The 10 Best Prepaid Wireless Plans

Since the inception of prepaid mobile service, a revolutionized way of communication has been brought about in the market. This is with regard to how people pay for their monthly plans, their talk, and text and data allotments and in general, change of terms of payment. Some people find a prepaid plan very beneficial, while others see it as rather be stressful because of some cons like the limited option of compatible phones and many more. However, to demystify this, I have great info for you on some of the best prepaid wireless plans.

Prepaid mobile services were incepted in the telecommunications world back in the early 1990s, and the main reason was due to bad credit rating. In the past, there were only post-paid plans offered whereby if you fail to pay your dues earlier, your credit score is ruined. However, with a prepaid cell phone plans unlimited, you don’t have to worry about delayed monthly payments, contracts, or anything that would ruin your reputation. It is more of a quid pro quo where you have to pay in order to get talk, text, and data allotments. The allotments, however, have an expiry date, most of which are thirty days, while others may take up to 120 days, depending on your service provider.

Having the right info will lead you to choose the best carrier, which will offer very affordable plans with a lot of benefits. Some plan offers unlimited everything only to end up paying a cost equivalent to Tuition money while others, well, others are cheap, but when it comes to talk, text, and data allotments, you will be totally disappointed. Read below to learn more about how to choose the best prepaid wireless plans.

Guide to choose the best prepaid wireless plans

Prepaid Wireless Plans

The process can be very tiresome if you do not have any clue about what is required. You may select a carrier that will disappoint you in terms of network coverage, hidden costs, and many more. So below are vital steps you should consider before getting a prepaid wireless plan;

Network Coverage

The network is essential since, without it, you cannot communicate or even use the internet. So it is best to choose a service provider that will offer a stable signal in the area you live in. In fact, most network carriers provide nationwide connectivity, so if you get a carrier that does not offer stable network connectivity, then that is a no go zone.


A prepaid plan should be cheaper compared to a post-paid plan. Before choosing a service provider, ensure to do a background check on their prices. You should also ensure that there is no hidden cost as this will accrue in your credit card. There are some carriers that will offer a discount if you use AutoPay feature which is quite convenient

Phones Compatible

Currently, service providers base themselves on using the GSM network, so it is best that you choose a phone that will offer GSM or a wide range of compatibility. The phones can be obtained from unlocked cell phone deals offered by various service providers and third-party stores like Amazon. You can also check out more info from the carriers’ website to learn more about the type of phones are available.

Read Customer Reviews

Having a clear picture of what someone experienced or is experiencing will be very beneficial to make better decisions while choosing a carrier. The reviews will give you information on hidden costs, customer care response with regards to how they help people and their attitude, and many more. Things like consumer cellular reviews or jitterbug phone reviews have helped people make better decisions when choosing prepaid plans.

What are the pros and cons of using prepaid plans?

In this section, I will briefly outline the pros and cons of having a prepaid plan


  • No credit checks because you have to pay for the service to be offered hence they will not need any credit checking process
  • The price is lower
  • You don’t have to be bound into a contract
  • You are in full control of how you use to talk, text and data usage
  • The add-ons are cheaper compared to post-pay services


  • Most prepaid options have time limits with regards to talk and data units
  • There is a limitation with phone compatibility

The 10 Best Prepaid Wireless Plans

Let us take a look at some of the 10 best prepaid wireless plan providers:

1. AT&T

AT&T tops our list for offering prepaid plans as of 2019. First, the company boasts of having the best nationwide coverage and, more so, the most dedicated customer care services. AT&T compatible phones are of a wide variety from which you can choose, and some of the brands include; Samsung Apple, Nokia Motorola, etc. Also, all the plans come with a $5 discount when you use AutoPay. Here is a detailed price of their plans as of 2019;

$35 per month plan

This plan gives you unlimited talk and text while the data allocated varies. You may get 1 GB of data, and you can opt for purchasing add-ons, which are also very affordable. A discount of $5 is offered when you use AutoPay.

