The 5 Best Color Laser Printer All in One

Globally, there is a wide variety of printers, and each performs a specific function. Some are good when it comes to photos; others are good when it comes to texts, while others are good at everything. The best color laser printer all in one can print out the best images in HD quality and still give you the sharp texts in a printed document.

Also, these printers have an energy star proving that the rate of energy consumption is low; hence, you will not spend a lot on electric bills. All in one printer are also very affordable with the lowest being around $200 and it is not a second-hand product.

These printers do not occupy an ample space making them the best color laser printer for photos setting. In terms of tech, the printers I will mention in this article allow mobile and cloud printing. Who would wish to get a printer without cloud printing?  This feature saves you time, and the printing speed is quite fast too.

The Features of Color Laser Printer All In One

 Color Laser Printer All in One

Once you choose the printer of your choice, then standards must be set with regards to care and maintenance. Here are some tips before we look at the five best color laser printer all in one;

  • Turn the printer 1 hour prior to cleaning it so that it cools down
  • Open the printer and remove all detachable components. You can use the manual
  • Wipe the toner cartridge with a Toner cloth
  • Use a toner vacuum to remove the toner spillage in the printer
  • Use a paintbrush to remove any built-up toner
  • Dip a cloth into rubbing alcohol and clean the corona wires(They are displayed in the manual for each printer)
  • Wash the paper feed roller and disinfect the exterior of the printer with rubbing alcohol
  • Replace all the components back in place

Once you do all these, you are assured that your printer will not have issues on breakdown. Here are the five best all in one printer.

Best 5 Color Laser Printer All in One

1) Brother MFC-L5900DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother MFC-L5700DW

This all in one printer is the best if you are looking for speed. It has a 4 star out of five ratings showing that the printer is an excellent device to opt for. The printing speed is at 42 papers per minute a feature rare to get with other typical printers.

The paper capacity is 300 sheets and can be expanded to 1340 sheets if you wish to get extra trays. It has a 3.7 inch LCD which works hand-in-hand with cloud printing to ensure you get the best photos and documents after printing them out.

In terms of mobile device compatibility, the printer can work with Android, IOS, Windows, and Kali Linux. You are also assured that your documents are safe from security threats through their encryption services. The memory transmission is up to 500 pages making it very reliable if you want bulk printing.

Amazon also gives you dash replacement services, meaning when your toner is about to get depleted; your printer will do smart reorders hence saving you some money.

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • The printing per page speed is quite fast
  • You get a 3.7-inch display for easy configuration of the machine
  • You can easily customize the printing size of your documents
  • The printer takes longer during cloud printing

2) HP LaserJet Pro printer M426Fdw

Hp Color Laserjet Pro M281FDW

This Laser Jet pro may as well be the best printer for home due to its compactness and also easy to use interface. The printing rate is at 40 papers per minute, and you get a 3 inch LCD for configuration of the printer. This screen allows you to set the magnification, a number of copies to be done on the documents and in general, the quality of the printout.

You can also use the HP Smart App for advanced configuration. HP Laser Jet pro handles your data with care when you use cloud printing. The encryption is quite secure, and security threats will not be an issue for you. The printer also uses Jet intelligent HP cartridges to provide quality prints at a fast rate.

Using another toner cartridge would result in shoddy printouts, and also the printer may develop issues with performance. The paper sizes which are supported range from several varieties hence if you wish to print business cards or any other papers that should be a significant issue.

  • Printing speed is fast
  • It is energy-saving certified
  • The LCD can customize a lot of features in the printer
  • You get a mobile App for using it
  • The LCD touchscreen feature is quite slow

3) Xeror WorkCenter Monochrome Multifunction printer

Xerox B205NI

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this is a printer to opt for. People like it because of the wireless printing speed, which is quite fast and secure. The printer has very easy to use buttons that arranged perfectly for straightforward interpretation.

You also don’t have to worry about bulkiness since the printer does not take up too much space. With the presence of Jet Intelligence printers, you are assured of high-quality photos and documents. The sound or noise made is very low, and you can hear noise when you use bulk printing.

The printer prints 39 pages per minute and copying takes around 10 seconds for the same amount of pages. When bought from Amazon, you get the dash replacement service which saves you money when it comes to toner replacement. 

  • Provides security during wireless printing
  • Cloud and mobile printing is quite fast
  • Je intelligent cartridges bring clarity to your printouts
  • It is energy-saving certified
  • The LCD is hard to configure

4) Dell E515dw Laser function printer

Dell E515dw Laser function printer

Dell is a company known best to manufacture Laptops, and when it comes to printers, there is no exception. The printer can print out both good quality photos and documents, making it be among the best multifunction color laser printer. When you check the cartridge,

Dell printer uses an original Dell cartridge which in association with Jet Intelligence, you get better images and text clarity. Cloud and mobile printing are quite fast and compatible with various devices like; Android phones, kali Linux, Windows, and Apple devices.

The maximum paper per minute printout is 27, but if you are on the energy-saving mode, it will be slower. It can perform several other functions like photocopying, fax and scanning documents. This printer uses a bright LCD touchscreen that enables you to configure how you want a document to be printed.

  • The user interface is very friendly
  • The mobile app is very efficient
  • The printer is made up of durable materials
  • The cartridge has Jet intelligence features
  • The device makes a lot of noise during bulk printing

5) HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP

HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP

The HP Laser Jet Enterprise offers a vast array of features when it comes to printing document and photos. The printing speed is fast, too, and at only 8.5 seconds, you are able to print out your first document in high resolution. The resolution density clocks at 600X600, which is quite good if you want clarity in texts.

The printer comes with a mobile app that allows you to customize the setting of the machine before printing any document. You can use it to magnify texts, enhance clarity in photos and other features. You also get notifications on your Toner cartridge levels.

The good thing is that when you buy this printer from Amazon, you get the Toner replenishment feature whereby your printer does smart auto-reorder when it is getting depleted. Mobile and cloud printing is also very fast and secure. Your documents are encrypted with high-security credentials; hence, you will never have to worry about phishers.

  • It is very easy to set-up the device
  • You can do a lot of customization using the mobile App
  • The printing speed is quite fast
  • You get 24/7 customer care support from the manufacturer
  • The mobile App is very laggy for some devices

Bottom Line

From this information, you may now have a clue on the best printer to go for in the market. These are the best color laser printer for photos and documents so you will never be disappointed. Also if the printer is bought from Amazon, you get dash replenishment services something helpful for your toner.

All the printers also have a warranty so if you encounter any problems, be sure to consult Amazon or check out their return policy criterion. Visit Amazon to make your purchase today and always remember to leave a review so that the manufacturer can improve their services.

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