The 7 Best Two Thermostats One Zone

Can I pair two thermostats to work with a single zone system? The answer to this question is yes! What you need is a single thermostat that has support for one or more secondary remote thermostats. If you have more than one thermostat in your home, then you have a zoned system. In zoned systems, each thermostat controls heating and cooling independently in order to heat or cool different areas of the house. Smart Thermostats for multiple zones use a great technology that has your needs covered.

Thermostats in zoned systems can control the same heating and cooling system or each thermostat can control its own system. When multiple thermostats control one system, the house is divided into zones using dumpers in the duct work throughout the house. When one zone needs heating or cooling, the damper for the ductwork in that zone is opened, guiding the warm or cool air to that zone. Zoning with dampers is usually coordinated using zone relay panels. An example of this is the Honeywell Multi-zone thermostat.

System zoning is not only helpful for houses with inconsistent room temperatures but it’s also great for heating or cooling individual bedrooms based on the desired temperature setting. It is also a security solution with the wireless video with doorbell monitor technology. Might you be having a usually empty guest room, then just shut the door and close the damper. Zoning has got you covered.

Benefits of two thermostats for one zone

Best Two Thermostats One Zone

The HVAC industry has evolved considerably over the past 50 years, with internet connectivity and smart home technology coming into the fold. Smart homes can benefit especially by giving homeowners the ability to set the temperature remotely.

  • A correctly installed system can help you save substantially on your utility bills. You can set more frequently used rooms at a specific temperature that is ideal for living while the less-used rooms set to a lower temperature.
  • The ability to remotely control a room’s temperature with temperature control is very convenient. You can also set the system to work less while you are away thus saving energy and hence lower bills.
  • You can also set up different temperatures for different times of the day using the smart auto-change technology that comes with most of these great devices. This programming feature is available in some of the products in the market.
  • Smart thermostats for multiple zones learn your schedule and preferences, making it easy to be energy efficient by letting the thermostat handle the dropping and raising of your home’s temperature as you come and go. You never have to worry anymore when you have left the AC or heater running all day while you were out, you will appreciate how a smart thermostat will detect your absence.

Below is 7 best Two Thermostats One Zone

1) Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 4 smart thermostat comes with a built-in Alexa voice service. It can, therefore, listen to your voice commands and respond. It comes with a room sensor that helps manage hot or cold spots in your home ensuring maximum comfort in the areas that you love the most.

Also, due to its ability to detect occupancy, the ecobee 4 technology can automatically enable the right mode for energy savings when it senses nobody at home. It is one of the most advanced smart thermostats for multi-zones on the market.


  • Wide range of smart-home compatibility
  • Has geofencing and room-sensors technology
  • Consumes less power
  • It has an intuitive auto-away feature


  • Installation is complicated
  • It comes with only one room sensor

2) August Home Smart Thermostat

August Home Smart Thermostat

Control and monitor your door from anywhere with the all-new advanced technology from August home. Be sure you are secure with door sense. Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes all from your phone.

It works with Alexa for voice control. It locks automatically behind you and unlocks as you approach. It works with most standard deadbolts and allows you to keep existing hardware and keys.


  • Installs inside your door in about 10 minutes
  • Works with the August Home app
  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere


  • Poor software for the auto-unlock setting

3) Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee3 lite has been engineered for enhanced energy savings. By reducing wasted energy in your home, you could save up to 23% annually on your heating and cooling costs. It works in harmony with leading smart home ecosystems.

It pairs with up to 32 sensors and works with Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThing, Wink and IFTT. Its ability to detect occupancy provides optimal comfort in most of your important rooms.


  • Control at your convenience
  • Easily install it yourself
  • Come backed with a 3-year warranty


  • Poor customer service

4) Google, T3021US, Nest Learning Thermostat

Google, T3021US, Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest thermostat works with Nest protect. With remote control technology, change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop. If Nest Protect detects dangerous carbon monoxide gas, it can tell the Nest Thermostat to turn off the furnace you can check your phone to see how much you used and why. Far-sight technology spots you across the room and lights up beautifully to show you the time, temperature or weather.


  • Compact design
  • Fast setup and installation
  • Auto-schedule technology
  • Works with Alexa


  • Does not have strong smart-learning abilities

5) Honeywell Home RTH7600D

 Honeywell Home RTH7600D

Honeywell Home RTH7600D smart response technology allows the thermostat to learn the amount of time a system needs to reach the desired temperature and adjusts accordingly. It also has 7-day programming that enables you to program up to 4 periods (wake, leave, return, sleep).

Honeywell Learns your heating or cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature when you want it. Honeywell works with most system types and is compatible with most heating and cooling systems plus heat pumps.


  • Has temperature range controls
  • Large touchscreen display and smart response technology
  • Auto-change from heat to cool
  • Easy to operate


  • Complicated and confusing setup

6) Honeywell YTH6320R1001

Honeywell YTH6320R1001

Return air sensor that works with the equipment interface module to maintain safe indoor temperatures if power is lost at the wireless thermostat. It maintains 62°F for heating and 82°F for cooling. Displays outdoor temperature and humidity.

It also has Redlink Wireless technology since it is powered by REDLINK reliability. Over the years, many Honeywell Multi-zone thermostats have been based upon similar, but more complicated closed-loop systems.


  • It is wireless
  • Powered by RedLINK reliability
  • Exhaustive smartphone app
  • Fast heat maintenance


  • It does not have effective multiple functionalities

7) Honeywell Home T5

Honeywell Home T5

Honeywell home has a 7-day flexible scheduling and location-based temperature control. The 7-day scheduling programs your thermostat. Smart alerts such as push notifications remind you to change your filter and warn you of extreme indoor temperatures.

It also automatically determines if your home needs heating or cooling to provide maximum comfort. Geofence technology helps make you comfortable by using your smartphone’s location to know when you are away or when you return. It is easy to use even without a c-wire and has a simple, user-friendly interface.


  • Energy-star certified
  • Optional power adapter included
  • Smart response and alerts
  • Has effective multiple zone functionality


  • It doesn’t have motion sensors
  • Lacks the ability to learn schedules

What to consider when choosing two thermostats for one zone

Algorithms. Some advanced thermostats use algorithmic learning. Over time, they learn your patterns and can, therefore, start setting up schedules according to the pattern they may have detected.


This is basically a virtual perimeter you can establish as a range for your thermostat sensors. It sets up a boundary around your home to detect your presence within the home and when you are away, it automatically dials down the thermostat to save energy.


You might want to find a smart thermostat that is not too ugly or clunky to look at and one that goes well with your home’s general aesthetic. Different thermostats come in a variety of colors; it is therefore up to you to choose wisely.


You need to use the app before purchasing the thermostat to make sure it’s user friendly and well designed. Smart thermostats work in conjunction with smartphone apps that allow them to be integrated into your smart home.

Lastly, you may lookout for a thermostat that is easy to install. Typically, you would reach out for one that you can install by yourself with a step-by-step installation set up guide and photographs also. Most of the thermostats are usually installed using one of two wiring systems. Get one that you are more comfortable with.

There are however a lot of different smart thermostats for multiple zones in the market and each one of them come with its own unique set of features and functionality abilities.

Bottom Line

If used properly, system zoning can help you save money on your energy bills. System zoning can save homeowners up to 30% on a typical heating and cooling bill. This is according to the US department of energy.

Because guest rooms and other seldom-used rooms do not require constant heating and cooling, zoning allows you to save money by running temperature-controlled air to these rooms only when it is necessary. Get ready, it’s time to get zoned up!

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