$50 per month plan

This plan gives you 8GB of data and unlimited talk and text. Mobile hotspot is offered but limited too. The plan comes with HD streaming, which you can control via AT&T stream meter.

$65 per month plan

This plan offers unlimited everything, and data is at high speeds. You also get unlimited call and text to Mexico and Canada while the mobile hotspot is limited

$85 per month plan

This plan offers a $10 discount on AutoPay, which is quite convenient. The user also gets unlimited everything and 10GB of mobile hotspot for US users only. Unlimited talk, text, and data are also offered in Mexico and Canada.

Can I buy only the AT&T phone in their plan?

AT&T is among the best standard service providers in the US and they offer a wide range of plans on their network. Also, they offer their network under the GSM network technology hence have a wide range of phone compatibility.

You can buy the AT&T phone and there is no need to buy their plans. They offer a wide range of phones in their online and retail store at very affordable prices. Financing may also be offered to customers who qualify in credit checks.

What is the best cell phone plan?

From plans for kids, seniors, Unlimited, AT&T has you covered. Despite them having these types of plans, not all of them are very appealing. Some may be costly or others may be offered under a contract while others are eligible to specific people.

The best cell phone plan by AT&T is the $40 per month prepaid plan. This plan offers you Unlimited talk, text and 8 GB of high-speed data and you can also get discounts if you opt for AutoPay and Paperless billing. You can also get a phone included in the plan at a very affordable price

Which is the best cellular service in the USA?

Currently, there are 4 major service providers in the US; Verizon wireless, Sprint mobile, T-mobile and AT&T. All of them except for Sprint offer nationwide coverage. AT&T currently stands as the best overall among the others.

One service that makes them stand out is the AT&T phone deals for existing customers that offer amazing perks ranging from cell phone discounts, rewards, free phones, and many more perks. You can find their services on their website or visit the nearest store.

What prepaid internet data is available in California?

Prepaid phone plans have become quite common with the era of people not wanting contract plans. With prepaid phone plans, you have the choice to cancel the plans any time and there are no termination fees to be incurred.

You can get a lifeline cell phone plan in California if you are also looking to get free prepaid cell phone services. AT&T offers free phones, plans, and discounts to anyone who qualifies for it. You can learn more by visiting the AT&T lifeline discount section on their website. There are also other prepaid cell phone plans which can be found in AT&T and start for as low as $40 per month.

The 5 Best AT&T Compatible Phone List

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • LG G8 ThinQ
  • Motorola One Action

Visit to apply now!

2. Verizon Wireless

This company is known best for Verizon wireless phone deals for existing customers and also their relentless network coverage. The prepaid plans are divided into two; single line plans and the family line plans. The family plan offers a maximum of six lines at which you get a discount on each new line you introduce. Below is a brief description of the plans;

Single line plan

The plan works effectively for those who do not wish for a bunch of lines.  The plan is divided into three categories which are;

The $35 per month plan

At $35, you get 6GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. It also comes with limited mobile hotspot capabilities.

$45 per month

With this, you get 16GB of fast data and unlimited talk and text. You also get a mobile hotspot and unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

$65 per month

This plan offers unlimited everything, including a mobile hotspot. You also get unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

Family prepaid plans

For family plans, everyone gets Unlimited US call and text, unlimited texts for up to 200 countries, and mobile hotspot, which may vary. For those who opt for the option of unlimited or 16GB of data, you get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. The pricing is quite similar to that of single lines but if you add a line; you get a $5 discount on each line

What is the best Verizon phone plan?

Verizon Wireless is one of the most vibrant telecommunication service providers that play a major role when it comes to fiber optic internet, cell phone plans for kids, plans for seniors, and many more services under their platform.

If you are looking to get the best Verizon cell phone plan in 2020, then you should consider the mix and match plans. These plans work well for both individual and family plans, not forgetting that they are also affordable.

The plans are divided into 4;

  • Start Unlimited- $35/month
  • Play More Unlimited- $45/month
  • Do More Unlimited=$45/month per line

Why can’t I get a cheaper Verizon monthly plan?

