The Best 10 Cheap Phones For Kids

There is no doubt that at a point in life, your child will require a phone for communication. According to several pieces of research, the right age to give a phone to a child is when he is a teenager. Others suggest that at the age of 12 he or she should be issued with a phone. Globally, there are many cheap phones for kids which you can buy for your child once you think he deserves one.

Giving your kid a phone comes with a lot of benefits. You can text or call him and get to know his whereabouts or he or she can reach you in case of an emergency. A survey done by the Kaiser family foundation showed that 85% of teenagers ranging between 14 to 17 years have a phone, and also 69% of 11 to 14-year-old kids have access to a phone.

This research proves that many parents prefer their children to have a cell phone for communication when needed. If your child does not have a phone, you should not worry. I have sought out the ten best cheap phones for kids, and they come with very cool features, and you will not be disappointed when buying them.

The 10 Best Cheap Phones for Kids

Best Cheap Phones for Kids

The phones are offered at Amazon at very fair prices, so I suggest you read ahead to choose the right Phone for your kid.

1. Nokia 3310


To start off, our list today is the Nokia 3310. With a rating of 3.3 out of five stars and 405 stars, the Phone is definitely of high quality. With love for colors by kids, the device comes with four vibrant colors to choose from. What makes it more interesting is the device has a long-lasting battery life thus relieves the worry on charging the device every time.

You also get games for kids like the Classic snake, which reduces their quench for games. The camera quality is also suitable for taking photos and videos. You also get a powerful chipset which does not allow slow loading of apps. The 3G connectivity is very beneficial since kids can access online platforms for study or to do research on their homework.


  • A long-lasting battery life
  • The Phone has a colorful experience
  • Enables 3G connectivity
  • Enables one to insert his/her MicroSD
  • A classic sleek design


  • Low Storage

2. Motorola Moto E

 Motorola Moto E

With a display of 4.3″, the device is excellent for surfing on the internet and watching your videos. With a 5MP rear camera which is excellent for capturing the kid’s lifestyle. Operates on the Android OS. It has ample storage of 4GB and 1GB RAM.

It uses an Android operating system, and the chipset used is Qualcomm snapdragon. This means you get fast speed when using Applications. The kid can also customize the parents’ numbers which by a simple dial, he or she can call you in case of an emergency.

You also get a long-lasting battery that gives you around 10 hours of talk time. For security, the kid can set up a password. In terms of the sound system, the Phone offers loudspeakers which he will never miss a phone call from you.


  • Ample storage of 4GB
  • The medium-sized display thus enjoying video watching
  • Good camera thus capturing the good moments
  • Has good stereo speakers
  • Dual SIM enabled


  • Doesn’t support CDMA services

3. ZTE Altair 2

ZTE Altair 2

ZTE Altair has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars and 259 customers reviews, meaning the device is definitely a high-quality phone. With this device, you don’t have to worry much on the service provider plans as the device is of high quality.

It’s a GSM unlocked Phone thus support GSM Networks only. With a display of 2.4-inch, your child will not have eye problems due to staring much on the screen. Also, it has a Li-ion battery of 1000 mAh thus no need for charging the device all the time.

Have a child whose dreams is to become a model? Well, worry not as the device comes with a 2MP camera; thus, he/she can snap a lot of photos and shoot lots of videos. The current price tag at Amazon is $32.99.


  • A long-lasting battery life
  • A sleek, slim design
  • The Phone uses GSM services
  • A good display with 240x 320 resolution
  • Good for shooting videos and taking photos


  • Doesn’t support CDMA services

4. Sports Car Model F15 Mini Flip phone

Newmind Sports Car F15

Have a child who is a great fan of cars? Then this is the Phone to buy your child. The Phone just like the name, it has a sleek, cool car design. Buy this Phone; definitely, you will have won your child’s heart. This device can be operated worldwide as the device supports nine different languages.

That’s right nine: English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Greek, and Hebrew. What makes it international is that the device allows a SIM card that supports GSM like Lycamobile, Speedtalk, Simple Mobile, etc.

The device comes with a 0.3MP camera. The current price tag for the device is $33.95, which is very cheap, and you still get amazing features. Check the Amazon link for purchase.


  • A cool, sleek car design
  • The device comes in nine different languages
  • Operates with GSM Sim cards thus being available worldwide
  • The Phone allows Dual Sim
  • Enough storage to store your videos and photos


  • A low battery life

5. TracFone Alcatel MyFlip

 Alcatel MyFlip

Wondering which Phone to buy for your kids but you are worried about the contracted plans charges? Well, worry not a get the TracFone Alcatel MyFlip. Why I recommend this is because of the most substantial dependable nationwide network powers the device, thus no contracts coming with best unlimited mobile hotspot plan.

Good news isn’t it! The flip phone comes with a powerful speaker, thus enhances clarity. It also comes with big buttons making dialing effortless. With the 1.44- inch external preview display, it makes it easier to know who’s calling. Cool right! Also, the device is among the Verizon smartphones for the seniors with the features stated earlier. The device currently at Amazon goes at $18.20. Feel free to check out the link below.


