The 7 Best Battery Powered Security Camera with Night Vision

In the last few decades, handling criminal activities was not easy, and the responsibility solely left to the security personnel. However, things are getting a different direction nowadays, and you can easily monitor your premises and property with the help of a battery-powered security camera with night vision at the comfort of your couch. The security cameras can either be used for the indoor and outdoor environment and comes with supportive and incredible features.

Have you ever been frustrated by a security camera that delivers mediocre results during the night? The security camera comes with an infrared night vision feature that helps capture images even in the darkest environments. The rechargeable batteries are either solar-powered or AC power adapters that provides long working hours under a single charge. On the other hand, the battery-powered battery offers flexible placement options without wiring hassles.

In this article, there is a well-researched list of the best wireless outdoor security cameras with excellent batteries. The outdoor security cameras typically have weather-resistant housing that helps them withstand harsh environments. Functionality gets not hindered by extreme temperatures, rainfall, frost, or mist. Anytime, anywhere you can keep an eye on your home and help combat intruders with this feature’s help.

What Should You Consider to Buying The Battery Powered Security Camera With Night Vision?

Best Battery Powered Security Camera with Night Vision

i) Customizable apps

You can manage more than one battery wireless camera since the app does the multitasking, simplifying things for the user. Besides, you can make various adjustments like the color combination, motion sensitivity, and functioning of the push notification. Still, you can also upgrade the app when needed, as there are many new features created after every 2 to 3 months.

ii) Temperature and IP rating

There are some battery powered cameras designed mainly to provide security outdoors. So, the performance can become altered by weather conditions, and that why it’s crucial to choose weatherproof to withstand harsh climate.

The IP rating is what enables the camera to work against any challenging weather conditions. Besides, it protects the camera against harmful wear and tears objects. However, IP65 is what considered as the standard certification of weatherproof battery camera.

iii) WDR function

There are scenarios whereby too much light can explore the whole image. When you have the best security camera, you can get a proper image in extreme lighting environments. The camera with WDR function is adjustable for both harsh and low lighting. Additionally, when you have outdoor security cameras, the feature helps capture anything crisply even in extreme light conditions.

iv) External storage

Many buyers prioritize on micro SD card storage when buying a camera for security purposes. Anyone would always opt for a camera that doesn’t require a subscription to a particular storage option or any cloud service. However, you have to buy a security camera with an external SD card slot to store more videos about your home security system. When footage is stored externally, there are no online threats or invasion of privacy as your data is kept and stored safely.

v) Battery life

When you are planning to get a wireless security camera, the battery is a must-have feature. However, if you want to avoid extra costs, its sound to have a camera with rechargeable batteries, which can last for long, and most companies provide good quality, high capacity battery.

According to the battery-powered wireless outdoor security camera reviews, flexible powering options make the battery more reliable and convenient for use. Interestingly, these batteries send an alert whenever running low on charge

What Are The 7 Best Battery Powered Security Cameras With Night Vision?

1. Zumimall GX1S Outdoor Security Camera 55ft

Zumimall GX1S

Zumimall outdoor security camera comes equipped with a 36mm lens residential security camera with a 120° angle of view producing high-resolution 1080P images. The security camera has improved PIR motion detection and alert notifications that send real-time alerts and save motion-triggered videos to micro SD card (up to 128GB) or paid cloud storage once highly sensitive PIR motion sensor detect motion.

The Zumimall outdoor security camera has battery capacity is 10400mAh, which lasts for 3-6 under full charge. However, the system has 4 infrared lights for IR detection and can automatically switch to black and white night vision for a clear view in the dark.

The night vision is adjustable and captures images to up to 55ft. Besides, the security camera has a rating of IP65 weatherproof and vandal resistant, so extreme weather conditions won’t affect the functionality of the camera.


  • Two-way audio recording
  • Large battery capacity
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Affordable


  • Payable cloud services

2. Nextrend 1080P Indoor Outdoor Security Camera

NexTrend Wireless

NexTrend is a wireless battery-operated security camera that has a 1080P high definition and 90 degrees view angle that helps you capture a smooth and vivid live stream. The night vision feature allows you to see clearly up to 33ft even in dim environments.