As much as Verizon offers reliable customer services, the best nationwide coverage, you can attest that their plans are not the most affordable compared to some of the mobile service providers.

However, despite them having some expensive plans, there is a way you can get affordable plans. Some of the options where discounts and affordable plans can apply include;

  • AutoPay or paperless billing
  • If you are a Verizon phone dealer or employee
  • If you qualify for free Government phone discounts, AARP discounts or Military discounts

Can I use a Jitterbug Phone on my Verizon?

Since 2009, Jitterbug phones under Great Call have been running on Verizon’s wireless network. The Jitterbug flip phones and Jitterbug smart 2 devices are among the common types of phones that run under their network.

Verizon wireless allows people to bring your own phones to their network only if they are compatible with their network. However, you cannot get a Jitterbug phone plan on Verizon since the plans are solely offered by GreatCall Inc, Jitterbug’s parent company.

But luckily, you get to use Verizon’s wireless network which is nationwide and there is no downtime or dropped calls.

What are the pros and cons of Using Verizon wireless?

Despite having over 150 million customers on their network, Verizon wireless still has some cobwebs that still need to be fixed. Here are the pros and cons of Verizon wireless.


  • Reliable nationwide network coverage
  • Retail stores are well distributed across the country
  • They have a wide range of plans
  • They offer their network in 4G
  • Good customer services


  • Plans are not very affordable
  • It is hard to find discounts

The Pros outnumber the cons hence you are assured of better services at Verizon wireless.

The 5 best Verizon Compatible Smartphone List

  • Samsung Galaxy A20 US Version
  • Moto G6
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Moto Z4
  • Apple iPhone SE

Visit Verizon wireless to apply now!

3. Metro PcS

Metro PCS is a carrier fully owned by the T-Mobile band; they offer very affordable phones. When it comes to the Metro PCS compatible phones, you will never miss a phone that you love. The network coverage is exemplary, plus you will not expect hidden costs to your monthly billing. The MetroPCS plans include the following;

$30 Plan

his plan is basic, among others. You get 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text for the rest of the month. No mobile hotspot or calling to Canada and Mexico is offered.

$40 plan

This plan allows you to get 10GB of data inclusive of unlimited talk and text.

$50 plan

This plan offers 5GB of mobile hotspot. You also get unlimited talk, text, and data

Unlimited $60

The plan offers 15GG of mobile hotspot inclusive of unlimited talk, text, and data. You also get Amazon Prime for free.

Why are cell phone plans at MetroPCS so cheap?

Metro by T-Mobile is one of the cheapest MVNOs you will ever find. Below are some of the reasons why they are so cheap;

  • They tend to focus on volume compared to reliability- Metro PCS offers great value in terms of talk, text and data units.
  • Low costs on capital- This enabled them to scale easily and work on providing the best plans
  • Acquisition by T-Mobile- T-Mobile has the necessary resources that enabled them to scale easily and provide the best services at an affordable price

Which is better: MetroPCS or T-MObile?

T-mobile is a standard service provider that recently acquired MetroPCS and later it was renamed Metro by T-mobile. Each service provider has some good and bad in some of their services. For MetroPCS, they are good at;

  • Unlimited data plans
  • Low costs on phones
  • No contracts
  • Affordability

T-mobile is good for;

  • Reliable customer services
  • A wide range of cell phone deals
  • Best international plans

So, make sure to prioritize what you need from T-Mobile and MetroPCS and this will enable you to know the best services to opt for among the two.

Which is better: Metro PCS or Virgin Mobile?

MetroPCS and virgin mobile offer a wide range of products on their platform. MetroPCS was acquired by T-mobile while Virgin Mobile USA is being phased out by the parent company, Optus. From many reviews, Metro PCS is better than Virgin Mobile because of the following perks;

  • Unlimited data plans
  • Reliable network coverage distributed by T-Mobile
  • Friendly and reliable customer care services
  • They offer a wide range of phone compatibility
  • MetroPCS offers deals and discounts to both new and existing customers

You can get the MetroPCS service by going to their website

Can a T-Mobile phone work with MetroPCS?

