Where Can I Buy Cheap Ink Cartridges for my Printer?

In the current technological era, it is very rare to find a home, office, school, or any formal working place without a printer. Printers have become a vital necessity for many businesses and are used for a wide range of services within the niche. Printers have greatly evolved in terms of shape, design, performance, sharpness, and much more since they were invented many decades ago. Nowadays printers rely on cartridges to print ink on paper. If you have run out of ink cartridges and are looking for a refill, you may be asking about where to buy a cheap ink cartridge for the printer? Let’s find out!

Ink cartridges are used to hold the ink used in printers and it is notably found in inkjet printers. If you have a color printer for home or office and the cartridge depletes for the first time, you may find trouble refilling it an even choosing the best quality of cartridges in the vast options available. Replacing a cartridge and finding one is very simple and does not require so much technical jargon.

This article will give you a complete guide on some of the best places to find cheap ink cartridge for your printer, how to replace the cartridge, and what to consider when buying them. Once you read this article, you will never have to worry about replacing your cartridge and where to buy the cartridge for your printer. Read ahead to learn more.

What to know before buying ink cartridges?

Where Can I Buy Cheap Ink Cartridges for my Printer

There are several things to consider in order buying a high-quality cartridge and one that is compatible with your printer. Below are some tips you can use to evaluate when it comes to choosing a cartridge:

i) Printer compatibility

Despite cartridges having a similar appearance, they are not likely to be compatible with every printer. Some printers may require more than one cartridge while others may use a custom made cartridge.

You should also compare the model number of your previous cartridge with the one you are about to buy. This will help in ensuring you buy a cartridge to ensure better speeds and functionality

ii) Print volume

Print volume refers to the amount of printing done every day. Consider a cartridge replacement that will work for you. XL cartridges are most recommended if you do bulk printing for inkjet or color laser printer all in one.  If you do minimal printing, then a standard cartridge is a good option for you.

iii) Warranty from the manufacturer

Make sure that the cartridge should have a warranty from the manufacturer. This will help you to easily get a replacement in case the cartridge is faulty and you are assured to save money on buying a new cartridge when you can simply get a replacement.

iv) Environmental friendly

Having a Cartridge than can cause minimal damage to the environment is a dime. Whether you are using it for your black and white laser printer, ensure the cartridge has a recyclable badge on it. This will be a one-step to ensure our environment is clean and avoid over-exploitation of natural resources.

How to replace your ink cartridge?

If you are buying the replacement cartridge for the first time, you may have trouble replacing it with the old one. Below are some simple steps you can follow to ensure smooth replacement:

  • Gently remove the old cartridge- Most cartridges have clips which can be pressed to release it
  • Unpack and shake the new cartridge- This is to ensure a perfect mix of ink to get high-quality printouts
  • Gently remove the protector covering the ink dispenser
  • Gently place the new ink cartridge to the printer
  • The above ways may vary depending on the type of printer you have. Luckily, most printers have installation manuals that you can use to replace the cartridges.

The 5 best places to buy ink cartridges for the printer?

If you are looking to get a cartridge, here are some of the best five places. We chose these places based on States covered, customer reviews and the general cartridge quality.

1) Inkgrabber

Inkgrabber is known to offer the best deals with regard to the number of brands featured in its platform. They are known for offering low prices on original products sought directly from the manufacturer. Despite having a short return period, Inkgrabber offers a valid exchange programmer in which you can return the product to the store for a new replacement. They also have a reliable customer service team via phone or email.

2) 499Inks

If you are looking for the best value with regards to buying a cartridge, then 499Inks is the best option. They are known best for coupon codes which feature additional discounts on your next purchase of a multifunction color laser printer or a cartridge. They have amazing customer care services and come with a whopping one-year return policy for all their products sold.

3) 4Inkjets

4Inkjets are known to have the highest number of varying brands of cartridges compared to any retail or online store. Despite shipping to the US and Canada only, the company boasts of free shipping for orders above $50 which could save you some bucks. 4Inkjets has a variety of payment options making it easier for faster checkouts after buying a product.

4) 123 inkjets

If you are looking to buy big in terms of cartridges, then 123 inkjets is the right option for you. They are known to offer diverse payment options and sell a wide range of cartridges with regards to their brands. It also offers free shipping for items above $55.

5) InkCatridges

Last on our list are the well-known ink cartridges. The InkCatridges is known for offering free shipping for all the items purchased within the US. They also have friendly customer care and offer a 2-year guarantee of the items purchased.

Bottom Line

I hope from this article we have been able to answer the big question on where to buy cheap ink cartridges for the printer. Make sure to buy the cartridge from a genuine dealer to avoid fake cartridges. You should also follow instructions from the printer manual to replace the cartridge successfully.

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