  • A persuasive speaker for clarity in communication
  • Has big buttons thus easy while dialing
  • Ample storage of 4GB
  • Able to access the internet
  • Operable nationwide as no contracts apply


  • Uses AA batteries

6. Kids Smart Watch Phone

INIUPO Kids Smart Watch Phone

Do you have a toddler interested in the various tech inventions? This the device you need to get him/her. The SmartWatch comes with extensive cool features. With a 1.44″ HD Touch screen display, the device enables a 2-way call. It comes with a free SIM card that operates with GSM service providers and 2PCS changeable batteries.

With the worldwide network, it is quite convenient for you during traveling, thus saving a few bucks. With a fantastic user interface, your child will be quite fascinated and anti-allergic, non-static straps are softer, thus avoiding irritating sensation on the skin. Worried about your child getting spoilt with internet access?

Fear not well the smartwatch comes with Math game thus sharpening his/his arithmetic skills. Also, the smartwatch supports various languages. It has an SOS emergency call, therefore, you child alert you of incoming danger. Check out the link to buy on Amazon.


  • Can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Comes with a free SIM card, thus saving costs
  • The SmartWatch is waterproof
  • Support HD Two-way call
  • Your child can play games on the watch


  • Doesn’t support CDMA services like Verizon

7. Tracfone ZTE Z233

 Tracfone ZTE Z233

Being among the Verizon wireless free government phones, the device comes with an internal of 4GB. It supports MicroSD Memory Card up to 32GB. The Phone allows internet access being 4G LTE enabled. Being a CDMA based phone, it offers Verizon internet plans for low-income families thus save a few bucks on the monthly cost.

The Phone runs on 1.1GHz Quad-core processor therefore efficient in processing data. Also, it is integrated with Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Technology. Tracfone is quite convenient as you will not be attached to any contracts.

With such features, your child will be quite agile in the tech field as one will be updated. The current price tag for the device at Amazon is $28.95. Feel free to check out the link for more information.


  • The phonebook holds up to 1,000 entries
  • Ample storage of 4GB
  • A proficient processor
  • It is integrated with wireless tech (Bluetooth 4.1)
  • It doesn’t attach anyone to any contract


  • Doesn’t support GSM services

8. Kids Connect KC2

KidsConnect KC2

Worried about your child’s security on the internet and where one goes? Well worry no more, get the KIdsConnect KC2. The device has a rating of 4.2 out of five stars and 102 customer reviews. Being the world’s first 4G kids GPS tracker cell phone, you can monitor your child’s movement.

What makes it more fascinating is that it has the Parent Control in place. The parents can program the calls and texts to be received and sent to other number specified by them.

With a touch screen, it comes with an SOS button thus alert on any emergency. Also, it has Real-Time Tracking, and voice monitoring, therefore, monitor both the voice and movement of the toddler for security purposes.


  • Real-Time Tracking technology
  • Strict Parental Control, thus no association with bad influencers
  • With the SOS in place, one can contact in case of any emergency
  • No apps thus protecting the child from online dangers
  • It is integrated with voice monitoring technology


  • No internet accesses

9. ZTE VZW- Z839PP Blade Vantage 5


Being the Verizon first-ever LTE only Prepaid smartphone, it has a 5″ vivid screen. With this, it is suitable for browsing and catching up with your favorite TV shows. It has an 8MP rear camera, capturing your memories true-to-life detail. The smartphone is locked to Verizon Prepaid and operates on 4G LTE networks only.

Has a proficient 1.1GHz processor Quad-core. The smartphone has ample internal storage of 16GB. This smartphone doesn’t work on Postpaid Verizon. The camera quality is excellent for kids to take photos and videos. The only downfall is that it lacks a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security.


  • Ample storage of 16GB
  • An efficient processor
  • Operates on 4G LTE networks
  • Good 8MP camera to capture quality images and videos
  • A long-lasting Li-ion battery


  • Doesn’t support GSM services

10. Peedeu


With a rating of five stars, this a smartphone designated for your child. With a 3.0″ display, the device is dual SIM enabled. Being among the Verizon smartphones for seniors, the phones comes with Dual screen with big buttons.

With the flip-top design, you can answer the phone without opening the Phone and to add the external preview screen can display the caller. Has a 12000mAh battery thus 16 hours of talk time and nearly 10 days of standby.

The smartphone comes with MP3 player and game so that your child can be kept busy. With the easy to use menus, a child can navigate through the Phone without any problems. The external preview displays an analog clock giving it a classy look. Feel free to check out the link below. 


  • Dual SIM card supported device
  • Big buttons for easy navigation and clarity
  • The external preview displays the caller, and one can answer without opening the Phone
  • Easy to use menus, thus easy navigation
  • A lightweight device is thus easy to carry around for the toddlers


  • Low storage

Bottom line

From the review above, you can confidently get your child a phone which you know will be very helpful for them. All you have to do is to understand how your child behaves with gadgets. Also, the age will matter because if you get a teenager a flip phone, he or she will be very disappointed.

You can also visit the Amazon website with your child and ask him which Phone he wants and surprise him or her for his birthday. Lastly, once you get the Phone, you need to choose a cheap cell phone plan for the child. Ensure to choose a carrier that offers reliable network coverage, and the Phone of your choice should be compatible with that carrier.

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