plans can be extremely cheap offerings by most of the mobile providers, so it’s advisable to consider this plan. The hotspot plans can be more economical in comparison to paying for the data plans separately. If you do not worry about exceeding your data limits, and incurring additional charges, this can be a suitable way of connecting devices, and users without incurring extra costs.

Who Has The Best Cheapest Unlimited Home Wifi Plans?

Usually, you will never find “Wi-Fi” or “non-Wi-Fi” plans from your internet service provider. However, your internet plan refers to the speeds and connection to the modem, and, Wi-Fi is merely a wireless extension of that connection.

Most providers include Wi-Fi as an add-on to their internet packages, with an additional monthly fee for Wi-Fi equipment. Besides, you can learn how to get free internet at home without paying any extra charges. Some may allow you to use your own Wi-Fi equipment and avoid the renting fee, or you can just purchase a router through them.

1) Verizon Fios Internet-only plans starting from $39.99/month

Verizon Fios Internet offers download speeds starting from 200 Mbps up to 940 Mbps where available through a 100% fiber-optic network. If Verizon Fios is unavailable in your area, Verizon High-Speed Internet (DSL) plans may be present.

If you’re a vivid TV and movie streamer, or a pro gamer who requires fast speeds, you can consider the best satellite internet for gaming. Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to boost weak signals and expand the coverage of your Fios Wi-Fi network throughout your home.


  • Built on a 100% fiber-optic network
  • Fast download and upload speeds

2) Windstream internet starting at $11.99 per month

Setting up a wifi service isn’t as straightforward, and cheap as choosing a plan and turning it on. Usually, there’s equipment to be bought or get rented at a fee. For instance, Windstream internet subscribers must rent a Gateway modem-router combo for up to $11.99per month.

3) AT&T internet service starting at $35 per month

AT&T Fiber operates on a 100% fiber-optic network, offering speeds of 100 or 1,000 Mbps where available. AT&T also provides AT&T Internet, a fixed-wireless internet, and DSL-based services in regions where AT&T Fiber is unavailable.

However, you can get the cheapest TV and internet packages by aggregating your bills to a single one. Bundling your AT&T internet with TV reduces your bill by $10–$20 every month on most plans.

With an AT&T business internet plan, you can access the speeds you want, plus whole-home Wi-Fi equipment, and access to 30,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide with AT&T Fiber.

In summary;

  • Access 30,000+ hotspots nationwide
  • Get 99% reliable service
  • Fast speeds even during peak times
  • Save up to $10 per month when bundling

CenturyLink internet includes simple pricing and added features such as their Price for Life Guarantee, plus free self-installation with select plans. Besides, you can experience reliable wireless Internet service all over your whole home with CenturyLink Internet with Price for Life.

CenturyLink’s home WiFi service offers you a convenient wireless Internet experience, enabling you to connect several devices to your home WiFi network for a small monthly rate with no contract and no rate hikes. The speed will be sufficient to;

  • Work from home and shop online with ease
  • Connect multiple users and devices
  • Stream multiple HD movies

5) Xfinity Internet service starting at $29.99per month

Xfinity covers more than a third of U.S. households. The Xfinity internet is an option for many consumers, providing most of the cheapest and fastest plans. If you reside in an Xfinity service area, you can enjoy up to seven plan options, with advanced Wi-Fi equipment and provisions for unlimited data with no contracts.

In summary;

  • Speeds up to 2,000 Mbps
  • Consistent speeds with XFi Gateway Modem
  • Contract-free plans available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

6) Frontier internet prices starting at $27.99 per month

Frontier features internet without cable or phone line delivering three distinct internet services including Frontier Vantage (fiber hybrid), Frontier High-Speed Internet (DSL), and Frontier FiOS (100% fiber optic. However, Frontier internet speeds starting from 3 Mbps to 940 Mbps, but it depends on your location and the available service type at your address.

Additionally, the Wi-Fi service applies to all plans, but Frontier Wi-Fi speeds seem to be slower than a wired connection. Nevertheless, regardless of the plan speeds and price, Frontier internet comes with no data caps or contracts.

In summary;

  • Unlimited data plans
  • Technology to reach rural areas
  • Contract-free plan options available
  • Unlimited tech support

7) Cox’s internet plans starting at $29.99 per month

Cox availability spreads in 18 states, and is the third-largest cable internet provider, giving access to 1/12 of U.S. residents in major cities. However, Cox has a plan matching every need with speeds starting from 10 to 940 Mbps.

Interestingly; you can boost, and upgrade your connection with the Panoramic Wi-Fi router, at a relatively low monthly rental fee, and Elite Gamer service, exclusively from Cox.

Bottom line

As the technology behind the internet has continued to improve, most service providers have integrated Wi-Fi connections into their service. The cheapest unlimited home wifi plans are the ideal solution for families wishing to cut costs on monthly cell phone bills. The above internet service providers help you to choose a wifi plan that best suits your speed requirements and the budget for your home internet bills.

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