Which Brand of Hearing Aid is Best – Top 5 Companies

If you have hearing problems, you can testify that hearing aids play a significant role in your everyday activities. Since they were invented back in 1898, there have been immense changes up to a point whereby a hearing aid may function just like a headphone. However, there also came to rise many brands that produce these hearing aids. Some started as genuine brands with goodwill to help the community while others came about to mess up the hearing aid industry by inception fake products into the market. This triggers the big question on which brand of hearing aid is the best.

Many brands make these hearing aids around 30, and they ship their products globally. The products vary significantly from performance, design and the User interface. Some has risen to the ranks of creating mobile apps that allow you to control the hearing aid without touching it. There is also the dark side of brands when it comes to making these hearing aids. Some make hearing aids to last for a short time to maximize sales and bring in some profit to the company.

However, if you are looking for the best hearing aid, this article plans to talk about the ins and outs of some of the leading brands, what you should really know about their products and why you should go for it. My wish is for you to get a long-lasting product that you also do not have to strain at all with the settings or having any difficulties while using it. So, read ahead to learn more on the best hearing aid brands for profound and other related hearing losses.

How to choose a hearing aid company

Which brand of hearing aid is best

Before, you learn on the five best brands, it is also best you know what it takes to gain access to the best hearing brands. The metrics are very important as they guide you on what you should look for in a hearing aid, what to avoid and other factors to help you have the best hearing aid;

Check on your hearing condition

This is the first step always to consider before buying a hearing aid. You need to visit a medical practitioner who will guide you on your level of hearing loss and recommend on the hearing aid to go for. Hearing aids vary with the hearing gloss levels whether it is partial or profound


This is another factor not considered by many, but it is still an excellent consideration for several people. You can choose a hearing aid that will not slash your budget badly, by comparing the prices from several companies.

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Choose the right design

The design varies between the right size and the right fit. Choose a device which can easily fit in your ear and you can handle it with a lot of ease. Also, choose a device that has a simple design that will fit in your ears very easily.

Read feedbacks on the hearing aid you want

Before buying a hearing aid you have been impressed with, make sure to read some reviews and feedback about the product. This will also create a clear picture of the pros and cons very easily.

These are the simple things you will need to guide you when choosing a hearing aid. Following them will make your work easier to get the best bone conduction hearing aid or any other type of hearing aid.

How to care for a hearing aid

The most important role after acquiring the hearing aid is on how to maintain it. Most hearing aid comes with instruction manuals on how you can clean them, do some replacements and other maintenance services.

Below is a simple guide on how you can take care of your hearing aid so that it can last for a long time.

i) Avoid moisture

If you have any wireless device at home, you are always careful about it not to get any moisture. The same case also applies to hear aids. Exposure to moisture, especially for a digital hearing aid, leads to internal damages. This is because water clogs and causes the ruining of the circuit.

ii) Schedule a cleaning routine

A cleaning routine will make the device have a longer life span. Just make a cleaning plan with your local health care center after a span of every 4 months.

iii) Ensure your device is free from ear wax

Ear wax are known to be the major cause of reduced performance in hearing aid. You can ensure wax is removed from your hearing aid in a very simple step. After each day of using it, use a dry cotton swab to gently remove the wax that can be found on the device.

Xi) Change your wax filter from time to time

Apart from cleaning wax or debris from your hearing aid, you should also change your wax guard or filter. The filter does a major role in preventing wax from entering the inner parts of your hearing aid, which may lead to damages. To change the wax filter, consult your nearest health care center for better assistance.

x) Handle the device with care

The hearing aid requires proper handling to prevent physical damages and also to prevent it from being worn out. If you are not using it, place it inside a case to prevent damage cases.

The 5 best brands that offer hearing aids

1. Oticon Hearing aids

Oticon brand tops our list due to their immense dedication to providing the best hearing aids across the Globe. The company was started by Hans Demant, who wanted to help his wife hear better. The company has been in the market for over a decade and you are assured of the best services.

The company offers services ranging from professional hearing assistants who will guide you on how to choose a hearing aid depending on your level of hearing loss. The company is also a leader when it comes to tech in hearing aids.  They have developed several Bluetooth hearing aids for Android phones and other devices.

