The 5 Reasons Your Kid Should Have a Phone

The debate of whether kids should have phones or not has become common across the Globe. Many parents tend to rely on traditions that kids should not have a phone until they attain teenage hood or until they are adults in worst cases. On the other side, there are parents who offer phones to their kids upon seeing they are mature enough to handle themselves. If you are in a state of confusion as to whether to give your child a phone or not, then this article will give you the 5 reasons your kid should have a phone.

Aside from risks such as cyber-bullying, NSFW content and any other con, kids can greatly benefit from phones. In the current digital error, you can give your child a phone and also monitor all the activities taking place inside the device. This is a major benefit since you are able to guide the kid on the ins and out of staying safe in the internet especially if you are using a smartphone. For parents who refer to give their kids a phone without internet capability, you can also monitor your child with regards to whom he or she is talking to and also be able to program in key numbers to call in case of an emergency.

As the right age to give a child a phone is ever a debate, the benefits that come with giving them a phone may outdo the cons. This article will give you precise information on some of the perks of getting your child a phone. Read below to learn more.

5 reasons to get your kid a phone

5 Reasons Your Kid Should Have a Phone

If you are in doubt of whether your kid deserves a phone, here are some reasons to convince you otherwise;

1. Efficient communication

This applies when your child is not at home and may be out camping or hanging out with friends. You can easily communicate with them in real time in case there is urgent information to be sent. Communication is very essential and if two people are distant from each other, then a cell phone will bring them together. You are also able to monitor the activity of the

2. Educational tools

Phones can be a good point of reference of what the pupil has learned at school. Apps like YouTube for kids and other online learning platforms can help your kids refresh and understand more on the contents they were taught at school very easily. This will in turn lead to an improvement on the kids results. To top it up, if you opt for a good cell phone plan for kids with unlimited data, your kid can also enjoy some entertainment shows.

3. Security

Most phones come with tracking capabilities hence you get real-time updates of the locations where your child is in. Also, if you opt for devices with enhanced emergency contact services like the Jitterbug phone; your kid is able to contact emergency services with a press of a button. In extreme cases, you can also monitor the surrounding of your kid with remote access capabilities.

4. Instils responsibility

By the kid having a phone, he or she has some sense of responsibility. The phone will make the kid become more productive with regards to helping at home and also take care of his r her property effectively. By the parent giving the kid a phone, he or she tells the kid that they are mature enough to take care of responsibilities equivalent to those taken by adults.

5. Can work as a disciplinary tool

Kids may sometimes be disrespectful and mischievous in many ways. You can easily instill discipline to them by grounding them from using their phones. This will help them to learn from their mistakes and not to repeat it again.

Also, this will make them realize that having a phone is not a big priority hence they will focus on other things in life. However, make sure that have understood on the right age for your child to get a phone because if he or she gets the phone at the wrong age and you use it as a disciplinary tool, the kid may fall into depression.

What to know before giving kids a phone

1) Age consideration

The minimal age to give your child a phone is at 8 years old according to most studies. However, the key factor is how they are able to use the phone without extreme supervision hence maturity is key. There are many cell phones for 10-year old that you can consider as a starter phone for your kid.

2) Maturity levels

Maturity is based in several factors. It is also linked to the age of the child. You can know whether the kid is mature enough by seeing how he or she conducts herself at home or school. Also , responsibility is key for them to have the device.

3) Location

If your kid is not always at home, you can consider getting him or her a phone. The phone will help you get real time notification of his whereabouts and this will help your kid stay safe.

Bottom line

With the five reasons mentioned above, you can evaluate on whether your kid deserves a phone or not. If your kid deserves a phone, make sure you get the best phone with regards to their character. There are many phones for kids like the Jitterbug flip, Nokia 3310 and many other phones without internet.

These devices are good for kids under 10 years while if your kid is above 12 and proves to be mature, you can get them a phone with internet access and easily monitor their activities. You should however not behave like a watchdog to your kids to the point they feel insecure with you. Give them limited freedom and space while using the device up to a point where they are mature enough to have unlimited freedom.

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