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Top 7 Bluetooth Earbuds That Look Like Hearing Aids Reviews

Earbuds can take different shapes according to the manufacturer’s intention. Overall, their use is to help people enjoy music on the go. Your music on the earbuds is a secret, as no one can hear it. Interestingly, you can listen to the most massive bass sounds without disturbing anyone. The earbuds that look like hearing aids are confusing due to their physical appearance.

Hearing aids are electronic devices that help people with hearing a loss to listen to sounds around them. They are more of medical. Some people use Bluetooth enabled hearing aids to listen to music. Some of the hearing aids are multipurpose in that; they serve as hearing aids and at the same time, earphones. Hearing aids cannot help those with permanent ear damage.

When buying earbuds, you usually have some preferences in your mind. For instance, some people prefer specific colors of earbuds to others. Well, like in my case, I prefer black to all other colors. The design is also a determining factor. The best hearing aid under $100 has invisible features such as heavy bass, functional connectivity, elegance, and a durable battery among others.

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What should I Consider When Buying Earbuds?

There are things you should have in mind before buying any item. When buying earbuds, you should look at the following aspects.

i. Bass

Bass refers to the tones of low frequency that range from 16- 256 Hz. The term applies to music and musical instruments. Heavy bass is entertaining. Overall, you should know whether you want heavy or light bass earbuds.

ii. Color

Some people like different colors from others. Coloring helps a lot in determining someone’s moods. You know what color makes you happy. When buying an earbud, choose the color that makes you enjoy.

iii. Connectivity

All wireless earbuds connect in different wireless techniques. You can have a Bluetooth earbud or Infrared earbud. The Bluetooth earbud is better, more so if you get the latest Bluetooth 5, which has consistent connectivity.

iv. Cost

The cost of an earbud can be high or low. You know what you can afford, and so you need to choose which earbuds suit your pocket.

v. Battery life

You need a long-lasting battery that can take you the whole day. Some earbuds cannot last for 3 hours leave alone a day.

vi. Model

Some models are not durable, while others can last for years. If you get water and dust resistant earbuds, you can be sure that the device is going to last for long. Most waterproof wireless earbuds can stay in water for 30 minutes without spoiling.

The above criteria can help you greatly to choose the best earbuds. Let me discuss the best seven earbuds that look like hearing aid.

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What are The 7 Earbuds That Look Like Hearing Aids?

1. Bose QuietComfort 20 3.5 mm Jack Noise Cancelling Wired In-Ear Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose hear phones have a long battery life of around ten hours. The charging time is usually 3 hours. You can have the earphones active all day and charge in the evening. It is very convenient for those people who spend their day away from home.

The device is very instrumental in enhancing discussion. It can be convenient for news anchors because it delivers quality sounds due to the highly sensitive microphone that can capture even the lowest tones.

Again, the device has the noise-canceling capability. You will never hear any unwanted noise because of the ability of the headphones to eliminate unnecessary noise. Moreover, the device is light and easy to customize for great bass and tone.


  1. It is easy to customize
  2. Noise reduction
  3. It is light and comfortable to wear
  4. Has long battery life
  5. Sensitive microphone


  1. It is expensive

2. AfterShokz Aeropex Open

AfterShockz Aeropex Open Ear Wireless

The headphones are one of the most secure devices in the market. You can enjoy music while on alert on what is happening around you since the headphones deliver music through the cheekbones.

AfterShokz battery can last for eight hours of continuous use. It can last for 10 hours on standby mode. It means you only need to charge it once in a day. The charging time is two hours.

The device is very light and comfortable to wear. It weighs less than one ounce, and you will never feel its weight. With the device, forget about background noise sounds as it has the noise canceling capability. Moreover, it has less sound leakage.


  1. Has long battery life
  2. It has light and comfortable to wear
  3. Always leaves your ears free
  4. Has high-quality bass and tone
  5. Reduces background noise


  1. Not attractive

3. Sennheiser SET840

Sennheiser SET840

The devices are wireless and utilize radio waves for communication. They are ideal for listening to TVs with wireless connectivity. However, it can connect to ordinary TV sets through a 3.5mm cable. They have a robust transmission that can cover a distant of 100 ft. Moreover, the signals can go through walls. It means you can go on listening to your music even when in a different room with your phone.

