Steps to Apply for Get a Free Laptop no Strings Attached -Complete Guide

Laptops have become essential devices in many sectors ranging from schools, business, office works and so much more. Despite phones tending to service some similar purposes to the laptop, it can’t outmatch it for its robustness when it comes to doing tasks that require features not available on the phone. If you don’t have a laptop, there is a way to get a free laptop with no strings attached. Having a laptop will ensure you become highly productive and are able to accomplish tasks faster.

In the past, getting a free laptop with no strings attached was a hefty task. One would go through a tiresome procedure of running from office to office, signing lots of documents, background checks and so much more. However, in recent years, you can easily get a free laptop with food stamps or through other terms by simply going to the website of the company or organization offering such services. From there it’s a matter of signing up, filling online forms, and following other instructions designated by the organization.

Are you interested in getting a free government internet and laptop with no strings attached? If so, this article will guide you on some of the best free laptop providers you can consider. We will also review the laptops one is likely to get from the organizations. To learn more, read below!

Are all the free laptops refurbished?

Ways to Get a Free Laptop no Strings Attached

Most of the free laptops offered are refurbished. However, in some situations, you can get a new laptop either through doing some tasks or if there is a promotion and the prize to be won is a new laptop.

The good thing is that refurbished laptops have undergone many tests to ensure that they are of high quality when sent to the person.

What to do if you get a broken laptop?

If you get a broken laptop or the operating system is not functioning well, the best option is to contact the service provider in which you obtained the laptop. Once you contact them, they will guide you on how you can get a replacement.

In some cases, if you have damaged the laptop by yourself, you may have to incur the repair costs on your own.

Steps to apply for a free laptop with no strings attached-complete guide

Applying for a free laptop with no strings attached is a very simple process. Here are some guidelines you can follow:

Step 1: Choose a service provider

There are many free laptop providers in all regions across the US. Choose a service provider within your home area. You should also choose one with good reviews from people who have benefited from the program.

Step 2: Check if you qualify

If you have a good income to the point that you can get a laptop on your own, then you may not get a free laptop. The service provider may also do some background checks to be sure that you qualify.

Step 3: Fill the application form

If you meet the requirements, the next steps would be filling the application form which can be done online or at the organization’s offices. The form may ask for info like education background, address, SSN, name, and so on.

You may also be required to attach some documents to prove you qualify for the free laptop with no strings attached.

Step 4: Get the laptop

Once all the process is done, the organization will be in touch with you and they will give info whether you qualified or not. If you qualified, the laptop will be shipped to your location or you can collect it at the organization’s offices.

What if you do not qualify for a free laptop with no strings attached?

If you do not qualify for the free laptop, then you may need to consider other options like:

  • Get financing for a new or refurbished laptop if you have a good credit score
  • Try out other organizations who offer different terms
  • Buy discounted laptops from various dealers in your local area or on online platforms like Amazon
  • Do a trade-in on a device you do not need for a laptop

 What Red flags on free laptops with no strings attached?

Before you get a free laptop with no string attached, check out some of the red flags mentioned below:

  • Bad reviews about their policies
  • They lack an institutional website
  • Lack of valid proof of being authorized to offer free laptops
  • They lack a viable data policy on how they collect your information.

There are other red flags you can always look out for through a personal instinct.

Does the Government offer free laptops with no strings attached?

Yes! The government offers free laptop but they have some strings attached to it. For example, you can get a laptop but it can only be used within the institution you are in.

However, if you are still interested in the free laptop, there are two ways in which you can qualify for it:

  • Participation in the federal assistance program- some of these assistance programs include food stamps, federal housing assistance, etc.
  • Income- if the income is below 135% of the federal poverty income level, then you may qualify for the free laptop
  • Disability- People with disabilities can get a free laptop from the government by going to

The 7 best free laptops with no strings attached providers?

1) The On it Foundation

On it Oportuntiies Necessary to increase Technology) offers amazing terms when it comes to the free laptops. The On it Foundation offers a wide range of free laptops from a variety of brands. For you to get this laptop, your child should be in a k-12 school grade.

You should also be on low income to the point that your child qualifies for free or reduced fees on food in the public school he or she attends. Also, the child should be a resident in the United States since this program is available in the US only

2) Computer with Causes

Computer with Causes is one of the biggest organizations that offer free laptops to kids and other age groups. They get their laptops through donations and distribute them to people across society.

If you want the free laptop, you will need to fill an application form. The form entails what you need and personal information like name and addresses. By collecting such information, the organization ensures that people who desperately need the laptop get it first.

Also, according to Computer with Causes, getting a free laptop from them may affect your services on a federal assistance program. So, it is recommended to reach out to the nearest lifeline office near you for guidance.

3) Alliance for Technology

Alliance for technology alias AFTRR is among the best regional organization that fosters efforts to give out free laptops. This organization distributes laptops top those in need by working with other local organizations within the US. They offer a wide range of new and used laptops and they are of high quality too.

However, for some devices, you may not get them for free but rather in discounted prices. They also have no strings attached when giving out the devices so you never have to worry about any contracts. To get started with them, feel free to visit their website for more information.

4) Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the biggest online stores to find second hand and new products. Also, at Craigslist, they have a free section available for every city it serves. The free products are mostly placed thereafter someone decided to give it for charity or they simply find the laptop of no use to them.

Craigslist has no strings attached to the free laptops they offer. To get started visit your local Craigslist store to learn more!

5) Freecycle

Freecycle may be on top of the chain when it comes to offering free laptops. This is because there are no strings attached when getting the laptops because they are obtained from people and businesses who simply want to give something to people who need it more.

The program operates in the whole of the US and you can check out their website for info on who is giving a free laptop in your area.

6) With Causes

With Causes is another big organization that accepts laptops through donations and gives them to people in need. You can get a laptop if you come from a low-income family, live in women’s shelter for battered women, or are a veteran of the military.

To get a free laptop from them, feel free to fill an application form. Once that is done, if you qualify, someone from the org will be in touch with you for further details.

7) Everyone on

Everyone on is a great service provider of the internet and computers for people of low income. They offer discounts and internet services for people within the US and receive funding and donation of laptops from people within the country.

Through their efforts, they have been able to bridge the digital divide. To learn more about Everyone On, check out their website or search for local offers by Everyone On in your area.


A free laptop can be a great device to serve you with many purposes when it comes to communication, business and so much more. The free laptop providers mentioned above offer the free laptops with no strings attached hence you never have to worry about anything like contracts and any other con. To get started, contact a service provider near your area or one which suits your needs.

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