The company also offers careers serviced for students and also audiologists who seek to enhance their professional services. If you think you can’t afford a hearing aid, Oticon has a non-profit organization that will help you get a hearing aid at an affordable price or for free; depending on the deals available. Some of the devices recently launched by Oticon include;

  • Oticon OPN rechargeable
  • Oticon Alta 2
  • Oticon Nera 2
  • Oticon Ria 2

Oticon has an amazing user-friendly website that also has testimonials on how their products have made a positive impact on people. One major issue with them is that their pricing is a bit higher than the average price of hearing aids. Despite this, you are assured of better services.

2. Widex Hearing aids

Widex seconds our list on the best hearing aid brands. This is a private company that was established back in 1956, and they have been in the top ranks when it comes to making hearing aids. The company boasts when it comes to their immense repertoire when making the devices. The company offers a wide range of devices ranging from behind-the-ear to inside-the-ear.

Their devices are of high quality, and this is best hearing aid under $100. What I like about the company is the trustworthiness, especially in warranty policies. They may not have a huge market reputation, but they deliver their services at the best capacity.

Widex also offers medical assistance such that on their website is a prompt which you can find the recommended medical practitioner in your area. You can also do a hearing aid test directly from their website for free. Sadly, there is no financing available in the case, you wanted to opt for that.

However, the pricing of the hearing aid is at a normal market price compared to several other companies in the market. You can buy their devices directly from their stores or at Amazon. Some of their best products include the following;

  • Widex Evoke(the latest and most recommended)
  • Widex Beyond
  • Widex Dream

So check out their site to learn more about how their products are making a great positive income to people with hearing problems.

3. Unitron Hearing aids

Unitron is one of the leading manufactures of hearing aids. The company is based in Ontario, and it was established decades ago, and they offer a wide range of products and services. Unitron has received several awards like the Red Dot Design awards (for three years consecutively) and the If products awards.

Most people like their products because they have the best design making it fit easily into the ear. Also, if your child suffers from hearing loss and you can’t seem to afford the aid, Unitron is here for you. They have partnered with several organizations like the Global foundation for children with hearing loss, Hear the world foundation among many others.

They also offer professional assistance by collaborating with local healthcare services near you. So, if you seem to have any issues, you can get a directory on the place to go for assistance. Their devices use the latest technology which works cordially with the brain for better hearing performance.  Some of their best devices include;

  • Unitron Moxi
  • Unitron North
  • Unitron Moxi Fit R
  • Moxi Fit Now

These are just some of their devices. You need to consult an audiologist to learn your hearing condition before opting to buy one.

4. Starkey Hearing aids

Starkey is one among the many hearing aid brands that seek to offer better and efficient devices to everyone. The company started back in 1967 and is known best to provide hearing aid with low noise reduction capabilities. The company is known to be the best in tech development since they were the first to create a fully programmable invisible hearing aid. T

heir devices like the Halo 2 have received several awards like the Interactive innovation award in 2017 among others. If you have an iPhone, they offer the best hearing aids, which you can link to your device. Starkey’s hearing aid comes at very affordable prices, depending on the make you want.

They also have a dedicated customer care support team that will help you in finding the nearest health center to test your health condition. Some of their other devices include the following;

  • Starkey Halo 2
  • Muse

You can find other devices at their online store or in Amazon.

5. Phonak brand Hearing aids

Last on our list is the stunning Swiss Phonak brand. The company uses innovation and commitment strategies to ensure their customers get the best services in the market. Phonak is also a world leader in the development of other technologies like the multi-microphone technology,

Micro Link FM receiver and they also created the first fully digital hearing aid back in 1999. Phonak also has online hearing test signals which you can do before going to a health care facility. The company also partners with several healthcare facilities within the US.

So, if you wish to visit one, contact their customer care, and they will guide you in the best place to go. Currently, they offer amazing devices like the following;

  • Phonak Audeo
  • Phonak Bolero
  • CROS B
  • Virto B titanium
  • Audeo B direct

The devices are very affordable, and if you compare them to the market price, you will definitely be impressed. The only downfall with this company is that customer care takes a long time to respond. But the good thing is that their devices are of high quality.

Bottom Line

Having the right choice of hearing aid makes your work easier, especially when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. From this review, I have outlined the best brands which you can get your devices from. The brands offer global services, and their devices have been tested and proven to be of high quality.

So, having the best hearing aid among these companies is the coolest decision to make. They also offer dedicated customer care service. This will be very helpful if you have any questions regarding a certain hearing device.

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