Yes! MetroPCS is owned by T-mobile and if you have a T-mobile compatible phone, you can easily bring it to MetroPCS’s network.

T-mobile offers its services under GSM network technology and also the LTE network technology. In the past, MetroPCS offered its services on the CDMA network technology but with the acquisition by T-Mobile, it also switched to GSM.

So, if you have a GSM unlocked phone under T-Mobile, you can bring it to MetroPCS Network. The switching process is very simple and does not require a lot of paperwork or credit checks.

The 5 Best MetroPCS Compatible Phone List

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Motorola One Vision
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • OnePlus 6

Visit Metro’s site to enroll!

4. Sprint mobile

Sprint is among the four best network operators in the US, and they offer nationwide coverage, which is CDMA technology. The prepaid plans are of a wide variety and will work perfectly with the free phone when you switch to Sprint. You should also not expect extra or hidden costs; hence, this will be very convenient for many people. The plans are;

Unlimited Kickstart plan

The plan costs $25 per month, and you get unlimited talk and text

Single line plan

This plan comes with 2GB of mobile data plus unlimited talk and text for only $40 per month

Unlimited 55+ plan

The plan comes with Unlimited everything, and it is for people at 55 and above in terms of age.

Unlimited Basic plan

This plan offers unlimited everything for only $60 per month. You also get discounts when you use the AutoPay feature.

Unlimited Military plan

The plan is offered to military members, and they get Unlimited everything at only $60 per month. You also get a Mobile hotspot, and there are no contracts

Unlimited Plus plan

It is the ultimate plan of all, and you get unlimited everything plus, streaming in HD and other cool features.

What are the good options for prepaid phone plans?

If you are looking to get a prepaid cell phone plan, Sprint got you covered. They offer a wide range of products on their Sprint phone deals for existing customers and it will be quite beneficial for you.

The print phone deals for existing customers are offered under several categories like cell phone plans for seniors, Military, plan for kids, Military, Unlimited and family plans. The Sprint prepaid plans start for as low as $35 per month and there are no contracts.

You can visit a retail store or their online store to learn more on how you can get the cell phone prepaid plans under Sprint mobile.

Who is the best cell phone provider in Florida?

Florida has recorded close to 21.3 million people and most of them have access to a smartphone. If you live in Florida and are looking to get the best cell phone plan, I have good news for you.

Sprint Mobile is ranked best when it comes to the prepaid plans in Florida. With the prepaid plans under Sprint mobile, you are assured of stable network coverage within the State. Also, there are no contracts and the plans are affordable since they only start at $35 per month.

When you apply for the prepaid plan, you are not subjected to any credit checks or background checks and you are sure of no extra costs other than the listed ones.

What is the cheapest cell phone plan in Washington State?

In Washington, there are tons of service providers who offer a variety of plans. Some are good at Unlimited plans, plans for kids while others play a major role in offering reliable and the cheapest phone plans for low income.

Sprint mobile is among the best service providers you can opt for if you live in Washington. They have the best network coverage in the area and also numerous stores within the State in which you can visit to learn more about their services.  The cheapest plans start for as low as $30 per month with unlimited products.

Who is the best cell phone provider in Tampa?

Tampa Bay has a population close to 2.783 million and there are a number of cell phone providers in the Area. All standard service providers; Verizon, AT&t, T-Mobile, and Sprint operate in Tampa Bay.

If you are looking for the best and most affordable option, then Sprint is something you can consider. It has TaylorMade plans to suit everyone with regards to whether you are a senior, student or a kid. They also have stable network coverage within Tapa and there are no contracts on their plans.

However, if you live in rural parts of Tampa, you should consider getting your services from Verizon since they cover up to 97% of Tampa Bay which is better compared to Sprint’s 92%.

The 5 Best Sprint Mobile phone list

  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Google Pixel 4
  • LG G8X ThinQ
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20

Visit to apply!

5. T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a unique prepaid plan known as Simple prepaid plans. The good thing with this pan is that there are no credit checks or hidden costs, something most firms find it hard to deal with. The simply prepaid plan does not have a lot to offer compared to the T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers.

