The Verizon Motorola Moto Z4 Review

Motorola is among the best-renowned manufacturers of upgrades and flagship smartphones in the United States. In partnership with the Verizon wireless carrier, they are leading in terms of network services delivery to its consumers. In 2019, the Motorola added to its Z series by the launch of Verizon moto Z4 smartphone. The design proves that the company is still standing by its unique moto logo though flagship phones in the z lines seem to be no more.

Motorola moto z4 is a decent mid-range phone which supports 5G internet connectivity with Verizon’s network a feature you would see in high-end smartphones, the phone is rated to be among the best in the market that are 5G enabled. Ever since the launch of moto Z handsets in 2016, the Z series hasn’t significantly changed much over the years in terms of the specification and display, the new model phones have remained the same to maintain the Motorola moto mode style.

The predecessor Motorola Moto Z3 had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the new series MotoZ4 got a downgrade to the snapdragon 675. Also, it packs the same size of RAM as the Moto Z3 and goes for a single camera from a dual-lens rear camera. This mishap has brought about an identity crisis with the price being a bit costly. The phone is currently on the Motorola Verizon prepaid plans, instead of buying the phone outright; you can also have it on contract for a repayment period of 24 months.

What Are the Specifications of Verizon Motorola Moto Z4?

Moto Z4

This gadget helps you get all the incredible features that you would want at an even price. The 6.4″ display offers a wide viewing area of games, photos, and videos. Bring photos and videos to life with a brilliant OLED display that is fitted with an on-screen fingerprint sensor and instantly unlock with the finger reader that only appears when you need it.

In comparison with other gadgets priced the same at $329.99, we can say that the moto z4 is a great performer. The handset supports the fastest 5G internet connection on the Verizon wireless and does what other phones can’t do. The phone is sold both unlocked and through Verizon, the unlocked nature offers freedom and flexibility on carriers of your choice including Verizon among others.

Besides, enjoy brilliant, high-quality photos with a huge 48MP rear-facing camera sensor with night vision and a 25MP front camera for stunning pictures even under low light conditions. The battery capacity of 3600mAh provides hours of battery life with a few minutes of charging with a 15W adapter. The battery can last for 45 hours in a single charge.

Moreover, the moto 4 has a massive storage capacity of 128GB internal storage with 4GB RAM hence storing and downloading of games and videos is limitless. You can store important files with no need for deleting some to create space. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor offers a fast-performing speed of applications. Also, the gadget is fitted with a Corning Gorilla glass protection that makes it dust and waterproof.

  • Highly carrier compatibility
  • Fast internet speed
  • Brilliant display
  • Water-resistant
  • Big memory capacity
  • Relatively expensive

Does Motorola Moto Z4 Support Verizon?

Verizon is the filth ranked telecommunication service provider in the US and among the first developers of the 5G network. Interestingly, Motorola moto Z4 is one of the latest Motorola phones which is compatible and works perfectly well with the Verizon 5G mm-wave connection.

The overall performance of Z4 on the 5G network is solid. There are no lags when opening applications. You can open dozen or so applications effortlessly and get good feedback. This network is the fastest and quite affordable Verizon phone plans for both an individual and family.

However, when you subscribe to Verizon wireless home internet plans, you can have great internet experience with unlimited mobile hotspot plans that helps you to stream live games and movies, download applications and all the internet needs that you may have longed for.

You can make calls from home via the connection of Wi-Fi to friends and relatives. It gives you the freedom to use the internet anytime without restrictions. Besides, depending on the plans that you subscribe to, Verizon offers monthly discounts and offers to its customers.

Where Can You Buy the Motorola Moto Z4?

Motorola Company is one of the leading manufacturers of low-price mobile phones in the US. However, they are many online stores you can buy the gadget but you ought to proceed with moderation not to buy a counterfeit phone.

You can get the phone in any registered dealer of Motorola manufactures to get an authentic and quality moto z4 for a pocket-friendly price. is best known for stocking original phone accessories from the major phone manufacturers hence you can visit and shop.

Besides, Verizon is making it easier to buy this mid-range smartphone by offering a 50% discount on the smartphone. The deal is only available online and doesn’t need a trade-in. The deal is featured in the Verizon phone deals for existing customers but new customers are highly welcome to tap on this offer while it lasts. Here, you’ll get into a 24 months contract and pay just $10 per month and own the phone with half the outright price.

Bottom Line

If you are a die-hard fan of Motorola product and you are not interested in high-end flagship phones, and you just in need of an upgrade phone within a normal budget then you can opt for Motorola moto z4. The phone packs beautiful features like attractive solid design, long battery life, good camera specs and other basic features that a smartphone must-have.

The compatibility of the handset with the 5G will wow you with its fast internet connectivity. Also, the handset is one of the best Verizon compatible unlocked phones. You can comfortably switch to any carrier of your choice. Otherwise, the above information will guide in your shopping process.

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