The 7 Best Cell Phone Plans at Walmart

As we all know to get the right mobile plan that is both reliable and affordable can be a strenuous job. Some of the mobile plans offered by various mobile carriers at times can offer many features making the plan to be expensive. Also, some of the plans can be affordable but still lack the essentials that you will require. Although various mobile carriers are providing various mobile plans there are some cell phone plans at Walmart.

As we know Walmart is among the top online store in the world that offers various products that you can purchase and be delivered on your doorstep on time. If you have browsed their website then you have come across Walmart Family Mobile. The company offers competitive rates that use cell towers in place via a nationwide network of T-Mobile. T-Mobile is among the top mobile carriers in the US that offer smooth network coverage and affordable mobile and family plans.

The mobile plans offered by the company you can get the unlimited net, texting, and talk features all in the Walmart Family Mobile plan.  The plans are available is monthly and you can terminate the service anytime you feel. In this article, I’ll take you through the various mobile plans offered by Walmart such as the Tracfone smartphones plans and best free government smartphones among others.

What does the Walmart Family Mobile plan entail?

Cell Phone Plans at Walmart

Walmart Family Mobile plans are ideal if you are on a tight budget and can help you save a few bucks. It offers four non-contract plans with the basic plan going for $25 per month before taxes and fees. Since it is a prepaid service, you have to pay in advance for one of the 30-day plans. Each plan comes with an unlimited test, talk time and either a fixed or unlimited data.

The plans are as shown below:

  • $24.88- unlimited talk time, text and 2GB data
  • $29.88- unlimited text, talk, and 4GB data
  • $39.99 unlimited talk, text and 14GB data
  • $49.88 truly unlimited- unlimited data, text, talk time and 10GB of mobile hotspot.

If you have a bigger household then no need to worry as Walmart got you covered. The provider allows you to add additional lines for $24.88 per month each line. For instance, for the Truly unlimited plans for two lines, you can get it for $74.76 per month before taxes and fees which if you compare with other mobile service providers that are expensive.

If you have various devices that require internet connection then the Truly Unlimited is the ideal choice. The plan comes with an additional 10GB of a mobile hotspot so that you can devices connected to the internet. If you participate in the following government’s program; SNAP and Medicaid, then you qualify for a $10 per month discount on plans using the Safelink benefit.

What other service add-ons does Walmart Family Mobile offers?

Walmart Family Mobile offers other Service add-ons to enhance your mobile experience. If you have exhausted your data then no need to worry. The provider provides you with an add-on data of 1GB data that goes for 49.88 and it works with all family mobile plans and it doesn’t provide service days. If you have friends abroad then no need worry as Walmart got you covered. For $10 you get an extra pack for $10 that works with all family mobile plans.

Which other plans can you get from Walmart?

If you aren’t satisfied with the services offered by Walmart Family Mobile then you can opt for other plans from other mobile service providers. Due to partnerships with other mobile carriers, you can buy a SIM card from the desired mobile carrier. Below are some of the best mobile carriers plans that you can opt for:

1) Straight Talk

The service provider offers a variety of plans that you can subscribe to. If you are on a tight budget then you can opt for the $35 unlimited 30-day plan that has a variety of features. If you require more data then you can opt for the $55 that comes with a 10GB of hotspot plan.

2) AT&T

Being among the top mobile carriers in the US it comes with a variety of mobile plans that you will love. You can opt for the AT&T prepaid option for $35 and you get an email delivery.

3) Verizon

As a top mobile carrier, it offers the best Verizon Wireless cell phone plans that are pocket-friendly. You can opt for a $40 prepaid option that you can refill every month.

4) Tracfone

It offers a variety of Tracfone smartphone plans that you can opt for that can enhance your lifestyle. You can get the $30 smartphone where you get unlimited talk, text and a reasonable amount of data.

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5) T-Mobile

Although it is the network provider for Walmart, you can still get the prepaid services offered by T-Mobile. You can get the prepaid services offered at $30 and you get cool features. You can also get the best T-Mobile cell phone plans for seniors all an affordable price.

As you have seen the company list with the mobile carriers in the US to offer you the services that you desire. The prepaid plans are good since there is no contract signing and you will just pay in advance.

How is the network coverage for Walmart?

As I have stated earlier, the Walmart Family Plans a mobile virtual network operator that doesn’t own any cell phone towers but instead, it partners with T-Mobile to provide you with the smooth network coverage. You can check out on their website in which areas can you access the service to avoid any inconveniences. The Provider is best for people are for those who work and live in areas that have strong network coverage.

Can you bring your phone to Walmart Family Mobile?

Yes, at Walmart you can bring your phone so that you can enjoy the services offered. If you are on a tight budget or you can’t afford to raise the amount for the phone then this good option. You can bring your phone and keep your mobile phone number provided it’s compatible with Walmart Family Mobile.

To confirm that your phone is compatible with their services, you can text the word “BYOP” to 611611 or you can check out their website. Once sent, you will receive several questions to determine whether your phone is compatible. If you have a phone that’s compatible with T-Mobile or unlocked GSM device then you has an added advantage.

Which phones are compatible with Walmart’s mobile plans?

All we all know, Walmart is among the top online store in the world and have various partnerships with various mobile manufacturers in the world. Due to this partnership, you can get the latest smartphones in the market at an affordable price. All the phones offered by them operate with GSM technologies thus avoiding any inconveniences later on.

At Walmart Family mobile, you can get the latest smartphones in the market from the new Samsung S20, iPhone 11 among others. You can get the following brands that you desire below:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Alcatel
  • Motorola

All these phones you don’t have any contract that you have to sign. The phones offered are of high-quality and offers a variety of features that will blend in with your lifestyle quickly. All these phones you can order them on their website and will be delivered safely and on time. As for the seniors, you can get the Tracfone flip phones all at an affordable price so that you can enjoy the simple mobile setup.

How is the customer service?

Unlike other mobile carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon among others, Walmart doesn’t have stores that will provide you with in-person support for its customers. Walmart Family Mobile customer service that’s handled by chat and phone only which is 8777-440-9758 that you can contact anytime.

Walmart Family Mobile offers extensive support documents on its website and you can use the helpline 11611 that is quite useful when you want to check out your account details such as data usage and talk time minutes balance.  With the chat customer service, you will have to be patient as you might experience some delays but you will be attended to and you will get much assistance.

Bottom Line

From the article above, you have seen the various mobile plans offered by Walmart. Walmart Mobile Family is an excellent option if you are on a tight budget. Also, the mobile plan doesn’t require one to sign any contract and a resident in the US you can agree with me that being tied to a contract can be stressful especially if the services offered aren’t up to standards.

The cell phone plans at Walmart are affordable and you enjoy reliable network coverage. The good thing about the company is that instead of buying a new phone you can bring your phone provided its compatible and you can save a few bucks that you could have spent when buying a new phone.

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