The plan has been perfectly outlined on their website, and the other good thing is that you can apply directly from there, without visiting a retail store. The plan entails the following;

  • Unlimited US talk and text
  • Unlimited 10GB 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot
  • WiFi calling
  • Visual voicemail that allows you to view all your messages without dialing into voice mail
  • Talk, text, and data units are allocated when you travel to Mexico and Canada.
  • You also get unlimited music streaming, something not offered by many carriers.

The details mentioned above are a summary of what you get at simply prepaid plans. For pricing, you have to Go unlimited whereby you get unlimited everything, including data for 450 per month. Then there is the second option of 10GB of data plus unlimited everything for $40 per month.

Visit to apply!

6. Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a carrier fully owned by AT&T, and they offer very affordable plans as compared to its predecessor. The plans will work perfectly for a Cricket phone upgrade or even when you opt for using your old phone.

At Cricket wireless, you are assured of no-contracts or hidden costs; you just pay for what you use. The plans are divided into 4 types, which all lie on one common factor, which is pricing, just like the Cricket wireless plans for 2 phones. Below is detailed information of what you get;

$25 talk and text plan

For $25 per month, you get unlimited talk and text in the US. The calls are maintained in HD to enhance clarity. This is a perfect plan for those who do not have smartphones.

$30 plan

With this plan, you get 2GB high-speed data inclusive of 1GB of mobile hotspot. Talk and text are also unlimited. However, the only downfall is that you do not get multi-line discounts. The video streaming is limited to standard definition.

$40 plan

For $40 per month, you get 5GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. The user also gets to enjoy group saves and multi-line discount options. You also get 5 hours of SD streaming and 35 hours of music streaming.

$55 per month plan

This plan is the core of all plans under prepaid. You get unlimited data for up to 3 Mbps. Unlimited video and music streaming are also offered. The user gets to enjoy roaming in Mexico and Canada. However, if the network is congested, data speeds will be slow.

$60 per month unlimited plan

The only plan you get 15GB of the mobile hotspot is this one. HD and WiFi calling are also offered. Streaming is at HD quality, and you will also be able to stream music.  The user also gets to enjoy unlimited talk and text and picture messaging.

Is Cricket wireless a reliable cell phone service?

Cricket Wireless is an MVNO that offers mobile phones and plans across the US. Since they are an MVNO, they rely on AT&T to supply network coverage for all their customers. Cricket wireless offers two types of services; Cell phone plans and cell phones.

They also allow you to bring your own phone only if it is compatible with their network. They also offer affordable phone plans starting at $30 per month and go up to $60 per month for everything unlimited. Cricket wireless has an A+ rating by BBB and also many customer reviews suggest that they are a very efficient company.

What are the best prepaid cell phone deals in the US?

Cell phone plan providers always have phone deals for their customers. In these phone deals, you can get discounts, financing, or even free phones. The prepaid cell phones work perfectly with prepaid cell phone plans offered by dozens of service providers in the US. Currently, here are the best cell phone deals you can get;

  • Google Pixel 3a- T-mobile
  • LG Stylo 5- Cricket wireless
  • Moto G7- Boost mobile
  • Moto G7 power- Verizon
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro- AT&T

You can find these deals on each of the company’s website

What are the best prepaid plans in the US?

Prepaid phone plans have become one of the best options to be connected to a mobile service. Currently, almost all the service providers in the US offer a prepaid phone plan and it seems to outrun the normal postpay plans. If you are looking to get the best prepaid phone plans, here are the 5 best options for you:

  • Best prepaid plan for seniors: consumer cellular
  • Best Unlimited data plans: Visible Mobile
  • Best prepaid plan for kids- Verizon wireless
  • Best prepaid individual plan- Boost mobile
  • Best prepaid basic plan- Ting mobile

Which cell phone plans do not require a credit check?

Do you have a bad credit score? Not to worry because you can get a cell phone plan with no credit checks. You can get a cell phone plan in the following ways without credit scores;

  • Get a prepaid plan
  • Co-sign for a plan
  • Pay a security deposit.