The 10040mAh inbuilt rechargeable batteries run for 180 days in regular frequency and 365 days in standby mode. Besides, the security camera is ideal for outdoor and indoor environments. It sends you an alarm once a movement is triggered using the upgraded motion detection with a PIR alarm.

However, using the two-way audio, you can communicate with your family, pets anywhere anytime. The camera is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi enabled and IP65 waterproof.


  • Supports up to 65GB microSD
  • Hassle-free installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Full HD recording


  • Not compatible with 5GHz WIFI

3. Zumimall A3P Security Camera

Zumimall A3P

ZUMIMALL wireless camera delivers clear, crisp live-stream footage to your smartphone, day or night so that you can see every detail, even at 8x digital zoom. The inbuilt 6000mAh rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi, the installation, and the security camera connection are 100% wireless, giving you the added convenience of not having to deal with a tangled mess of wires.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi camera comes with a magnetic wall mount and metal stand that easily enables you to install and set up your device in minutes. Its IP65 waterproof-rated camera can withstand adverse temperatures from -4°F to 122°F. The field of view is 1300 and can detect motion up to 10ft.


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-users’ access
  • Dual storage options
  • Good image quality
  • Cheap


  • No warranty

4. Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera

Arlo wireless home security camera

Arlo security is the best outdoor wireless security camera system is a 4-camera kit that is suitable for indoor and outdoor home monitoring. The system has non-rechargeable lithium batteries that can last for 4 to 6 months. Besides, the security cameras are compatible with Alexa for voice control. They can automatically capture clips and send you alerts whether you are at home or away once motion gets sensed via email or an app.

However, the camera system is weather-resistant and includes motion detection, apps, and night vision. It has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees and flexible placement options since its completely free of wire. You can stream live videos remotely with high definition 720p video resolution.


  • Expandable system
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Weatherproof
  • Free cloud storage
  • Power saving


  • Costly

5. Kami Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

 Kami Wireless

The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera comes with four high-powered rechargeable batteries that can last for 6 months per single charge. Besides, featuring an IP-65 water-resistant design, you can use the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera anytime and anywhere.

The advanced AI and imaging technology help you see low lighting conditions, including the darkest nights. However, this camera’s 140° field of view helps capture even more of your home and neighborhood, enabling full coverage.

You can use the built-in microphone and high-powered speaker to communicate smoothly with family, friends, or unwanted guests from your Kami Home App. Besides, the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Security camera is easy to install and set up with the help of built-in voice prompts and in-app guide.


  • Advanced motion detection feature
  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Cloud storage


  • Poor battery health
Reolink Argus Eco

Reolink Argus Eco is the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR. With the camera’s rechargeable battery and WIFI, the installation and connection of the Reolink security camera are entirely wireless. The 5200mAh solar rechargeable battery with multiple power options have long-lasting power per charge. The camera is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi compatible and enables easy remote-control access.

The 1080p security camera has a 100° wide field of vision and captures sharper videos and more explicit night-vision footage up to 33ft than 720p cameras. The comprehensive voice instructions are available for setting up the home surveillance camera. Besides, the camera has an IP65 weather rating and is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


  • Secure cloud storage
  • Two-way audio
  • Flexible charging options
  • High battery capacity
  • PIR motion detection


  • Battery is non-removable

7. Kasa Home Security Camera KC300S2

Kasa Home Security

Interestingly, the KC300 gives you the freedom to place your smart camera just about anywhere. With a rechargeable battery and a wired connection, you can choose whether to place your KC300 indoors or outdoors. Cloud Storage gives a rolling 2-day video history for one year free.

Also, have a 24/7 live view and never miss a thing with crystal clear 1080p HD video with 130-degree visibility. The KC300 also comes with a night vision that detects activities up to 25 ft. Away in the dark. The Motion Detection feature sends alert whenever a movement become sensed, and Smart Siren scares away unwanted visitors.


  • Magnetic wall mount
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Two-way audio
  • Works with Alexa voice


  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Whenever you want to invest in a good security camera, you have to do better market research for indoor or outdoor purposes. The best security camera should be battery-powered and have a night vision for capturing blur-free images and videos during dark hours. The above guideline will help you to find the best solution for your security needs. Read the specifications of the camera carefully and shop right.

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