Sennheiser has three modes for customizing your listening experience. It is upon you to choose which one favors your experience. The instructions on how to adjust the device are in the manual. It is advisable to consult your manual first.


  1. Has strong signal reception
  2. Can connect with TVs
  3. Has additional 3.5 mm connection cable
  4. Have three modes for tone customization
  5. Long-range connection


  1. Appears complicated

4. Sony Xperia Ear Duo True Wireless headset

Sony Xperia Ear Duo True Wireless headset

The device has the dual listening ability. You can answer a call while still playing music. It means the music player does not stop when in a call conversation. That is a unique feature, which is rear on other headphones.

The battery is 54mAh that gives you a talk time of 2.5 hours. It can go on standby mode for 10 hours. The charging case has 750mAh. When directly connected to the case, it can take you up to 10 hours of listening experience. It has a fast charge of 7 minutes.

Sony Xperia’s headphones connect wirelessly by using Bluetooth 4.2. You can download a companion app that helps you to connect quickly to enjoy quality music with heavy bass.


  1. Dual listening ability
  2. High quality music
  3. Has a companion app
  4. Fast charging time
  5. Easy to use


  1. Battery not durable

5. Sony Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones

Sony Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones

The headphones are resistant to water and sweat. They are handy for athletics, as the runners will still enjoy music even when the device soaks with sweat due to their vigorous running activities.

Sony Wireless produces high-quality sounds with heavy bass that leaves you thoroughly entertained. You may never need to buy an extensive music system for your house when you have these devices. The devices connect well with both android and apple phones.

The battery has a long life as it can last for 9 hours of continuous use. It means that you can use it the whole day without having to recharge it. The charging case is light and easy to carry around.


  1. It produces high-quality sounds
  2. The battery is durable
  3. It works with all smartphones
  4. It is water and sweat-resistant
  5. Has ambient sound mode


  1. A bit costly

6. Origem HS-3 Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Sports Earbuds

Origem HS-3 Bluetooth Headphones

Origen has algorithm real voice recognition. It can detect the surrounding sound pressure and adjust accordingly to give the best output. It helps prevent your ears from possible damage. Moreover, you can speak your commands over the microphone and make the device perform specific tasks such as bass and volume adjustments.

The device is comfortable to wear. It has proper adjustments whereby the manufacture tuned it to 120 degrees for easy fitting on your ears.

The battery has fast charging capability and can support up to 2 hours nonstop music playing for a 10-minute charge. The device’s battery requires you to recharge often to continue listening to music. It is comfortable with the charging case.


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It has algorithm true voice recognition
  3. It accepts voice commands
  4. Beautifully designed
  5. Highly sensitive microphone


  1. Battery not durable

7. AUKEY Wireless Headphones

AUKEY Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5 Sport Earbuds

The device comes with the latest Bluetooth technology. It connects very fast when in a connection. Bluetooth 5 has low latency issues and makes your listening experience great. Earlier Bluetooth versions were slow and could disconnect abruptly.

Moreover, the device is waterproof. You can listen to music even when walking in the rain. However, you should not subject it to long rainy conditions. When submerged to water, it can stay in for 30 minutes.

The device can have 8 hours of playtime. It means that you can listen to music the whole day without disconnecting. When you charge in the morning, you can come to recharge in the evening. The device has a quick charging capability that helps to save time.


  1. It is waterproof
  2. Has a durable battery
  3. Has low latency
  4. Easy to use
  5. Fits comfortably on the ears


  1. A bit costly

Bottom Line

Earbuds are good for music listening and call answering. When buying earbuds, you should get the best you can afford. Moreover, check your pocket and ensure that you can buy them comfortably. Bluetooth earbuds are the best since they can connect easily to your phone. However, we have other kinds of earbuds that use infrared to relay sound signals. They are not as appropriate as the Bluetooth ones. When buying one, consider earbuds, which are waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof.

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