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The 7 Best WiFi Garage Door Opener Reviews

Technology has moved this world to levels that none imagined before. Since the introduction of mobile phones, a lot has changed as far as technology is concerned. Among the latest technology is the door opener. For instance, best WiFi garage door opener offers the best security against an authorised entry.

You should strategically fix the door opener on the door. Remote controls operate the devices using radio waves or WiFi network. When you press the specific remote, it sends radio signals to the door opener that responds quickly by allowing the motor to run in preparation to open the gate.

The previous garage door openers relied on radio waves just like the present ones. However, the remotes could open any door posing a serious security issue. Thieves could easily access the premises and make away with valuable goods. Today, people are fixing wireless video doorbells with monitor to identify anyone requesting to enter the building.

How Do Wireless WiFi Garage Door Opener Work?

WiFi Garage Door Opener

WiFi wireless garage door openers rely on unique smartphone apps. The apps rely on WiFi to communicate with the machine. When you press open, the smartphone app receives the message and relays a note to the motor that runs to open the gate. The device is specific to the app as per the directive of the manufacturer.

In the case of forcible entry, the app alerts you of the issue. It helps you take an immediate action. Sometimes the door opener allows you to open it using a wired keyboard. By keying in a specific code, the door opens automatically. As soon as someone uses the keyboard to open the door, you also get an alert.

Some Wireless doorbells have included Alexa’s support. Alexa enables you to use voice commands to instruct the machine. The technology is the simplest since you need to speak some voice commands, and the gate opens.

What Considerations Should You Make when Buying a WiFi Garage Door Opener?

Before buying a WiFi door opener, you should put into your mind several things. It helps you get the best machine that will work better.

First, you need to check your location. Are you living near or far from the garage? As you move further from the device, the WiFi Strength decreases. In such a situation, you may need a WiFi router that helps you to boost the WiFi Strength.

Secondly, check a device, which is flexible. You should get one that can operate on Alexa and the keyboard. It is essential when one method fails. You can use the other alternative.

Lastly, check the price. Go for a machine that you can afford and at the same time, get the best service. There are several companies with different products. To help you out, I have done a detailed review of the best garage WiFi openers in the market.

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What are the 7 Best WiFi Garage Door Openers?

The following is a detailed review of the best WiFi garage door opener.

1. Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted Space Saving

 Chamberlain RJO20

The machine is WiFi-enabled. You can open and close the garage gate from anywhere using your smartphone app. Again, you will get notifications if the door stays open for too long. You are also able to secure your building from thieves. Moreover, you can invite a maximum of three people to help you control the door.

The machine has an auto-lock feature. The door locks every time someone closes. Interestingly, you can hear it so that you can be sure. With that, you have increased security. Again, the device has the highest encryption to prevent hacking of the system.

  • Have Automatic reminders about the unlocked door
  • Highly encrypted for enhanced security
  • It can have four people with the ability to open the door
  • Auto-lock deadbolts
  • Have safety sensors to detect obstacles
  • Very expensive

2. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener (Chamberlain MYQ-G0301)

Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

The device comes with a cloud Cam. It means that you can receive video pictures of anyone standing at your garage door. Moreover, the machine sends you real-time opening and closing of the garage gate. The device is easy to set up and use.

Again, the device requires my Q app to operate. However, you can customize the way you want it to behave. Get timely reminders of unclosed garage doors so that you can initiate the closing. With the manual provided during delivery, you can take a few minutes and have the gadget functioning.

  • It is easy to install
  • It has a camera to monitor who is at the door
  • Reminds you if you forget to lock the door
  • It is easy to operate using my Q app
  • It works with most brands
  • It is Expensive

3. Chamberlain B970

 Chamberlain B970

The device is a smartphone managed. Operate the door opener remotely through WiFi. The garget is ultra-quiet. It thus does not make a lot of noise. In addition to that, it has high lifting power for big doors like the garage gates.

The device has a battery backup to help it continue operating even when the power goes off. You can connect even when 1500 ft away due to the robust connectivity. The device has millions of codes encrypted to prevent it from hacking.

The machine comes with safety sensors, wireless keypad, wall control, and two three-button remotes. You can trust this door opener from Chamberlain since the company has an excellent reputation for making high-quality door openers.

  • Easy to install
  • Long-range control
  • High lifting power
  • It has Battery for power backup
  • Is Ultra-quiet
  • It is refurbished and might not function well

4. Direct Drive 1042V004 Garage Door Opener

 Direct Drive 1042V004

The device is ultra-quiet. You are likely to either experience minimal or no vibrations at all. It includes two by two transmitters and one interior wall station. It is Home link compatible. The Summer USA customer service is available to the device owners. Moreover, the device has a secure rolling code technology of 310 MHZ.

The device comes with a rail of 7ft or 8 ft door height. The manufacturer has replaced the newest models with a pressure plate instead of the previous fastening bolt.

Lastly, you can get free Amazon support if you buy from them. The support includes rectifying inferior performing machines and training on the installation process.

  • Ultra-quiet
  • LED lights indicators
  • It has secure rolling code to eliminate hacking incidents
  • Summer USA customer service
  • Free Amazon support if you purchase from them
  • It is expensive

5. Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Model GD 200

 Ryobi Ultra-Quiet

The company has refurbished the device to look new. However, it is functioning very well. Amazon technicians have tested it and ascertained its viability. It is an ultra-quiet opener with LED lights indicators so you can know when functioning. The item weighs 45 pounds. It measures 12.5 x 42.5 x 15.5 inches.

The machine comes with its belt drive system. Controlling it is easy since you can operate the gadget remotely using WiFi. You only need to download the associated app, and you are good to go.

You require 110V electric power to operate it. You may add your back up battery, although you may need to buy it separately.

  • Remotely operated by WiFi
  • Has LED lights indicators
  • Ultra-quiet during operation
  • It is a bit cheap
  • Easy to run
  • Does not come with a backup battery

6. Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV

Genie StealthDrive

The machine is smartphone operated using my Q app and over the WiFi. Moreover, Alexa can run it. Just use voice commands and set the machine working. Again, it supports Google Assistant. You can see how the device is flexible to different modes of operations.

In addition to the diverse modes of operations, it has a robust belt system. It also comes with a battery backup. Having a power backup is essential in times of power outage.

Again, the machine is easy to install and operate. It has LED lights to indicate as someone is entering the vicinity. Be notified if you forget closing the door and close it remotely. The machine has no disturbing noise, such as annoying vibrations.

  • Battery backup
  • LED lights indicators
  • Has a strong belt system
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to install and operate
  • It is expensive

7. Chamberlain Group B550

 Chamberlain Group B550

The door opener can run by a smartphone over WiFi connection using my Q app. Again, the device is ultra-quiet and will never cause disturbance while in operation. It has a robust belt lifting system to manage large doors.

The device has LED lights that indicate device operation. It lights up as one enters the door. The sensors can detect any forcible entry and send a notification to your smartphone for you to take the necessary action.

Although the device is expensive, it is worth the money. Remember that the device comes with two, three button remote controls. Moreover, it comes with a battery for power backup. The machine will continue working after a power outage.

  • Ultra-quiet while operating
  • Battery for power backup
  • It has LED indicator lights
  • Wireless operation with my Q app
  • Easy to set up
  • It is expensive

Bottom Line

Garage doors are supposed to be secure to protect the expensive machines inside the vicinity. It calls for security gate locks to minimize theft cases. Automatic WiFi door openers play a significant role in ensuring that garage premises are always secure. The door openers can also be useful for homestead gates to regulate unauthorized entries. Every person should embrace this technology for safer environments.

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