Some of the cell phone plans with no credit checks come from the following service providers; Boost mobile, Cricket wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Project Fi, Sprint prepaid, Straight talk wireless, Total Wireless, TracFone, Verizon prepaid.

The 5 Best Cricket Wireless Phone List

  • Google Pixel 3a
  • LG Stylo 5
  • Moto G7
  • Motorola G7 Power
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Visit to apply!

7. Boost Mobile

Boost mobile is a good carrier if you are tired of network congestion. They offer a wide range of talk, text, and data options. Below is brief info of what you will get once you apply;

$30 plan

This plan offers 20GB of prepaid data, and you get unlimited talk and text, too, but it is limited for the US only.

$40 plan

The The user enjoys 45 GB of mobile data plus unlimited talk and text within the US. You also get HD and unlimited music streaming.

$50 plan

This plan gives you 55GB of data and an extra 15GB of data if there are 3 first recharge consecutively. Unlimited talk and text.

$150 plan

This is a good plan for those who love yearly prepaid plan options. You get 80GB of data for up to 12 months, and included is unlimited talk and text too.

What carriers are compatible with Boost mobile?

Boost Mobile is a service provider that is a subsidiary of Sprint mobile and Nextel of California Inc. Boost mobile operates in some states across the US and also in Australia.

Boost mobile relies on Sprint’s network to provide mobile plans to their mobile services to their subscribers. Sprint uses both GSM and CDMA network technology under the 4G LTE networks and the same case applies to Boost mobile.

Some of the carriers likely to be compatible with Boost mobile Sim card may include; Visible Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Consumer cellular.

Should I switch from Verizon to Boost?

Yes! You can switch from Verizon to Boost and the process is very simple and does not take a lot of time.

When you switch, you can;

  • Bring your phone to Verizon if it is unlocked
  • Port your number to Boost mobile if it is not deactivated by Verizon wireless

However, to ensure effective switching, make sure you have no pending arrears with Verizon wireless. To switch from Verizon efficiently, call Boost mobile customer care and they will be able to guide you on the precise steps.

Which carrier offers the best data plan?

All the phone service providers in the US have data plans as an option for cell phone plans. Some offer the best data allocations, others are good at network coverage while others, well, their services are unreliable.

Currently Boost mobile offers the best data plan packs which may be very efficient for you. If you have a boost mobile plan and run out of data, simply add more data at a very affordable price.

The data packs include;

  • 1 GB- $5/month
  • 2 GB- $10/month

Which is better: Boost or MetroPCS?

Over the past few years, MVNOs have been on the rise and they are gaining more reputation compared to the standard service providers. Both Metro PCS and Boost mobile have some similar perks like;

  • Affordability
  • No contracts
  • Friendly customer care services
  • Wide range of compatible phones

However, according to most reviews, the best among the two is Boost mobile. Boost mobile offers the best deals for existing customers and they have prodigious services and deals for new customers too. However, for network coverage, MetroPCS outranks it since it relies on T-Mobile which is better than Boost’s Sprint mobile.

The 5 best Boost Mobile Compatible phone List

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • LG Stylo 4
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone A10e

These are some of the plans relating to boost mobile plans for free phone. You can apply at their website or visit a Boost mobile retail store for assistance.

8. Republic Wireless

Republic wireless has been in the limelight for offering the best plans cheap phone plans with unlimited everything and even a wide variety of compatible phones. However, when we come to the prepaid plans, they are good at it too.

You are assured of multi-line discounts, and at no time will you ever expect hidden fees or taxes. At republic wireless, the cost of prepaid plans is very cheap, too, since they start at only $15 per month. You don’t need a lot of paperwork to apply since everything can be done on their website. Here is detailed info of their plans;

$15 plan

If you don’t need data, this is the best option for you. You get unlimited talk and text for your monthly billing. Also, you can opt to pay $150 per year, which will save you around $3.

$20 plan

You get 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text. However, no mobile hotspot is offered.

