The 7 Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is an electronic device that tracks body fitness activities such as calories banned, distance ran, and the heart rate. The best waterproof fitness tracker cannot allow even sweat to penetrate inside. In fact, they can stay in the water for more than 30 minutes. However, you should not be careless to expose them to immense water conditions as some might not be perfect.

A fitness tracker, also called activity tracker helps you to monitor your progress during exercises to determine whether to stop or to continue. For medical purposes, the device can help you examine your heartbeat patterns and know what to do to correct certain issues concerning your health. The majority of sportsmen and women utilize the devices during their training. It helps the beneficiaries with diet adjustments.

There are many models of fitness trackers in the market. The most accurate blood pressure monitor should always be in contact with your body surface so that they get accurate information all the time. Most of them have the option to wear them as bracelets. Most people mistake them for watches because most display time in digital formats. We can term the devices as being multipurpose.

What is the Importance of Fitness Tracker to Us?

Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker is very important to our day to day activities. First, it is important for medical purposes. People with high blood pressure issues can use a blood pressure monitor to know when to seek medication. Although there are signs and symptoms that show that one has high blood pressure, it follows that a machine is more accurate.

Secondly, sportsmen and women utilize this device when doing exercises in the field. They monitor their time and the calorie they burn during their training sessions. In fact, it assists them in their diet management. Training without time management is poor and cannot give good results.

Lastly, you can use the activity tracker machine for fun. Children and adults can use the devices to enjoy themselves. You can use the device to monitor time at school or when doing some activities.

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How do you Maintain a Fitness Tracker?

To ensure that the device lasts for long, you should ensure that you maintain it properly. Always clean dust and water on the device. Never expose it to heat, as heat can destroy it within no time. In addition, replace the battery after a certain duration of time. It ensures that the device works smoothly all the time.

What are The 7 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers?

1. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

 Fitbit Charge 3

The device has an excellent battery that can last for seven days. You can charge once and go for long fieldwork without the worry of charge depletion. Furthermore, the battery charges within two hours up to 100%. Amazingly, you just wear it on your wrist like a watch.

The device measures calorie burns and gives you detailed info on the same. It helps you adjust to your diet consumption thus helping you to manage your food intake. Again, the device gives you 15 modes. Choose the most suited one and enjoy the process.

Different people will prefer different modes depending on their body nature. When asleep, the device records your sleep pattern. Moreover, it is water-resistant. It is also Bluetooth enabled.

  • Has a durable battery
  • Fast charge
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Has 15 exercise modes
  • Easy to use
  • It is expensive

2. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

 Fitbit Inspire HR

With this device, you get a call and text alerts. Again, you get calendar alerts on important dates and tasks. You will never have anything undone upon acquiring the gadget. To add on, the machine is waterproof. Swim as much as you like with this device. It can withstand water damage at a depth of 50 M.

The battery stays for long before shutting down. It can go up to 5 days while actively on. Connect with your phone using Bluetooth and stay entertained all day long. It is suitable for athletes.

Interestingly, the device has GPS. It gives you real-time and location, as well as pace and distance, ran. Again, it has 15 exercise modes.

  • Has 15 exercise modes
  • 5 days of battery life
  • Waterproof
  • GPS enabled
  • Gives you call, SMS and calendar alerts
  • Not attractive

3. Garmin vívoactive 3

Garmin vívoactive 3

The device accommodates more than 500 songs so you can stay entertained the whole day. Again, always track your position with this gadget and ensure that you do not get lost anywhere as you do your exercises.

Moreover, it has 15 preloaded sports which yoga swimming and running among others. It a device full of entertainment for sure. Mostly it favors students mainly college ones. You can always choose a sport to do.

The battery runs continuously for 7 days. It is enough time to keep you on track even when in rural areas with no electricity. Furthermore, the charging time is not more than two hours before it becomes fully charged for use.

  • It is GPS enabled
  • It has a durable battery
  • It has 15 preloaded games
  • It supports 500 music songs
  • It is easy to wear
  • It is slightly costly

4. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

 Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

You are looking for an elegant smartwatch with beautiful colors, then you can try Fitbit Versa Smart Watch. It is easy to wear on your wrist. Moreover, the phone is waterproof. You can swim with it and nothing happens. The device gives you 24/7 heartbeat monitoring.

If you have medical problems concerning heart rate and blood pressure, then this device can assist you greatly to manage the issues. In addition, the device can help you to play music. It can accommodate 300 songs at once.

Another interesting feature is that it has 15 modes of whereby you can choose which suits you to experience the best feeling. Again, the device supports apps for sports, weather and so on.

  • Supports various apps
  • It supports a music player
  • It has 15 modes of exercises
  • Has elegant design
  • Easy to wear
  • It is costly

5. Misfit Ray

 Misfit Ray

The device works with both iOS and Android. It supports various apps such as MyFitness all, MapMyfitness among others. Moreover, it tracks your sleep patterns and gives you accurate records of your sleep.

Misfit Ray is water-resistant as it can stay underwater 50 M deep without getting damaged. You can swim with it without any worries. Again, it records cycling time, speed and distance. Moreover, record time in your soccer game as well as basketball.

The machine also records calories burned during an exercise. It is important to help you with proper guidelines on how to manage your own diet and attain the best body figure. The feature is important for athletes such as long-distance runners and boxers.

  • Supports both iOS and Android
  • It is waterproof
  • It supports various apps
  • It records calories burned
  • It is easy to use
  • It is not attractive

6. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

 Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The device works with both iOS and Android operating systems. It supports Bluetooth connection whereby you can play music from your phone. You can also receive calls and texts on the same watch from your smartphone.

It is waterproof. It means that you can swim with it and it stays intact. In most cases, the device helps swimmers to monitor their progress in terms of speed and heart rate as well as calories burnt.

The battery is durable as it can go for days after a single charge. You can take several days while doing your activities before recharging. If you work in the reserves where there is no power, then this phone is for you. It has a US warranty.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Supports both iOS and Android phones
  • Water-resistant
  • A US warranty
  • Durable battery
  • Warranty is limited to US citizens

7. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – Dark Gray

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

The device is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled. It means that you can share your music from your phone and play while on the go. You can also receive calls, SMS, and calendar alerts from your phone. It eases the boredom to keep on touching your phone now and then.

The watch has a manual to guide you. Moreover, the device has a touch screen whereby you just tap on different aspects to make the device function. It tracks fitness progress. You can also track the calories burned while exercising.

Above all, the device supports several apps from your smartphone. Furthermore, the device has a wireless charging option. It is such a simple method of charging which does not require wires. Besides, it is elegant.

  • Elegant design
  • Has a manual
  • It supports apps
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • A bit costly

Bottom Line

Fitness trackers are among the most useful devices ever in the whole world. In fact, smart devices have made life easier since you can synchronize with your phone and have all the information recorded on the phone. The devices have helped people with heartbeat problems to take drastic measures when dealing with their blood pressure problems. Such people need to monitor their pulse rate every time in order to stay on medication when necessary.

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