The 5 Best Phone Plans for 3 Lines – Select Your Best One

Phone plans have become known everywhere due to the vast increase in acquisition of phones. The plans are so diversified such that everyone from old to kids are benefiting from them. All these plans have brought a significant impact on the economy and the social status of Americans. Today people can easily communicate with friends and family very easily due to the affordability of the plans. Currently, there is a deal regarding the best phone plans for 3 lines which are limited in some carriers; but very affordable and comes with a wide range of perks.

The plan for 3 lines is only offered to new customers, and if you are an existing customer; you will not have access to it. The plan can be used by several members of the household, unlike free government phone providers who limit people with only one cell phone and plan in every household. With the digital era developing, this plan can be purchased directly to the service provider’s website, and you do not have to visit any retail store. If you have any issues in buying the plan, the best option is to call customer care, and they will be able to assist you.

Carriers are always bringing in new inventions to create good customer relations like free phones when you switch and many more. Some may rip you off by giving you a plan with unlimited everything only to learn that they have poor networks and they charge extra fees. However, from this article, you will get to discover some of the 5 best service providers who issue this cell phone plan for 3 lines and some tips related to that.

What you should know before getting the best phone plans for 3 lines?

Best Phone Plans for 3 Lines

Before diving into a carrier that offers the plan for 3 lines, there are things you should always consider. This is to avoid instances of complaints and disappointments which you will have if you choose a carrier which does not fit you;

i) Read the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions may seem to be too much words, and you think it will waste your time. However, most cases regarding cell phone plans have been brought about by people not reading the company’s policy. The Terms and conditions can be found in the official carrier’s webpage mostly at the bottom. To avoid wasting time while reading, you can only read the policies guiding plans for 3 lines

ii) Choose a carrier with good nationwide coverage

At this point, since you are not opting for a free government phone provider, it is best to get a carrier that offers nationwide coverage. This will help you if you travel a lot.

iii) Check on phone compatibility

If you plan to bring your own phone, consider whether the phone uses GSM or CDMA network technology. This will guide you on choosing a carrier whose network will match your phone and hence you will be able to save bucks on buying a new phone.

iv) The cost and fees

For knowing the cost and fees, you will need to read on reviews about some of these carriers. Some carriers will charge you with extra fees and taxes, and they will not give a clear explanation to where the funds are taken.

The 5 Best Carriers to Offer Phone Plans For 3 Lines

1. Verizon Wireless

Verizon has been known to bring a major impact to people and the telecommunication market in a positive way. The Verizon internet for low-income families is one of the great achievements that this company has been able to pull off.

The company has proven to leverage its resources maximally for everyone to be satisfied with their products. They are also known to be very transparent with regards cost, and you should never expect any extra fees or taxes. The Verizon plan is also regarded as a family plan. With this plan, you get the following perks;

  • Carryover Data
  • Unlimited talk and texting domestically
  • Autopay discount of $5 once you enrol
  • Roaming talk, text and data units in Mexico and Canada
  • Mobile Hotspot depending on the number of lines you buy
  • No data caps

The plan will cost $85 per month for the three plans only if you use AutoPay. There are no other discounts you may get from this plan, but the good thing is that the plan is affordable. Visit Verizon’s website to apply now!

2. Boost Mobile

Boost is an epitome of MVNOs across the US. The Boost mobile plan with free phones has also been a major achievement by the company. The cell phone plan with 3 lines is also one of the best offers compared to any other service provider that Ii will mention. However, if you an existing customer at Boost, you will not be able to get this plan. The plan goes for $100 for 3 lines per month, and you get the following perks;

  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • 30GB of mobile Hotspot
  • Boost perks- This is a reward program offered to every Boost customer
  • 4G LTE data speeds
  • Tidal basic for 6 months

The coverage for this network is nationwide, so you do not have to get a cell phone booster. Also, their prices are transparent, and you will never pay an extra dime as hidden fees or taxes. The streaming speeds are up to 2 Mbps, music streaming clocks at 500 kbps and gaming goes up to 8 Mbps. Check out Boostmobile.com to apply now!

3. Metroby-mobile

You may have heard of the MetroPCS phones and plans for low-income families and how it has brought a good impact to many Americans. The plan for 3 lines also has been widely recognized for affordability and flexibility. The plan for 3 lines runs as a promo, and it is only eligible for new customers.

Old customers can enjoy services like the best unlocked cell phone deals and many more. Currently, the cell phone plan goes for $78 for 3 lines per month, and you get the following features;

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • You will save some bucks if you use AutoPay
  • The plan comes with 10GB of mobile Hotspot
  • Data speeds are at 4G LTE, and you may be throttled in case of network congestion
  • Call-ID, call waiting is offered

You can buy the plans in Metro’s official website and if you have any queries, ensure to call customer care for assistance.

4. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is ranked among the best standard service providers for its exemplary services regarding nationwide coverage, the T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers and many more. When it comes to cell phone plans, they are no exception. They offer very affordable prices, and you do not have to be bound in a contract.

The application process is quite simple, and no one will do credit checks on you. This plan also applies only to new customers; however, if you are an existing customer, you can still get amazing deals like a cell phone plan for seniors if you are a senior citizen. The plan goes for $100 for 2 lines, and the third line is offered as credit. You get the following once you buy it;

  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • 4G LTE speeds
  • A dedicated customer care service
  • A discount if you use AutoPay

If you are an existing customer, you can switch plans from the Magenta plans at no cost at all. Also, if you plan to bring your own phone, make sure that it uses GSM technology because that is the network T-Mobile uses.

5. Sprint Mobile

Among the top four best service providers in the US, Sprint is indeed a good option for the best phone plans for 3 lines. You get dedicated customer care services, no extra fees or extra taxes and any other service you can ever get at Sprint. The sprint phone deals for existing customers is one of the most successful services they have ever had to offer. The sprint mobile plan for 3 lines is also a good offer launched by them, and it comes with a variety of perks. You get the following;

  • Unlimited domestic talk, text and data
  • Unlimited 4G data in Mexico but you may be throttled if you exceed 100GB
  • You get to save $20 per month if you use AutoPay
  • Dedicated customer care service

You can apply for this plan by calling 8559934686 or going to their website for more details. The application process is very simple, and you won’t be pestered to provide lots of documents.

Bottom Line

From the details above, make sure you take time to choose the best carrier that will work for you. You should also ensure that you abide by the company’s terms and conditions to avoid disputes and disappointments. The carriers mentioned are the best in the market, and they all have one common factor; good network coverage. So, it is up to you to choose the carrier depending on the things you like about it. This will make it easier for you because you will not switch carriers all the time and hence save some bucks.

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