$25 plan

This plan offers 2GB of high-speed data, and you also get unlimited talk and text. You can pay yearly at $250 and get to save around $5 per month. These are the current prepaid plans you get. You can add more data for $5 for 1GB of data.

What is the cheapest phone plan for a student in the USA?

“A plan designed to save you money”. Republic wireless truly justifies their slogan by offering the most affordable plans you can ever get from any service provider. If you are a student, or on a low income, republic wireless should be your top priority when looking for a cell phone plan.

They offer unlimited talk and text plan at only $15 per month. You have the choice of choosing unlimited talk and text only or both plus data which starts at $5 per GB. Visit republic wireless to learn more.

Which cell phone service has the best Unlimited data?

If you are looking to get Unlimited data, there are numerous service providers who offer that option. However, not all of them are cheap. The Unlimited data gives you Unlimited access to the Internet plus in some cases, you may get extra perks like Apple Music, Netflix, Tidal or Hulu.

The best cell phone service for Unlimited data is Visible mobile. It is affordable and also runs on Verizon’s network which is nationwide and is ranked best when it comes to network coverage.

What is the best mobile service plan for a pre-teen kid?

Many Pre-teen in the US has access to a basic phone which they only use it for limited communications which in most cases is between the parent and the pre-teenager. If you are looking to get the best plan for such a person, then Republic Wireless has you covered.

If you have a Republic wireless compatible phone, then you can go for their unlimited talk and text plan that goes for only $15 per month.

What student discounts can I get on Mobile phones in the US?

Currently, there are no student-based discounts in the US. The only discounts currently available are offered to seniors and in some cases MIlitary Veterans. If you are a student, you can enjoy prepaid plans which are very affordable and you get the best services.

Since you may be using the internet offered by your school, you can consider getting the unlimited talk and text only plan by republic wireless that goes for only $15 per month. You can also get data at only $5 per GB.

The 3 Best Republic Wireless Compatible Phone list

  • Google Pixel 3a
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Moto G Stylus

9. Ting

Tring is the best mobile carrier that allows you to pay for what you are able to use. This means the data, talk And text units are fully customizable. You are able to choose how much data you want something not offered by many carriers.

The company boasts itself for offering not only affordable prices for their plans but also good network coverage. At Ting, you can buy a maximum of 6 lines at the cost of $36, and 1 line costs $6.  The talk and text and data units can be chosen using Ting’s bill estimator found on their website.

The only downfall is that you do not get any unlimited data options. Visit their website to learn more. You can also contact customer care if you have any issues regarding choosing a plan or checking phone compatibility

10. Visible Mobile

Last on our list is the Visible mobile, a company owned by Verizon wireless. It has been in the limelight for its offer with regards to affordable plans and reliable network coverage offered by Verizon. One thing that most people like about them is the $200 prepaid master card virtual account offered by the company.

You also get a wide range of phone compatibility since it has partnered with several phone vendors to achieve this.  The prepaid plans are not very complex compared to the big four carriers across the country.  The plan offered starts at $40 per month and here is what you get;

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot tethering
  • HD video streaming
  • High-speed data up to 5 Mbps and it may be slowed in case of network congestion
  • WiFi calling is available on selected devices
  • No extra charges or taxes to be incurred

They also offer a reliable 24/7 customer care service that will help you with any needs. The good thing is that you will communicate with humans, unlike other companies, whereby you chat with bots. You can visit their site at to apply now. A paper application may also be made in their selected retail stores near you.

Bottom Line

Reading this article will do you a great deal when choosing a carrier for your prepaid plan. By now, you have a clue which suits you best and which carrier will not work for you. Remember, the main prospect or criteria for choosing a carrier should be network coverage.

Do not choose a carrier with poor network coverage within your home area. Lastly, take time to learn more about the pros and cons and read the community reviews from their website. This will boost your decision making before diving into a cell phone plan.

Once that is established, you will have chosen the best service provider to give you prepaid plans. All the companies offer a wide range of compatible phones, and the good thing is that if you go to their website, they will direct you to a phone compatibility checkup.

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